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Revolutionize learning experience with Babbel––The one stop solution for learning different languages designed by professionals. Explore multiple language learning with the Babbel app today!!

The most popular language-learning app, Babbel, was the first language learning mobile app in the entire globe. Around 10 million memberships have been sold as a result of its simple courses, which emphasize mastering a new tongue through real-world interactions.

Babbel offers 15 distinct dialects at the present from seven display languages.In-house, a group of over 100 instructors and linguists develops Babbel's own learning resources.

Are you ready to revolutionize the language learning process? Build your own app like Babbel with Dev Technosys—the professionals in language learning app development.

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Success Story: How Babbel App Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How Babbel App Has Gained Popularity?

Babbel is a language learning mobile app that has rapidly gained popularity to the point that it is currently one of the highest-grossing applications of its kind worldwide. This babbel app free,was first released in 2008 in Mitte, Berlin, as an online application.

There are courses on the grammar of words, idioms, idioms, and sayings as well as basic, intermediate, and grammar topics.

Markus Witte, Thomas Holl, and two companions, who encountered while working at a Berlin-based technology business, were developing a web-based tool for musician interaction in 2007.

One of them had indicated a desire to learn Spanish. He was surprised to only see textbooks and CD-ROMs. There were hardly any internet choices. They made the decision to shift their attention and construct their very own online language instruction system. This is how babbel came into existence.

To assist people all across the world acquire languages, Babbel's studios in Berlin and New York City now produce app-based courses, audio podcasts, games, films, cultural content, and even live, online courses.

Let’s discover some stats and facts about language learning app like Babbel:

  • Babbel had revenues of almost 188 million euros in 2020, an increase of more than 28% from the previous year.
  • Revenue from Babbel reached €198 million in 2021, up 34% from the previous year.
  • Since 2013, it has run at a loss, posting a net loss of €15.5 million.
  • Since Babbel's debut, over 10 million individuals have subscribed.
  • Globally, 3.96 million people were using Babbel's iPhone and iPad apps each month as of January 2022.
  • Through the Google Play Store, the Babbel mobile app reported having over 198 thousand daily active users globally.
  • German Google Play users generated approximately 887 thousand dollars in revenue, making Germany the second-largest market for the Berlin-based language learning software.

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How Does Babbel App Work?

Are you interested in the functioning of the Babbel app? With the Babbel app, be ready for a fantastic learning adventure. Its simple operating system enables customers to quickly explore different languages to choose and receive tailored suggestions. Explore about babbel app working mechanism

  • Registration and Profile Setup

    Registration and Profile Setup

    Firstly, the user will download the Babbel app and create an account. they will choose the language they wish to acquire and offer a few essential details. The basis has been created for a customized educational process.

  • Course Selection

    Course Selection

    After registering, they will pick the course that best fits their objectives for learning a language. You must know that Babbel provides a range of courses intended for various levels of skill and subjects, like business, tourism, or art.

  • Vocabulary Practice

    Vocabulary Practice

    The app presents new vocabulary and phrases in context, allowing it easier for users to recall and use them in everyday circumstances. Users' memory is strengthened by the use of flashcards, tests, and repetition.

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  • Progress Tracking

    Progress Tracking

    As users finish tasks and lectures, the application tracks how they're doing, basically the app tracks their progress from starting. Visual indicators encourage users to retain learning by demonstrating how far users have come. To further improve the understanding, they are free to go back and review earlier classes.

  • Review and Reinforcement

    Review and Reinforcement

    Users can revisit and exercise previous taught topics at certain intervals. Babbel uses a method known as interval repetition. This guarantees long-term retention and aids in building up memories and users can use babbel app review feature for feedback.

  • Real-Life Scenarios

    Real-Life Scenarios

    Babbel learning app courses are based on real-world circumstances, allowing users to use language abilities in useful situations. By using this method, they may communicate successfully in a variety of situations, including placing an order, requesting directions, or meeting new acquaintances while traveling.

Language Learning App like Babbel Screenshots

Discover the fantastical world of the Babbel app. Explore alluring illustrations of its brilliant UX/UI design and interface. Build education apps with an intuitive design after getting a peek of how a Babbel-like app for learning languages appears.

Crucial Features of Language Learning App like Babbel

Develop app like babbel-a full-featured language learning app specifically recommended for easy and simple user experience. Emphasize on the distinctive features that mobile app development service providers advice you to incorporate so that your application can stand out from challengers.

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Top 5 Alternatives of Babbel App

Do you know Babble is the first language learning app? However, there are more language-learning apps than this one. Market is filled with numerous language learning app like Memrise that are making a buzz in the linguistic industry. Explore the top 5 alternatives of Babble, aiming for superiority of the app market as we dive into the world of language learning apps!

  • Duolingo


  • Memrise


  • Busuu


  • Mango learning

    Mango learning

  • Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone

How to Build an App Like Babbel?

Looking for Babbel language app development?No worries!! Discover the step-by-step process for creating an app like Babbel which enables users to learn distinct languages in a short-time. With such development steps in hand, businesses may find it a lot easier to design and business an app like Babbel.

  • Know Your Intended Audience

    Start by determining the babbel language app’s intended market and audience. You must pay close attention to this group of individuals as well as what requirements they have for language learning. This way, it will be convenient to make the Babbel app's features and by getting all the information and well-informed of their wants.

  • 2

    Create UI/UX and Mockups

    Next you should design the user experience of the application with a clear layout, eye-catching components, and effortless navigation. For better results, ask the dedicated developers to make mockups that highlight the app's design, functionalities, and general user flow to provide an enjoyable experience for users.

  • Select the Right Tech Stack

    After creating the UI, choose the technology that best meets the requirements of the app while considering account factors like platform reliability, adaptability, and privacy. To create app like babbel,use the latest frameworks for that.

  • Integrate Essential Features

    You must hire on demand app developers who can include key components such as educational modules, language exercises, vocab boosters, and performance monitoring. Users can expect an engaged and thorough learning experience thanks to these functionalities.

  • Incorporate External Services

    Once you integrate the features, next enhance the functioning of the app while offering users more resources for language learning by integrating other services like voice recognition, an API, service translations, or resource repositories.

  • Testing of the App

    To ensure reliability, effectiveness, and free of errors functioning, ask the testers to thoroughly evaluate the app throughout a range of devices and operating systems. During testing, take care of any glitches or problems that appear.

  • Final Launch

    After the testing, follow the appropriate launch process and comply with the app store requisite to make the Babbel prepared for publication. To draw in prospective customers, improve the records, images, and specifications of the applications.

  • Collect User Feedback and Make Updates

    Once your app has been successfully deployed, the next step is to invite people to leave comments and reviews so that you can learn more about their experiences. After assessing feedback from customers, consider changes to address any shortcomings, boost performance, and enhance satisfaction for every user.

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Cost to Build an App Like Babbel–A Language Learning App

You must be curious to know about the cost to build an app like Babbel language learning app?Well, you must know that several factors are responsible for the educational app development cost.Also, the technology developers will use might fluctuate the cost.

However, if we calculate the estimated Babbel app development cost,it goes something like this: Basic app with less minimal features and functionality will cost you around $8000-$15000. While, Complex app with Advanced features and functionality will price you more around $20000-$25000 or even more depending on how complex you want the app.

Moreover, if you want to know the accurate cost to build an app like Babbel, Dev Technosys, a leading educational app development company, will be the best option. They have competent developers that could help you in creating a great app like Babbel within your estimated budget. So, consult with them and get an amazing babbel iphone app or android one developed with their experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Babbel App?

    Babbel is a popular language learning app which delivers useful, in-conversation lessons in a variety of dialects, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and even more.

  • How Can You Monetize Your Own Language Learning App Like Babbel?

    You can make money from your own language learning app like Babbel in multiple ways. Below are some monetization strategies that you must check out:

    • In-app purchase
    • Freemium model
    • Subscription based services
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Referral programs.
  • What Are the Benefits of Developing Language Learning Babbel Mobile Apps?

    Developing a language-learning system like Babbel's mobile app gives firms an opportunity of broadening their market reach by offering convenient, on-the-go language learning. Below are some benefits of developing babbel app:

    • Increasing user engagement
    • Fostering brand loyalty
    • Generating income through subscription models.
    • Cost-effectiveness
  • How Much Time Does it Take to Build an App Like Babbel?

    Typically, a number of factors affect how long it takes to create a Babbel language learning app. For instance, developer locations, features, app complexity, etc. However, an approximate figure would be 4-9 months or longer. For a precise time estimate, it is advised that you must consult with a professional android app development company like Dev Technosys.

  • Where to Hire Mobile App Developers for Language Learning App Development?

    Contact a leading provider of language learning applications, if you want to hire an app developer to build a babbel arabic app. Instead of working with independent contractors, hire developers full- or part-time from a recognized firm. There, you can select from a group of professionals in your desired budget.

  • Why is Dev Technosys the Perfect Choice for Creating Apps Like Babbel?

    Since its inception, which took place in 2010, Dev Technosys has proven its reputation as the top mobile app development company in the UAE. If you have questions as to why Dev Technosys is the best place to develop a babbel app languages, have a peek at the below essential components:

    • Competent Developers
    • 24-hour customer service
    • Cost-effective
    • Industrial Experience
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction