Build An App Like SHEIN

Build An App Like SHEIN

Transform the online shopping experience with SHEIN—The best place to get a wide range of fashion trends selected by industry professionals. Download the SHEIN app today and explore the world of fashion.

SHEIN is the most popular online shopping among fashion enthusiasts as it is the one stop solution to find trendy clothes at a minimal cost. It has increased up to 12% of sales in the US. Also, the majority of the sales among these quick fashion competitors went to Shein.

Due to huge demand among users and fashion enthusiasts, various businesses are seeking to invest in ecommerce app development.

Ready to transform online shopping? Partner with Dev Technosys, an iOS app development company in crafting a cutting-edge SHEIN-like shopping app.

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Build An App Like SHEIN
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Success Story: How SHEIN Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How SHEIN Has Gained Popularity?

SHEIN is a Singapore-based online fast fashion shop. In Nanjing, China, businessman Chris Xu launched SHEIN in October 2008. By the year 2023, SHEIN will be the biggest fashion shop in the world.

Let’s now see how the SHEIN app has gained popularity. SHEIN, the largest global e-commerce-only fashion shop, has taken the fashion industry by storm and is now regularly utilized by millions of customers worldwide.

Chinese company SHEIN was established in 2012 under the moniker SHEINside, and it wasn't until its rebranding in 2015 that it changed its name to SHEIN. The company has since succeeded and is currently thought to be valued over $100 billion.

SHEIN claims to be devoted to making fashion accessible and cheap for everyone via their corporate platforms. The fashion e-tailer has not avoided controversy in its ascent to recognition, despite being an unquestionably well-known brand that is particularly renowned for its low costs. Users may install the app in their smartphones from the Play Store and App Store.

Let’s now look at the facts and figures about the SHEIN app that showcases its demand and popularity among users:

  • In the United States, 57% of fashion online store consumers are aware of the SHEIN brand.
  • Users of U.S. online fashion stores have a 24% like for SHEIN. In reality, 42% of the 57% of American respondents who are familiar with SHEIN said they favor the company.
  • In April 2022, the Chinese company SHEIN claimed a $100 billion value.
  • 13.7 million of the projected 74.7 million active users are located in the US.
  • SHEIN's revenue increased by 91% to $30 billion in 2022 from $15.7 billion in 2021.
  • The SHEIN uae app reported having been downloaded 196 million times as of the end of 2022.
  • In anticipation of a prospective IPO in late 2023, it was recently valued at $68 billion.

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How Does SHEIN App Work?

Are you curious to know the working of an app like SHEIN? Well, don’t worry!! SHEIN app works seamlessly to provide users with a convenient and engaging shopping experience. Discover the working mechanism of an app like SHEIN that is explained by an eCommerce app development company.

  • Registration and Account Creation

    Registration and Account Creation

    On their mobile devices, users must download and set up the SHEIN app. They may register a new account by entering their email address, phone number, or social network credentials after the app has been launched.

  • Browsing and Product Selection

    Browsing and Product Selection

    After logging up, users may begin perusing the app's selection of stylish products. The app like SHEIN has a huge selection of apparel, footwear, and other items. According to their preferences, users may search for specific items, apply filters, and browse through other categories.

  • Product Details and Images

    Product Details and Images

    Users may touch on a product to access additional information when they find one that piques their interest. The app offers in-depth details about each product, such as high-resolution photographs taken from multiple perspectives.

Seha App: How Does It Work?
  • Shopping Cart and Payment

    Shopping Cart and Payment

    An item can be added to a user's shopping cart if they choose to buy it. Users of the SHEIN online shopping app may inspect their shopping basket, make any required adjustments, and then continue the payment process. According to the user's region, SHEIN ae offers a range of payment alternatives.

  • Shipping and Delivery

    Shipping and Delivery

    After that, users must provide their shipment address and contact details after finishing the purchase. Usually, the SHEIN arabic uae has choices for international shipping. Users can check any connected expenses and choose their chosen shipping option.

  • Order Tracking

    Order Tracking

    Finally, the app allows users to follow the progress of their orders once they have been placed. SHEIN uae online offers order tracking details, such as tracking numbers, courier information, and current information on the position of the product. Users may now monitor the status of their orders and the expected delivery date.

Online Shopping App Like SHEIN Screenshots

Enter the magical world of a SHEIN-inspired internet store. Discover a simple, user-friendly interface for creating your own eCommerce masterpiece while being submerged in alluring visuals.

Essential Features of An App Like SHEIN

Build online shopping platforms like SHEIN with its amazing features. Users find online shopping and experiencing to be fairly fun because of user-centric features. Discover the key features of an app like SHEIN using three different panels.

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Top 5 Competitors of SHEIN

Did you know? SHEIN app has over 74.7 million active users, with only 13.7 million from America. Isn't it engrossing? Well, a SHEIN app development clone can be helpful and profitable for business. However, there are other options or we can say competitors of SHEIN too which you can opt and compare their USP to stand out while you develop an app like SHEIN. Explore each of them:

  • Zara


  • H&M


  • ASOS


  • Boohoo


  • eBay


How to Build an App Like SHEIN?

Do you want to build an app like SHEIN with robust functionalities? Explore the step-by-step procedure to develop eCommerce apps like SHEIN with app development experts. With those creation stages under their belts, companies could find it much simpler to create and introduce an app like SHEIN, a well-known online retail platform.

  • Research the Market & Plan

    You must do extensive market research before you start to build an app like SHEIN. Recognize your target market, their tastes, and the most recent fashion industry trends. Additionally, making a business strategy and analyzing USP is also essential. So, choose if you want to provide a wide selection of items or concentrate on a certain specialty.

  • 2

    Decide App Features

    Next step is to identify the crucial features that you want to integrate in your app. So, before deciding the features, you should look at the key features of SHEIN like product catalog, simple payment procedure, and social integration that makes the app successful.

  • Pick the Appropriate Tech Stack

    A technological stack should be chosen based on the needs of your project. Think about developing mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android. You may utilize scripting languages like Python, Ruby, or Node.js for the backend. You should consider using cloud hosting providers like AWS or Google Cloud as well.

  • Design User Interface

    After opting the tech stack, the next step to build an eCommerce app is to spend money on designing an appealing and user-friendly design. The SHEIN eCommerce app development has a responsive style, high-quality graphics, and clear and simple navigation. So, it is better to hire seasoned designers that may design a visually attractive UI/UX.

  • Develop the SHEIN-Alike App

    Once the app is designed, the next step is to start working on the SHEIN app development. For better results, you must hire dedicated developers who can build an app with the selected tech stack. To save time and money, ask them to either design native apps for each platform or select a cross-platform alternative.

  • Thorough App Testing

    After you have successfully created your app, ask the testers to carefully test the app to fix errors, glitches, and usability issues. Test your app's functionality, usability, speed, and security. Also, check that your app responds to diverse platforms and devices.

  • Final Launch

    Now that your app is finally developed, let’s release it to the respective app stores. But before that, you should make a marketing strategy. Make sure to add relevant terms and eye-catching images to your app store listings for attracting users. Also, for access to your target audience, you should utilize social media, influencers, and email marketing.

  • Post Deployment Services

    The process doesn't stop here. It keeps on continuing after your app has been launched. You must keep track of app performance. Continually improve your app based on trends and user data. To maintain consumers' interest and loyalty, ask maintenance and support services providers to implement updates, offer new features, and polish current ones.

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Enjoy Online Shopping Using the SHEIN App!

Cost to Build an App Like SHEIN

Estimating the exact SHEIN app development cost can be quite challenging. It is because multiple factors and technical advancements are responsible for this. However, we can give you a rough estimate of the SHEIN eCommerce web development and app cost.

For a simple app with basic functionalities can cost you around $8000-$16000. Whereas the cost to build an app like SHEIN can be enhanced up to $25000 or more when you integrate highly-advanced features in your app.

Your choice of platform for your app's development may also affect the cost. So, it is recommended to contact a professional mobile app development services provider like Dev Technosys for the accurate cost estimation.

Choosing them can be the best option as their qualified experts are proficient in the latest technology and build your app. Share your project requirements with them and get your SHEIN app developed within the reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SHEIN?

    SHEIN is an online shopping app that enables users to purchase clothing and other items from the app in a convenient manner. It is committed to providing for all of the necessities in life. For example, clothing for fashion, furniture, accessories, shoes, and pets, as well as technology, office supplies and so on.

  • How to Monetize An App Like SHEIN?

    You can monetize the apps like SHEIN in multiple ways that is mentioned below:

    • In-app purchase
    • In-app advertisement
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Freemium model
    • App subscription model
    • Use Native Ads to Improve CTR
    • Email marketing
  • What Are the Advantages of Creating an App Like SHEIN?

    In the fashion e-commerce sector, it is beneficial for businesses to build eCommerce platforms like SHEIN has, including a large consumer base, worldwide access, and significant profit potential.

    Scalability, data-driven marketing, and tailored purchasing experiences are all made possible. Additionally, it may provide a variety of contemporary items, increasing brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

  • How Much Time Does it Take To Develop An App Like SHEIN?

    The time it takes to build a SHEIN ecommerce app is based on a number of factors. For instance, the complexity of the app, development locations, features, etc. The range, however, would be 5-8 months or longer. You should contact a seasoned on demand app development services provider like Dev Technosys to get an accurate time estimate.

  • Why is Dev Technosys the Best Choice To Build an App Like SHEIN?

    Dev Technosys has established a reputation as the best android app development company in the UAE since its founding in 2010, when it was. If you're not convinced why Dev Technosys is the best place to create an app like SHEIN, have a look at these essential factors:

    • Professional Developers
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction
    • 24/7 Customer Assistance
    • Cost-effective Process