Develop Procore App

Develop Procore App

Streamline your construction management business and empower your business sales with an app like Procore. Now, take control of your construction outcomes & minimize risk with Procore construction software.

Founded in 2002 by Tooey Courtemanche, the Procore app for construction has helped thousands of businesses streamline construction project management and improve communication within the industry. Since its inception, Procore construction software has become one of the most widely used construction management platforms, serving construction firms of all sizes worldwide. The major aim of the Procore app is to connect everyone via a global platform and help them drive successful business outcomes. Get your app like Procore today!

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Success Story: How Procore Has Become Successful?

Success Story: How Procore Has Become Successful?

Procore is a well-known construction management software development company. Procore project management software has gained tremendous profit and success in recent years. The company was founded in 2002 by two brothers, Ahti and Toot Thiry, who analyzed the need for an efficient and streamlined way to manage construction projects.

Since its inception, Procore software has earned over 2 million users in over 100 countries. The company has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and was recently acquired by Thoma Bravo for $10.5 billion. Procore is the top construction and project management software with an incredibly user-friendly interface and easy-to-use functionalities.

Procore company solely focuses on strong customer support, and its team is available 24/7 to help users resolve their queries. The company's software has completely changed how construction projects are managed and is helping make the industry more efficient and profitable. So, now is the time for construction owners to bring their businesses online with feature-rich software. If you agree, connect with Dev Technosys now, a leading construction management software development services provider.

Develop Construction App Like Procore!

Improve efficiency, one tap at a time! Develop a construction app like Procore and make your business a game changer.

How Does Procore Software Works?

Procore software is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your construction business and ensure seamless management with its simple working mechanism. To understand ‘How does Procore construction software work?’ refer to the steps below.

  • Access & Authentication

    Access & Authentication

    Firstly, users can download the Procore app and log in using their account credentials. Once authenticated, they gain access to their authorized projects and data.

  • Project Dashboard

    Project Dashboard

    Procore app users can get an overview of ongoing projects with an interactive project dashboard. It includes key project information, including status, recent activity, etc.

  • Communication & Collaboration

    Communication & Collaboration

    The Procore app facilitates effective communication and collaboration. Users can send messages, share documents, and collaborate, ensuring seamless coordination.

  • Manage Documents

    Manage Documents

    Users can easily access project documents like blueprints, plans, and contracts. They can view, upload, and download documents so the team can access the latest information.

  • ield Operations

    Field Operations

    With Procore solutions, users can easily manage field operations. They can create and complete daily logs, manage punch lists, and submit & track RFIs using mobile devices.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    The Procore software generates monthly reports that help users gain insights into project performance, productivity, and costs. It helps project managers make data-driven decisions.

Procore Construction App Screenshots

Experience the Procore app's power in action: See the future of construction management via these screenshots. It will help you get a visual overview of the app's UX/UI. First, know about it and then create it.

Key Features of Procore App

Are you planning to build Procore software that ensures streamlined construction management? Develop an app like Procore while inserting all the unique features and functionalities. Here are the crucial features of the Procore app.

Automate Construction Management with An App Like Procore!

Experience the project management freedom with a feature-rich construction organization software. Create apps like Procore and give wings to your construction business dreams.

Top Procore App Alternatives

Procore is the best-in-class construction management software trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide. Still, there are other apps like Procore available that are giving tough competition to this construction software. Want to know the top Procore app alternatives? Here you go!

  • Autodesk


  • Primavera


  • Acumatica


  • Bluebeam Software

    Bluebeam Software

  • Fieldwire


How to Develop A Construction App Like Procore?

Want to create the best Procore construction software that can turn your small construction business into a well-known brand? Here are the detailed steps showcasing the development of project management software for the construction industry.

  • Define Project Goals

    Firstly, define your construction software goals and objectives. Determine the key features, functionalities, and tech stacks to include in your construction app like Procore.

  • 2

    Conduct Market Research

    Next, research to understand the ongoing market trends and competition. Also, analyze the top construction app competitors in the market.

  • Plan & Design

    Once you are done with the research, create a detailed plan and design for your construction software. After that, start designing to build an app similar to Procore software.

  • Add Features & Tech Stack

    Choose the appropriate features and tech stacks for your construction app, like Procore, to help your business software outshine competitors.

  • Begin Procore App Development

    Finally, you can begin the Procore app development process. It is a mandatory step for all; hence, you will require construction software development company assistance.

  • Test & Launch the App

    Once you develop construction software like Procore, carefully test it against all the errors. It will make your application 100% error-free and launch it on the desired platform.

  • App Support & Maintenance

    Maintenance is a must for any mobile app besides its development. So, seek mobile app support & maintenance services to increase the lifespan of your Procore application.

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Take Control of Your Construction with An App Like Procore!

Empower your construction business – Download Procore App for Streamlined Success!

Cost to Develop Construction Software Like Procore

‘How much does construction software development cost?’ It is the foremost question that strikes every business owner’s mind as soon as they think to develop an app like Procore. A basic mobile app development costs between $10,000 to $25,000. The cost keeps varying depending on multiple features and functionalities. Connect with Dev Technosys construction software developers to get an exact cost estimation. Share your requirements to develop an app like the Procore app and leave the rest to our professionals. We will help you deliver a perfect application similar to a Procore app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about developing an app like Procore?

  • What Is Procore App?

    The Procore app is software designed for construction project management and collaboration. It is an extension of the Procore platform, a comprehensive construction management software. The Procore app allows users to access and manage their construction projects on the go using smartphones and tablets.

  • What Are the Benefits to Develop An App Like Procore?

    Creating an app like Procore brings numerous business benefits for construction business owners. Some of them are –

    • Improved communication
    • Streamlined project management
    • Efficient document management
    • Real-time project updates
    • Enhanced data analytics
    • Better mobility & accessibility
  • Where to Hire Developers for Construction Software Like Procore?

    To hire mobile app developers for construction software development like Procore, it would be a wise decision to connect with Dev Technosys. Being a well-known software development company in UAE, we have a team of experienced professionals and dedicated developers who can be your savior. Connect with us and get access to a pool of development experts.

  • What Are the Top Alternatives to App Like Procore?

    There are ample construction software competitors and alternatives available in the market. Some of them are –

    • Autodesk BIM 360
    • PlanGrid
    • Fieldwire
    • CoConstruct
    • RedTeam
    • E-Builder
  • Why Choose Dev Technosys to Develop Apps Like Procore?

    Since its launch, Dev Technosys is making 100% efforts to satisfy all the needs and demands of all-scale businesses. Still, if you want to know why we are the best construction management software development services provider, look at our key features –

    • Dedicated Developers
    • Industrial Expertise
    • 24*7 Customer Support
    • Cost-effective Pricing
    • 100% Client Satisfaction