Develop InstaShop App

Develop InstaShop App

Transform your shopping experience with InstaShop, the ultimate grocery delivery app. Empower your lifestyle with a seamless interface, extensive product range, and efficient logistics. Dev Technosys, a renowned mobile app development company, can assist you in developing a top-notch InstaShop-like app that revolutionizes the way people shop for groceries.

Ioanna Angelidaki and John Tsioris, two Greek businesswomen, created Instashop in 2015 in Dubai. With InstaShop, you can order anything you need and have it delivered to your door in as little as 30 minutes. The app is available in over 100 cities around the world. InstaShop partners with over 10,000 stores. Also, the average delivery time is 45 minutes.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. So, if you're looking to develop a grocery app like InstaShop, consider partnering with Dev Technosys, a trusted name in grocery app development. Unlock the potential of your business and offer customers a seamless shopping experience with your own grocery app.

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What is Tim Hortons?: Success Story

Success Story: How InstaShop Has Gained Success?

InstaShop is a Dubai-based on-demand grocery delivery platform that was founded in 2015. The company has since expanded to Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, and Bahrain, and it has amassed over 500,000 active users. In 2020, InstaShop generated nearly $300 million in gross merchandise value. In 2020, InstaShop was acquired by Delivery Hero, a global food delivery company, for $360 million. This acquisition was a major validation of InstaShop's success and its potential for future growth. InstaShop is available for iOS and Android devices.

InstaShop's success can be attributed to a number of factors, including:

A strong focus on convenience: InstaShop's mission is to "make everyday life easier," and the company's app is designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to order groceries online. Customers can browse a wide selection of products from a variety of supermarkets, and their orders are typically delivered within an hour.

A reliable and efficient delivery network: InstaShop has a network of over 5,000 personal shoppers who are responsible for picking and delivering orders. The company's delivery network is highly efficient, and orders are typically delivered within the promised time frame.

These stats show the increasing popularity for InstaShop grocery delivery app solutions.As a result, you must prepare for the creation of an app similar to InstaShop if you work in the grocery business. You may achieve your business objectives with the assistance of the Dev Technosys team. Contact us immediately and let us know what your project needs are.

Want to Build An App Like InstaShop?

Discuss Your Specifications to Build an exceptional App like InstaShop and transform your online business with innovative solutions.

How Does An Instashop App Work?

Curious about how the InstaShop app works? Well, buckle up! InstaShop's grocery shopping app operates with utter convenience and simplicity. Let's unravel the magic in a few simple steps. Get ready for a thrilling ride!

  • User Registration

    User Registration

    Users create an account on the instashop Dubai by providing their details and preferences. This allows for a personalized shopping experience.

  • Browsing and Selection

    Browsing and Selection

    Customers browse through the app's extensive catalog of grocery items, including fresh produce, pantry staples, and more. They can view product details, images, prices, and customer reviews.

  • Adding to Cart

    Adding to Cart

    Users select the desired items and add them to their virtual shopping cart. They can adjust quantities, explore related products, and continue browsing.

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  • Checkout and Payment

    Checkout and Payment

    Customers proceed to the checkout process, where they review their cart contents, select a preferred instashop delivery time slot, and choose a payment method. They securely enter payment details or opt for cash on

  • Order Confirmation and Pickup

    Order Processing

    Once the order is confirmed, the app processes it. It notifies partner supermarkets or stores about the order details and prepares the items for free delivery.

  • Delivery and Tracking

    Delivery and Tracking

    A delivery executive picks up the order from the store and delivers it to the customer's designated address. Users can track the real-time progress of their delivery, receive notifications, and communicate with the delivery personnel if needed.

Instashop Grocery App Screenshots

Unlock convenient grocery shopping - Screenshots of the innovative grocery app transforming the way we shop. Get a glimpse of how a grocery app like instaShop looks and create your own shopping application with a similar user-friendly interface.

Essential Features of An App Like Instashop

Every grocery app owner aspires to create an irresistible user experience, and the instashop dubai app is no exception. Incorporate these captivating features to make your grocery app a showstopper that customers can't resist.

Make Your Own Grocery Delivery App at an Affordable Price!

Discover how to build a Grocery Delivery App on a budget. Get the greatest InstaShop-like App by requesting a free quotation.

Top 5 Alternatives of Instashop App

Just like InstaShop shook the on demand grocery delivery industry, the grocery delivery app market is abuzz with formidable alternatives. Discover the top 5 competitors in 2023, vying for supremacy in the realm of grocery delivery app development.

  • Instacart


  • Shipt




  • Albertsons


  • Talabat


How to Build a Grocery App Like An Instashop?

Considering developing a grocery app that resembles instashop? Here is a step-by-step guide to the complete mobile app development process to get you started. With these delivery app development techniques in hand, it is now much simpler to design a grocery shopping app.

  • Ideation and Planning

    Start by brainstorming and defining the vision for your grocery app. Identify your target audience, research market trends, and outline the key features and functionalities you want to incorporate. Consider factors like user experience, convenience, and personalization.

  • 2

    UI/UX Design

    Next, the creative minds got to work, crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. They meticulously designed screens, icons, and color schemes that would make users feel instantly at ease and engaged while navigating the app.

  • Back-End Development

    Behind the scenes, the on-demand app development services provider worked their magic, building a robust back-end infrastructure to handle data processing, order management, and secure payment transactions. They carefully constructed a seamless and scalable system, ensuring it could accommodate growing user demands.

  • Front-End Development

    Simultaneously, the grocery delivery app developer breathed life into the app's design. They transformed the visual elements into interactive components with the flutter app development techniques, ensuring smooth transitions, intuitive navigation, and delightful animations that would captivate users and make their grocery shopping experience enjoyable.

  • Integration and Testing

    With the app taking shape, it was time to integrate various functionalities. The team connected the app with external systems, such as payment gateways and delivery tracking services, meticulously testing each integration to ensure seamless operation and airtight security.

  • Quality Assurance

    The quality assurance experts took the reins, meticulously testing the app for any bugs, performance issues, or usability glitches. They put themselves in the customers' shoes, conducting rigorous tests to ensure the app met the highest standards of functionality, reliability, and user experience.

  • Deployment and Launch

    Prepare the instashop uae app for deployment on relevant platforms like iOS and Android. Adhere to platform guidelines and follow a robust release management process to ensure a successful launch. Coordinate with marketing and PR teams to generate buzz and excitement around the app's release.

  • Continuous Improvement and Updates

    Actively gather user feedback, monitor app performance, and analyze user behavior to identify areas of improvement. Regularly release updates, incorporating new features, enhancing existing functionalities, and addressing user concerns to keep the app fresh and competitive.

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Cost To Build Grocery App Like Instashop

Are you curious to know how much it cost to build grocery apps like InstaShop? Well, the exact cost to develop an InstaShop app depends on various factors. However, on average it will be around $8000-$25000 or more depending on the complexity and functionality of the app. To get an exact grocery app cost estimation, you must consult with Dev Technosys, a leading mobile app development company, whose specialist team of developers can assist you develop an outstanding app like InstaShop in an affordable budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about developing an app like Tim Hortons from our experts!

  • What is InstaShop?

    InstaShop is a mobile application that allows users to browse, purchase, and have products delivered from various online stores. It provides a convenient platform for shopping, offering a wide range of products and secure payment options. Users can track their orders and enjoy a seamless shopping experience through the app.

  • How Much Time Does it Take to Build an Instashop App?

    Usually, the timeframe of InstaShop grocery delivery app development depends on multiple variables. For instance, locations of developers, functionalities, app complexity etc. However, a rough estimate would be 3-8 months or more. It would be suggested you consult with a grocery app development company like Dev Technosys to get an accurate time estimation.

  • What Are the Advantages to Developing InstaShop?

    A full-featured InstaShop app has several benefits that are mentioned below:

    • Convenient shopping experience.
    • Wide range of products available.
    • Seamless browsing and search functionality.
    • Secure payment options.
    • Order tracking and updates.
    • Potential for increased sales and customer base for partnered stores.
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Where to Hire Developers for Grocery App Development?

    You should get in touch with a top grocery app development business if you want to hire grocery app developers to build an app like InstaShop. For your project, engage developers part-time or full-time from an accomplished company rather than consulting freelancers. There you will get a pool of specialists within the selected price range.

  • Why is Dev Technosys the Best Company to Choose for Building Apps Like Instashop?

    Dev Technosys has established itself as the leading mobile app development business in the UAE since its founding, which was in 2010. If you're wondering why Dev Technosys is the ideal location to create an app like InstaShop, have a look at the following important factors:

    • Qualified Developers
    • 24*7 Customer Support
    • Reasonable Cost
    • Industrial Expertise
    • 100% Client Satisfaction