Ecommerce Software Development Services

Empowering B2B & B2C businesses to increase their customer base while improving sales with feature-rich retail & ecommerce software development services.

At Dev Technosys, we ensure that our custom ecommerce development solutions help businesses outshine in this competitive landscape. Now, turn visitors into customers in just a click and offer them the best digital store experiences that they are looking for.

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Retail & Ecommerce Software Development Services

Retail Software Development Solutions UAE

Reach out to your customers & generate foot traffic to your ecommerce store with retail software development solutions. At Dev Technosys UAE, we help ecommerce & retail businesses create unique business applications to deliver state-of-the-art digital experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your small business online and gain more visibility and online presence in the coming time. From ecommerce store development to management, customization and integration, we can manage it all.

Key Features Of Retail & Ecommerce Software Development

A feature-rich and robust ecommerce & retail software development can turn your small business into a recognizable brand. Seek mobile and web development services from the professionals of Dev Technosys UAE, and get a result-oriented business solution in hand. We can help you craft an impeccable business website and application with high ROI & profit.

  • User Registration

    Users can register and create a profile by entering their personal details to avail online ecommerce & retail services.

  • Product Delivery Request

    The customer can choose the type of item to purchase and request on-demand product delivery.

  • Price Checking

    You can check the products’ pricing and details through this feature before making a purchase.

  • Track Order

    This feature helps the users track their order, such as where their order has reached or when the product will be delivered.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Every user prefers a convenient and secure payment. So, including multiple payment options ensures a secure checkout.

  • Push Notifications

    This feature is essential to keep the users engaged and informed about your ecommerce and retail software development services.

  • Assistance & Support

    Assistance & support feature enables customers to contact the ecommerce executives regarding their order, payment, and other concerns.

  • Feedback & Review

    Users can leave their valuable feedback and reviews based on their online ecommerce and retail experience.

  • Login

    Admin can log in to their ecommerce or retail software development portal to keep track of online ecommerce services.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard allows the administrator to access products, services, and other retail mobile app development processes here.

  • Track Deliverables

    Ecommerce vendors can easily track all the deliverables and online product requests through this feature.

  • Manage Pricing

    Admin can manage, increase or decrease the product's pricing, which is further displayed to the customers.

  • Data Analytics & Reports

    This feature allows the admin to gather real-time data analytics & help ecommerce businesses increase their sales and profit.

  • Manage Payments

    Custom ecommerce development feature allows the admin to easily manage multiple payments in one place.

  • Order History

    The administrator can monitor all the customer's previous orders and manage everything accordingly.

  • Stock Control

    Controlling stock management is now easier with this ecommerce development software feature.

Our Recent Work

Have a glimpse of recent work done by our expert beauty & cosmetics app developers.


Furniture E-commerce Portal

TOMDIXON.NET is the place to browse the full Tom Dixon collection which ranging from famous pendant lights and furniture from the latest and newest home accessories. It developed from Magento platform...
TOMDIXON Furniture E-commerce Portal

TOMDIXON.NET is the place to browse the full Tom Dixon collection which ranging from famous pendant lights and furniture from the latest and newest home accessories. It developed from Magento platform and database stored in MySQL


Electronic e-commerce portal

Redsea is an electronic e-commerce platform of Saudi Arabia from where you can get Home Appliances, ACs, Electronics - Top brands White Westinghouse, Bosch, Toshiba, Sharp, Rheem, Samsung and Apple...
Redsea Electronic e-commerce portal

Redsea is an electronic e-commerce platform of Saudi Arabia from where you can get Home Appliances, ACs, Electronics - Top brands White Westinghouse, Bosch, Toshiba, Sharp, Rheem, Samsung and Apple


E-commerce Platform for Premium Smartphone Cases & Accessories

Case-Mate is the design leader of stylish premium smartphone cases, watch bands and accessories. Shop everything from Rose Gold to Glitter for iPhone, Samsung, and more. Case-Mate has ensured that eve...
Case-Mate E-commerce Platform for Premium Smartphone Cases & Accessories

Case-Mate is the design leader of stylish premium smartphone cases, watch bands and accessories. Shop everything from Rose Gold to Glitter for iPhone, Samsung, and more. Case-Mate has ensured that every design is built to protect as well as fit into your style

Challenges & Opportunities

Running a successful retail and ecommerce business is a big deal, especially with a small workplace and no online presence. We understand this well and hence consider every business challenge as an opportunity and offer the best ecommerce and retail software development solutions.

High Maintenance Cost
High Maintenance Cost

Managing offline ecommerce and retail services is a quite challenging and expensive process. But, not anymore! Dev Technology, a leading retail and ecommerce web development company UAE can help you reduce costs with a well-structured app.

Global Competition
Global Competition

With the rise in demand for online ecommerce mobile app development, beating competitors has become challenging. So, to help businesses scale up, we offer top-notch logistics software development services and help businesses outshine.

Data Security
Data Security

Data security is the prime concern for both ecommerce vendors & customers. This is why our dedicated developers conduct QA & testing at every step of custom ecommerce development solutions. So, remain assured of security with our web app development services.

Lack of Operational Insight
Lack of Operational Insight

Improper customer insight might lead to business standardization loss which occurs due to bad data predictability and other catalyst factors. To overcome this, our retail software development solutions act as a helping hand.

Product Management
Product Management

Managing all the ecommerce products and services offline is difficult especially, with a small workforce. A well-developed retail website development software can be your saviour in such a situation. Now, manage ecommerce products online with just a click.

Revenue Generation
Revenue Generation

Generating high revenue is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially while having complex and manual business processes. But, with feature-rich logistic software development, businesses can earn a great income in the coming time.

ecommerce software development
On-demand Retail & Ecommerce Software Development Company

On-demand Retail Software Development Company

With the ever-growing demand for mobility solutions, offline stores are availing custom ecommerce development solutions to reach millions of customers. The dedicated developers of Dev Technosys UAE are helping businesses achieve their business goals and offering on-demand retail mobile applications development services. Send your business requirements now & be ready to experience huge profit in the coming years!

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Custom Ecommerce & Retail Website Development Company

Custom Ecommerce Website Development Company

Do you need an attractive mobile app or website for your offline store? We’ve got you covered. Avail custom ecommerce software development solutions from the professionals of Dev Technosys to deliver unmatched shopping experiences. Drop your project requirements with us and seek world-class web and mobile app development services under your budget!

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Custom Ecommerce & Retail Website Development Company

How Dev Technosys Deliver Business Value?

Capital is a valuable asset for all-scale businesses, and the ecommerce business is no different. Dev Technosys, a leading ecommerce website development company UAE makes sure to help every business get the most of their money. We not only offer not only budget-friendly logistics software development solutions but also deliver business excellence.

One-Stop Vendor

We deploy modern tools & technologies to meet business demands and help them combat challenges like a pro. At Dev Technosys, we offer one-stop retail software development solutions & help customers get an amazing shopping experience.

Scalable Team

A strong team is the backbone of any business. We value every team member and work as a scalable team to deliver top-notch web and mobile app development services to all businesses. So, remain assured of quality work while seeking our assistance.

Streamlined Work Process

Client satisfaction is our prime concern. So, to adhere to business needs and deliver timely ecommerce app development services, we follow a streamlined work process. Our dedicated developers work on real-time deadlines and complete the project within the promised date.

Knowledge Retention

We caters to online ecommerce software development solutions that are the best at retaining knowledge. Our dedicated developer team possesses in-depth technical knowledge and incorporates it with the latest technologies to deliver result-oriented mobile & web development solutions.

Cost Of Ecommerce Software Development

Every business dreams to avail exclusive retail and logistics software development services, but their budget does not allow them. If you are also sailing the same boat, get in touch with us. Dev Technosys is a well-known web and mobile app development company in UAE, where you can get world-class services at reasonable prices. Share your ecommerce business requirements with us and get the perfect solution that your business deserves!

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Cost Of Ecommerce & Retail Website Development
Multi-vendor Retail & Ecommerce App Development Solutions

Multi-vendor Retail & Ecommerce Software Development Solutions

We work to simplify complex work processes and help businesses earn the success they’ve dreamed of. Our team of dedicated developers work day and night to craft result-oriented mobile and web development solutions. Now get multi-vendor ecommerce app development services and access sellers, admins, & end consumers in one place. Avail online ecommerce software development assistance from the professionals of Dev Technosys and take your first step towards success.

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Modern Tools & Technologies Of Retail & Ecommerce Software

We work for client satisfaction and business output. To ensure the same, our mobile app developers employ hi-tech tools & technologies and deliver advanced retail & ecommerce software that brings in high revenue.

  • Visual Studio
    Visual Studio
  • Netbeans
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • Zend Studio
    Zend Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Adobe Xd
    Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • HTML 5
    HTML 5
  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • StoryPlayer
  • SeleniumHQ
  • PHP Unit
    PHP Unit
  • Codeception

Get Ready To Experience Business Profit With Dev Technosys IT Solutions!

Dev Technosys, a leading web and mobile app development company, offers valuable development solutions for improved business profit and ROI. Get a comprehensive range of mobile and web development services to touch the heights of success.

  • Mobile App Development
    Mobile App Development

    Satisfying customers’ needs and demands is not everyone’s cup of tea. At Dev Technosys, we help businesses achieve their goals with the best mobile development solutions for the retail & ecommerce industry. Our dedicated developers carefully analyze business requirements and then craft a result-oriented mobile app for your business.

  • Full Stack Development
    Full Stack Development

    Develop a strong web presence for your retail & ecommerce business with professional full-stack development services. From web hosting, integration to migrating & testing, we provide a complete range of full-stack development solutions. Connect with us today and give wings to your business dreams.

  • On-demand App Development
    On-demand App Development

    In this hi-tech and modern world, every service is available on-demand, and so is the retail & ecommerce business. It doesn’t matter; whether you need an on-demand doctor app, taxi app, or an on-demand retail & ecommerce app, our dedicated developers can assist you with the same. Email your project requirements and get a unique mobile app on demand.

  • Ecommerce Development
    Ecommerce Development

    Turn your small business store into a well-developed ecommerce store with our impeccable ecommerce web development services. We can help you boost sales, drive customer satisfaction, and expand your audience with a robust e-commerce website. Share your business requirements with us today.

  • PHP Development
    PHP Web Development

    Bring your retail & ecommerce business to the next level while shaking hands with Dev Technosys. We are a leading PHP development company UAE with a team of tech giants who can craft impeccable PHP web development solutions in no time. So, hire dedicated PHP developers from Dev Technosys and get the world-class services that your business deserves.

  • Custom Web Development
    Custom Web Development

    Every development project has its own sets of demands. At Dev Technosys, we are here to fulfill all of them. Why not discuss your project requirements with us? Just Email your requirements now! Seek custom web development solutions for your retail & e-commerce business and get a customized website adhering to your business needs.

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Want More information ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Role Of An Ecommerce Website Developer?

    An e-commerce website developer is responsible for creating an interactive business website having advanced features and functionalities. At Dev Technosys, we have a team of dedicated e-commerce developers who can craft a perfect business app for you. Share your requirements to us.

  • Why Should Businesses Develop E-Commerce Website?

    A feature-rich ecommerce website can double a business's profit that one could have never thought of. There are ample benefits of e-commerce web development, as highlighted below.

    • Expands business reach
    • Promotes shopping convenience
    • Improves visibility
    • Increase ROI & profit
    • Cut down efforts
  • What Features Should I Include In Ecommerce Website Development?

    To make your e-commerce website more successful, you can incorporate these features.

    • Multi-payment option
    • User reviews
    • Advance search filter
    • Exclusive features & discounts
    • Support & assistance
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build Ecommerce Web Portal?

    A basic e-commerce website might go around $50,000 or more, depending on the requirements. But, this isn't an exact estimate as the cost keeps fluctuating from one website to the other. First of all, you need to share your business requirements; our professionals will look into them and suggest the best possible solutions.

  • How Will I Check My Daily Progress Report?

    You don't have to worry about your daily work report while availing our e-commerce web development services. Our professionals will share the timely work reports with you and update you on the ongoing project status. So, avail our top-notch e-commerce web development services without thinking twice.

  • Will My Ecommerce Website Be Secure?

    Yes, of course. Safety is our foremost priority, and to ensure the same, our dedicated developers incorporate modern-age tools & technologies. So, your website will be completely secure with our services. Feel free to share your requirements at [email protected], and we will provide you with the best business solutions.