We all know that the food industry is an evergreen industry across the world. The never-ending craving for food among the people is taking this food industry to a new level. This gives a significant boost to various on-demand food delivery apps that exist in the market. Along with every country in the world, UAE also has a scalable users base for on-demand food delivery apps.

On the basis of some reports, it has been seen that the restaurant business in Dubai is increasing by 15% every year. And it’s still increasing till today. Usually, after a long tiring day, everyone wants to be couped up in their bed, so that they can fulfill their food appetite with wounder dishes from their favorite restaurant.

Here, food delivery apps like Talabat, fulfill their needs, by delivering those users’ favorite dishes at their doorstep.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus these ready-made food delivery apps are providing extreme convenience to their users. Because, apps like Talabat facilitate its users, to try unique food from the newly opened cafes and restaurants.

Usually, this type of food delivery application provides delivery services 24* 7, so that they can fulfill the user’s need at any time. Whatever may the reason from evening snacks for parties to midnight craving. Apps like Talabat are delivering food to any corner of the city efficiently.

So, if you also have a unique idea for opening an on-demand food delivery business. Then executing that idea through a dynamic and responsive application can ensure success in the market. For that, you just have to hire the best food delivery app development company, as they are capable to develop the application according to the requirements and the priorities of your business.

To know more about food delivery apps like Talabat, please continue reading the blog.

What is Talabat?

Talabat is one of the famous food and grocery delivery applications, functional in the UAE. This Qatar-based company was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs. For many years this app conquers the whole food delivery market by providing excellent services to its users.

Basically, the app allows the users to browse all the restaurants located near their location including the street food shops. And order their favorite dishes from those restaurants at a lower cost. This food delivery app of Dubai also allows the users to pay for the food through various payment options.

This increases the user convenience as well as customer satisfaction simultaneously. Moreover, the application is available on almost all the major platforms i.e., Android, iOS, etc.

What Are The Business And The Revenue Model on Which Food Delivery App Like Talabat is Based?

Business model of food delivery app like talabat

The business model of food delivery apps like Talabat is mainly focused on the satisfaction of the customers. Basically, these kinds of apps fulfill the gap between a foodie and a restaurant. Better the relationship between the customers and the restaurant better will benefit from the application. A perfect on-demand app solution ensures a better quality of the relationship.

Usually, food delivery apps like Talabat works on both websites and on smartphones. So that the users can order their favorite food through their convenient devices. Moreover, while using these apps, you will gain access to all your favorite food places including street food shops. Yes, with food delivery apps like Talabat you can also order street food from your favorite local street food shop.

As an owner of food delivery apps, implementing this business trend you will be able to provide more and more options to your users. Plus, you will be able to provide better assistance to your users for any issue they are facing.

On the other hand, the revenue model of the Talabat food delivery app is distributed on different avenues. After the launch of this food delivery app, it became one of the largest food delivery apps operational throughout the UAE. Here are some of the major avenues through which delivery apps like Talabat usually earn profit.

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  • Commissions

The food delivery applications generally charge 15 to 25 percent commission on every order bill that users have placed. Now the percentage of the commission depends on various aspects. Such as frequency of the order, location of the restaurant and popularity of it among the other restaurant of that locality, etc. That is why the objective of these applications is to add more and more exclusive restaurants to their list.

On the other hand, the restaurants join these types of applications, so that they can get better exposure for their business. And the exclusive advantages they can experience by collaborating with the applications.

  • Advertising

The two major ways to earn revenue for on-demand food delivery apps like Talabat are banner ads and priority listings. All the ads posted on the website pages as well as in the physical location are placed on the basis of location. So, that you can attract more and more users to your food delivery apps. Better strategic effective advertising campaigns can attract a huge customer base in less time.

  • Delivery Charges

Most of the restaurants provide no minimum order value through food delivery apps like Talabat. So, you can implement delivery charges for each and every order your use place in their favorite restaurants.

The value of the delivery charge varies on the basis of the distance of the users from the restaurant. Moreover, it can also depend on time and also the climatic condition during the delivery of the order.

Hiring a group of dedicated developers can help you to implement an efficient business and revenue model for your food delivery application. So, that you can provide better service to your users and earn better revenue from the market.

What Are The Basic Features of a Usual Food Delivery App Like Talabat?

food delivery app like talabat

There are many features implemented in a food delivery app like Talabat. Now the food delivery app features of this kind of app are divided into 2 major divisions. One is a feature for the users and the other is a feature for the restaurant owners. Here are some of the basic features that your on-demand food delivery app should have,


1. Features for Users:

  • Login

Before using an online food delivery application, you have to create your own profile in the application. Usually, it requires an email id and password or phone number and password combo. But nowadays you can log in to the app with your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This increases efficiency by reducing the time and effort of the users.

  • Home Page

The home page is kind of the front face of the applications. which shows all the restaurants, various available offers, etc. Plus, it also contains all the information and tabs to use other features and functionalities of the software. Whenever any app is marketed, the homepage of ṭhe app is basically promoted for two reasons:

  • The front page of the application woos the customer with rich content and a high range of availability.
  • The front page does not demand login or registration, hence easily accessible for showing navigation and a smooth interface.

Quality of app is a primary task and this can be maintained by hiring the best mobile app development company among the options. A little effort can leverage the feature-packed entry page.

  • Delivery location

This feature helps the users to pinpoint the delivery location, and the address, where the food will be delivered. Giving the exact address can help the user to get their food delivered to their doorsteps.

  • Cart Option

This feature acts like a virtual cart where you can save all your favorite dishes before confirming the order.

  • Previous Orders

The previous order option provides all the information on the past delivered orders. So that the users can reorder the dishes or obtain assistance in th6+e care they face any issue.

Food Delivery Business App

  • Live to Track The Food

This is one of the important features for every food delivery app like Talabat. It helps the users to track their food as well as the delivery boy effectively.

  • Search Bar

The search bar is also a mandatory feature for food delivery applications. It helps the users to find their favorite restaurant without going through the long list of available restaurants.

  • Location

After the login, you will find the location bar. This feature helps you to pick up the correct location for your locality. So that the app can show the available restaurant and how much time it can take to deliver your order.

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  • Offers And Discounts

This feature helps any online food app like Talabat, to attract more users. Customers can use this feature to browse all the offers and discounts that are going on in their favorite restaurants. And order their favorite dishes at a lower cost.

  • Payment Gateways

A proper payment gateway will provide the user’s plethora of payment options including Debit, Credit cards, internet banking, UPI, etc. If you offer more payment options to your users, you can expect user scalability for your app.

2. Features For Restaurants

  • Dashboard

The dashboard of food delivery apps contains all information about the ongoing and completed orders. Plus, as a restaurant manager, you will be analyzed which dishes are more preferable to the customers along with transaction reports.

All the aspects of the business from order request to completion of delivery, which need proper management are linked with this feature.  

  • Order Request Accept or Reject Option

This feature helps the restaurant to accept or decline any requested orders on the basis of the availability of the dishes.

  • Order History

With the help of this feature, restaurants can browser their previously completed order. And provide support if any customer is facing any issue with their food.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS tracking feature is one of the most important features for food delivery apps like Talabat. It shares the exact location of the delivery executive after the food got dispatched from the restaurant.

  • Online Assistance

Better assistance is an important part of the customer’s satisfaction. The more the customers are satisfied with your service more they will recommend your app to others. That is why this feature helps the users to get quick support during any issue through in-app chat or call features.

No single feature can be considered important and hiring the best restaurant mobile app development services can promulgate a better version of your app. So that you can provide a better service to your users, and increase the brand value of your organization in the market.

How to Create a Food Delivery App Like Talabat in UAE?

food delivery app like talabat

In order to create a dynamic and responsive food delivery app like Talabat, you just need to follow some easy steps. Such as

  • First conduct thorough research on the present condition of the market. Try to collect data, such as people will accept a new food app with better unique features or not, etc.
  • Then fix your priorities, your requirements, and your goal for your organization. Also, try to fix what type of service you are going to provide to your customers.
  • After that hire the best mobile app development services in Dubai so that they can provide you the better feature-packed responsive application according to your priorities and requirements of the organization. A better development service will always provide better transparency during the development process.
  • Then implement all the necessary features, needed to achieve your goals. And also, maintain a better documentation process.
  • Test the application on various platforms. And fix any bugs or glitches present in it.
  • Launch the application on various platforms, and provide better customers service and assistance to your customers.


What is The Cost Required For Developing a Food Delivery App like Talabat?

The cost required to develop a food delivery app like Talabat depends on the features and the food delivery mobile app developers hired for it. Usually developing an MVP of a food delivery app can cost you from $15,000 to $30,000. But if you want a more complex application with advanced functionalities, it can cost you more than $50,000. Here are some of the factors which affect cost development,

  • If you are hiring developers from countries like the USA, Europe, the total development cost can be more. This is because the hourly rate of developers varies from $100 to $250. But it can reduce the cost by outsourcing the development works to countries like India, where the hourly rates of the developers vary from $40 to $70.
  • Instead of hiring different developers for different platforms, you can use various cross-platform frameworks.
  • Implement all the basic necessary features according to the requirements of your organization.

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The food delivery industry is one of the evergreen industries of the market. If you have a unique idea for a food delivery app like Talabat. Then executing that idea by hiring the best app development company in Dubai can ensure your success. You just have to be clear about your requirements and the priorities of your organization.