Build An App Like Bayut

Build An App Like Bayut

Transform Your Vision into Reality with an App Like Bayut – Where Dream Homes and Innovation Meet, Every Click, Every Search.

Bayut is an incredible application for a portal for real estate and property in the United Arab Emirates, which was launched in 2008. It was founded by Haider Ali Khan and Steve Worral, a comprehensive platform for real estate listings that gives users access to a wide range of homes for sale and rent as well as market and local insights. With the increase in real estate demand in the UAE, Bayut addressed the need for a trustworthy source of property data, assisting buyers, sellers, and tenants in making wise choices. The portal has been a go-to source for those looking for houses or investment opportunities in the UAE because of its user-friendly layout and vast property database. So, are you ready to build an app like Bayut? Connect with our experts with years of experience and turn your dreams into reality.

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Build An App Like bayut
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Success Story: How bayut Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How Bayut Has Gained Popularity?

The Bayut property app uae online, established in the UAE, succeeded because of strategic vision and creativity. When Haider Ali Khan first introduced it in 2008, it immediately established itself as a reliable resource for local market information and real estate listings. It attracted a sizable user base thanks to its user-friendly interface, large database, and dedication to data accuracy.

Its creative marketing, user-friendly layout, and broad property listings have helped it grow in popularity. Its popularity was consolidated by ongoing market dynamics adaptation and market expansion. The success of Bayut is an example of how a committed founder and an emphasis on the user experience can elevate a digital business to prominence in the cutthroat real estate market.

Bayut became a popular platform for those looking for real estate due to its dedication to the user experience and inclusion of features like 360-degree home tours.

Additionally, they became recognized as industry thought leaders thanks to their insightful blog and market research. Continuous innovation, client-focused services, and an expanding real estate market all helped to contribute to Bayut's quick ascent to prominence in the real estate industry.

Let's examine some Bayut mobile app market statistics to discover some astounding cash generation:

  • With more than 100,000 property listings, is Dubai's biggest real estate website.
  • With over 15 million monthly visitors, is the most popular real estate website in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Over a million people have downloaded the mobile app.
  • On its platform, has over 10,000 active real estate agents.
  • facilitated property sales worth over AED 10 billion in 2022.
  • Apartments make up more than 50% of all listings on, making them the most popular form of property.
  • Dubai Marina is the most searched-for location for properties on, followed by Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah Beach Residence.
  • In Dubai, a home costs about AED 1.5 million on average.
  • In Dubai, a property typically rents for AED 100,000 per year.

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How Does Bayut App Work?

Do you want to know how bayut works? Don't worry we have got you covered. Bayut is a popular real estate app primarily used in the United Arab Emirates that connects buyers, sellers, and renters with properties. As a leading property finder app development company, we have mentioned the working of Bayut with appropriate steps.

  • Download and Install

    Download and Install

    Start by obtaining the Bayut app from the app store on your smartphone. It's accessible on both iOS and Android. Open the app after installation, and you'll be asked to sign in if you already have an account or create one.

  • Search for Properties

    Search for Properties

    The property search function is the app's primary feature. The first step is to state your choices. It covers, among other filters, the location, the type of property (apartment, villa, or commercial), the price range, and the number of beds. You may narrow down your search criteria using the app's user-friendly search screen to find the appropriate property.

  • Property Listings

    Property Listings

    Once your preferences have been entered, Bayut presents a list of homes that fit your requirements. Each ad contains comprehensive details, including the property's dimensions, cost, description, and high-quality images. To have a better understanding of the area around the property, look at the location on a map.

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  • Contact Agents

    Contact Agents

    Through the Bayut property finder app, you can get in touch with the listing agent directly if you come across a property that piques your interest. To make it simple to get in touch with agents or agencies, organize appointments, or discuss terms, Bayut gives their contact information.

  • Save Favorites

    Save Favorites

    You can add properties to your favourites list so you can keep track of the ones you like. You may easily go back and compare properties with this option without having to do a new search.

  • Mortgage Calculator and Trends

    Mortgage Calculator and Trends

    Additionally, Bayut provides tools to aid in decision-making. If you intend to finance your property, you can estimate your monthly payments using their mortgage calculator. The Bayut app development also offers insights into the real estate market to assist you in making decisions.

Property Finder App Like Bayut Screenshots

Bayut, the Property Finder app, has a user-friendly layout, comprehensive property listings, clever search options, and real-time market analytics. If you want to develop property finder app then look at the screenshots display images including maps of the area, and user-friendly search options.

Essential Features of App Like Bayut

Before we dive into the section to build an app like Bayut, it is crucial to know some of the incredible features like property listings, advanced search, user profiles, notifications, and many more that enhance the user experience.

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Top 5 Alternatives of Bayut

To build an app like Bayut, it is crucial to know about its competitors from the research perspective. Discover your global real estate options with these top 5 Bayut alternatives.

  • OLX Property

    OLX Property

  • Lamudi


  • Dubizzle


  • PropertyFinder


  • Zameen


How To Build An App Like Bayut?

Now, the time has come when you must know the stages to build an app like Bayut. It is the section where we have covered the streamlined process to build an app like Bayut, which you must know about.

  • Market Research

    To create an app like Bayut comprehend the dynamics of the real estate market in your desired area, start by performing in-depth market research. Determine the inclinations, problems, and target audience. Examine rivals such as Bayut to gain insight into their advantages and disadvantages.

  • 2

    Define Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

    Determine the features that make your software stand out in a crowded market. What characteristics or offerings will set your app apart from competitors? It might be improved search features, thorough property listings, or cutting-edge resources for buyers and sellers of real estate.

  • Choose the Right Technology Stack

    Choose a technological stack based on the needs of your iPhone mobile app development. Think about aspects such as security, performance, and scalability. Mobile app frameworks (like React Native for cross-platform development), backend frameworks (like Node.js Ruby on Rails), and databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB) are examples of common tech components.

  • Design a User-Friendly Interface

    An app like Bayut needs to have an interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Get in touch with the best on demand app development services providers to develop user-friendly interfaces, interactive property listings, and easy navigation. Make sure your design is responsive to fit a range of screen sizes and devices.

  • Build Your App

    To build online property app in accordance with the design principles and technology stack you have selected. Hire real estate app development UAE with experience implementing the necessary features, like secure payment gateways, user profiles, message systems, and property search. To access property data and other services, integrate APIs.

  • Testing of the App

    In order to find and address errors, improve performance, and guarantee a flawless user experience, thorough testing is essential. Test for compatibility, security, usability, and functionality. Recruit beta testers to offer practical input and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

  • Launch and Marketing

    When you're satisfied with the functionality and stability of your app, get ready for a smooth launch. Develop an app like Bayut with a marketing plan that incorporates content marketing, social media promotion, app store optimization (ASO), and collaborations with real estate firms. Reach prospective users by using tailored advertising.

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Cost To Build An App Like Bayut

When it comes to Bayut app development cost, it is crucial to know its cost. So, if you are about to start the process to build an app like Bayut, then it is crucial to start with the Bayut app cost. It is also important to remember that the cost may also depend on several factors, including platform choice, app complexity, developer team location, features & functionality, integrations, maintenance and many more, which you may know after requesting the estimation of cost from our experts.

By considering all the above factors, the real estate app development cost is around $8,000 to $25,000. Dev Technosys offers app development services, but the final cost of creating an app like Bayut depends on the property searching app development company you choose. Engaging mobile applications is our speciality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Bayut?

    The cost to develop a mobile app depends on various factors, but it can range from $8,000 to $25,000 or more, considering features, platform, and complexity.

  • How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like Bayut?

    To build an app like Bayut may take approximately 4 to 8 months, depending on your specific requirements and the Bayut app development services provider expertise.

  • What Are The Benefits of Investing in an App Like Bayut?

    Investing in an app like Bayut can yield benefits such as a steady income from subscription fees, featured listings, and attracting a broad audience to your real estate platform.

  • Why Should You Choose Dev Technosys for Building an App Like Bayut?

    Choosing Dev Technosys for building an app like Bayut is ideal due to our expertise in Android app development, excellent customer support, and a strong track record of delivering successful projects.

  • How Can You Make Money From An App Like Bayut?

    To monetize an app like Bayut, you can employ strategies like premium listings, in-app advertising, subscription plans, and referral fees from real estate agents, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream.