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Healthcare has become extremely popular amongst professionals and businesses. Each professional and individual has their app in the healthcare app market. Seha UAE app save doctors and patients time, improves care quality and allows them to schedule visits, examine and treat their patients. According to estimates, active users will spend 247 billion dollars by 2025. Business owners and entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to make money from healthcare apps. Become the best and most reliable app on the market by learning all about the Seha healthcare app. The mHealth app market is estimated at USD 40B by 2020, and it's expected to grow 17% between 2021-2028 (Compound annual growth rate). Statista reports that in the third quarter of 2020, more than 49k apps were available exclusively on Google Play Store. In 2015, there were approximately 27k medical care applications. We have compiled some great information to give you a detailed overview of Apps like Seha.

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What is Seha? A Precise Explanation Of Healthcare App!

What is Seha? A Precise Explanation Of Healthcare App!

Seha can help ease the burdensome processes for patients, healthcare professionals or healthcare workers. In the world-class healthcare sector, there are software applications that can simplify challenges. Apps like that offer different benefits for various groups. It can manage appointments and their extensive data simply. It allows patients to book an appointment in a few simple steps. The mHealth niche includes a wide range of healthcare apps in Dubai, ranging from professional to more basic. Apps like Seha have different purposes that helped various largest hospitals provide comprehensive care to many COVID-19 patients. Seha simplifies our lives by offering extremely advanced virtual compassionate care visits. They track our health data and provide remote assistance.

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Seha App: How Does It Work?

Seha App is a seamless current health care system that allows users to easily manage their medical needs, from virtual consultations to appointments, records, and personalized health advice.

  • Download and Install

    Download and Install

    Install the Seha app on your device by downloading it from a trusted store. Make sure you're using the developer-approved version of the Seha App.

  • Registering and Creating A New Account

    Registering and Creating A New Account

    Create an account on the Seha App by entering the required information. It may include your name, contact details, medical history, or insurance information, depending on the app's purpose.

  • Transfer Funds

    User Authentication

    COVID-19 patients must authenticate their accounts after registration to ensure their health data is secure. You may need to verify your mobile number or email address, set up a PIN or password.

Seha App: How Does It Work?
  • Features and Services

    Features and Services

    Seha App features and services are available. It may include features like scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals, accessing electronic records (EHR), receiving medication reminders, tracking metrics, or receiving educational content about health.

  • Interaction with Healthcare Providers

    Interaction with Healthcare Providers

    Connect with healthcare professionals using the app. It could be scheduling appointments, virtual consultations, video calls or receiving medical advice. You can also request prescription refills and securely message healthcare providers with non-urgent questions.

  • Data Privacy and Security

    Data Privacy and Security

    Seha should place a high priority on privacy and security when it comes to your health data. The custom healthcare app development should adhere to relevant data protection laws and use encryption and other security methods to protect your medical and personal data.

Seha Healthcare App Screenshots

Seha Healthcare App dynamic screenshots will take you on a visual tour of a user-friendly, innovative interface that improves access to the health care sector, communication and information management.

Key Features Of Seha App

App features are dependent on which category the app is for. Apps like Seha cater to three different categories: patients, health care experts and healthcare providers. Take a look at some of the different features.

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Top Seha App Alternatives

These top 5 healthcare alternatives will help you explore a world of possibilities in hospitality services beyond the seha healthcare mobile app.Discover innovative platforms offering seamless appointment management and secure communication. They also offer comprehensive health records, personalized health advice, telemedicine, and a comprehensive health record.

  • MyChart


  • Zocdoc


  • Practo


  • HealthTap


  • Doximity


How to Develop A Healthcare App Like Seha?

App development can be divided into several steps. With the above points, let's see how to build healthcare apps like Seha.

  • Find the problem

    In this industry, the first step is identifying the audience and the problem you are trying to solve. What are the main features and the competitors of the business? Before developing an app like Seha, you should do all the necessary research. Outlining the project scope is important. Defining the personas and build a seha app is also essential.

  • 2

    UI/UX Design

    Healthcare is becoming more dependent on technology. The UI of an application is crucial. It is important to cater for different users as many people will use the application. The UI must also consider UX in order to be more user-friendly. It helps to increase engagement.

  • Create a prototype

    Create a basic app like Seha Dubai to get feedback from investors and potential users. You can get the most benefit from investors by explaining the mini-version of the app to them.

  • App Development

    The actual coding for the app, like seha, is done in the development stage. To work on your project, you must hire healthcare software developers. This stage involves setting up the server backend, APIs and integration with external systems. Make sure the app is easy to use and meets any improvements needed based on user feedback.

  • Test and refine

    You must test the app to ensure it is functional and performs well. The process includes performance testing, security testing and functional testing. To improve your product, consider the feedback and requirements of users.

  • Deployment

    The app like Seha medical centre, is now ready for deployment. App stores must approve the app before it can be released. To boost downloads and visibility, it is crucial to optimise the app store listing.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance is the final step of Seha app development.The app must be regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends. Maintenance keeps the app current with OS updates, technological advances, and user feedback.

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Cost To Develop A Healthcare App Like Seha

Costs for developing healthcare apps like Seha vary depending on several factors. These include the complexity of features, compatibility with platforms, rates of development teams, and geographic location. A rough estimate of the cost to build a seha app can be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. These costs include project planning, UI/UX, app development and backend development. They also cover integration with healthcare systems, testing, and deployment. You should also include continuing upkeep and improvements in the overall cost. Consult with on-demand healthcare app development company to get an accurate estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Seha App?

    Seha portal offers users a wide range of services and features, such as appointment booking, accessing medical records, telemedicine consults, medication reminders and personalized health advice.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Building A Healthcare App Like Seha?

    Seha is a great example of a healthcare application that can provide several benefits. It improves the patient experience through convenient appointment booking, medical records access, telemedicine, and personalized health advice. It improves communication and streamlines workflows. It empowers healthcare professionals to provide efficient and high-quality care.

  • How Long Does It Take To Develop A Medical App?

    The complexity, functionality, and platform of an application can all affect how long it takes to build. The average time to develop an app is between 3 and 6 months, which can vary depending on the requirements.

  • Why Choose Dev Technosys To Build An App Like Seha?

    Dev Technosys' has expertise in the field of developing mobile healthcare apps. It makes us a good choice for building an app such as Seha. We have a highly-skilled team with extensive experience and a client-centric approach. We can create a user-friendly and robust app based on our technical expertise and commitment to high quality.

  • How To Make Money From A Healthcare App?

    You can monetize your healthcare app in several ways. There are several ways to monetize top healthcare apps. These include charging for app downloads, offering in-app purchases or subscriptions for premium features, partnering with healthcare providers and receiving referral fees or commissions and displaying targeted advertisements or providing data analytics services for a fee.