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Introducing OneClickDrive, a car rental app founded by Vinay Pagarani. It's a popular app with more than 50K downloads. It gives users access to their devices' largest car rental and leasing marketplace.

OneClickDrive offers a seamless booking process, competitive rates, and different car options from a reputed proverb. The app simplifies the car rental experience. Users can easily find, compare, and book rental cars per their preferences, enhancing their travel convenience.

Hence, Dev Technology, a leading app development company, provides smart transportation management software solutions . The company has curated "App of the Month," illustrating every fact of the OneClickDrive mobile app. Create a car rental app like OneClickDrive by reading this blog with our assistance.

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Success Story: How Vivino App Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How OneClickDrive Has Gained Popularity?

In the market, OneClickDrive is popular because of its range of options, user-friendly interface, and efficient services. The application simplifies the procedure to find and book car rental services. It makes this platform more convenient for users. Moreover, OneClickDrive also offers a variety of vehicles, including luxury cars and economy cars, that cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

Apart from this, you can see positive reviews of this app demonstrating its transparency and reliability, providing detailed information on the rental terms, insurance coverage, and other additional services. OneClickDrive facilitates a seamless booking procedure and secure payment gateway, further enhancing user experience and contributing to its growing popularity.

Furthermore, OneClickDrive is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, which helps it establish a strong reputation in the market. It led to an increased adoption of word-of-mouth recommendations, further increasing its popularity.

Let’s discover some stats and facts about car rental industry :

  • In 2024, the car rental business is expected to generate US$102.50 billion in revenue.
  • The market is predicted to reach a value of US$116.00 billion by 2028, with revenue forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.14% from 2024 to 2028.
  • By2028, there will likely be 0.64 billion users in the car rental industry.
  • The predicted percentage of users will be 7.3% in 2024 and 8.1% in 2028.
  • It is anticipated that the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be $181.00 USD.
  • By 2028, internet sales will account for 73% of the entire income in the car rental industry.
  • When compared globally, the United States will produce the most revenue ($30,440 million in 2024).

Want to Develop An App Like OneClickDrive?

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How Does OneClickDrive App Work?

OneClickDrive is a car rental marketplace that streamlines the car rental process for users. For your on demand app development, you should be aware how OneClickDrive works, look at the following points:

  • Sign Up

    Registration And Profile Creation

    First, users must download the application on their mobile phone and create an account. For registration, they must provide basic details such as name, contact information, email address, etc. After registration, users can access the app’s full suite of functionality and features.

  • Wine Scanning

    Search And Filtering

    After registration and profile creation, users can start searching for rental cars matching their preferences. They can filter search results based on criteria such as car type, location, budget, and rental duration. The intuitive interface of OneClickDrive allows users to navigate through available options easily. It makes it very convenient for users to find a perfect vehicle that suits their needs.

  • Rating and Reviewing

    Comparison And Selection

    With this app, users can find a list of the available rental cars for different providers. It benefits the users regarding compression relevant to price, rental terms, and features. Moreover, users can also view detailed descriptions, images, and reviews the risers give to each vehicle. It helps them make informed decisions so that users can find cars that meet all their requirements.

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  • Personal Recommendations

    Booking And Payment

    OneClickDrive makes booking easy for users by guiding them through critical steps. Here, users can specify rental dates, pickup locations, and other additional services that they want. The app also ensures a secure payment gateway with numerous payment options, such as debit/credit cards, mobile wallets, and online banking.

  • Wine Marketplace

    Confirmation And Communication

    Once the booking process is completed, users receive a confirmation email through the application. This notification includes significant details such as booking ID, pickup guidelines, and contact information for the rental company. Here, users can communicate directly with the rental provider via the app. Users can inquire about or modify their bookings as per their preferences.

  • Maintenance and Redistribution

    Pickup, Return, And Feedback

    At the final stage, users pick up the rental car from the chosen location on time, using navigation assistance provided by OneClickDrive if required. Afterward, they return the car or vehicle per the specified instructions. Users can also leave feedback or rate their experience with the car rental company via the app. Their reviews and ratings help to improve the overall user experience.

Car Rental App like OneClickDrive Screenshots

Discover the fantastical world of the OneClickDrive. Explore alluring illustrations of its brilliant user design and interface. Build car rental apps with an intuitive design after seeing how a OneClickDrive-like app appears.

Must Have Feature Of A Car Rental App

If you have decided to develop an app like OneClickDrive, it’s critical to integrate every exemplary feature to make it successful in the market. If you do not have much idea what feature you should include in your app, look at the following must-have features:

Develop a Car Rental App Like OneClickDrive Within your Budget!!

Determine How To Make Car Rental App At An Affordable Cost

Top 5 Alternatives of OneClickDrive App

Renting a car saves your investment amount on purchasing a vehicle. You can avoid high initial car-purchasing costs and continuous maintenance costs. OneClickDrive is also a car rental app that offers convenient and cost-effective service to users. If you want to provide car rental app mobile app development services , study competitor’s services and determine how you can make your app successful. However, some other car rental apps are also revolutionizing the industry.

Here is a list to top five alternative of OneClickDrive app:

  • Delectable


  • My wine cellar


  • Wine Searcher


  • Wine List

    Rental Cars App

  • Drizly


How to Develop An App Like OneClickDrive?

Investing in developing a car rental app is exciting and rewarding for businesses that want to expand their presence. By choosing the right app development strategy and technology, you can quickly develop an app like OneClickDrive, providing users convenient access to cars on demand. As per the travel mobile app development company UAE , if you want to make your car rental app successful, you need to follow all the following steps carefully:

  • Conduct Market Research

    To build an app like OneClickDrive, conduct a market research. Understanding the services provided by car rental apps, identifying the target audience, and determining the existing gaps or pain points in the market are essential for the app's success. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the other market players or competition in the same industry can give you valuable insight into the latest trends, customer preferences, and areas for the invitation.

  • 2

    Define Key Features

    After completing the market research, your next step is to define must-have features, helping the app to stand out and cater to the user's needs. It includes user registration or sign-up functionality, a robust search and filtering option, a seamless booking and reservation system, secure payment options, an intuitive admin panel for management, and many more.

  • Create User-centric Design

    Now, the focus shifts to creating a user-centric design, prioritizing ease of use and engaging user experience. You should hire dedicated developers who can use prototyping and wireframing to visualize the app's layout. It helps to ensure an intuitive navigation and optimal use of features across different devices and screen sizes.

  • Choose The Right Technology

    You should choose the most suited technology to ensure app performance, scalability, and security during this phase. You can develop car rental apps for iOS or Android platforms. Whatever platform you choose to build your app, select the latest and most effective technology that helps your application stand out.

  • Start To Develop OneClickDrive

    After adopting the appropriate technology, you can start the process of development that adheres to agile methodologies. Here, developers begin coding, implementing key features, and iterative testing of the apps. This stage converts the app development concept into tangible apps, driving the project toward completion.

  • Testing And Launching

    It's the most critical stage where thorough quality assurance is significant. You should conduct rigorous usability, bugs, and performance testing, ensuring a smooth user experience post-launch. By parting with the mobile app development services provider, you can formulate a soft launch strategy to collect feedback from the audience before a full-scale launch.

  • Maintenance And Updates

    It's the final stage, where maintenance and updates are ongoing responsibilities. Regularly monitoring your app's performance and user feedback enables you to provide timely updates to enhance features, add bugs, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Here, you are advised to implement robust security measures and stay aware of lattes industry trends to ensure your app remains competitive in the long run.

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Enjoy Your Car Rental Experience With OneClickDrive

Cost to Develop an App Like OneClickDrive

Once you develop an app like OneClickDrive, you need to know the cost of OneClickDrive app development. It's an ideal choice to know what amount you can spend to develop an app like OneClickDrive.

However, the car rental app's cost varies based on app features, complexities, tech stack, framework, developer's location and experience, etc. You are supposed to look at the cost of a car rental app before investing. It will enable you to make an informed decision. On average, the OneClickDrive app development cost can be estimated at $8000 to $25000. This app development cost can be changed per the app's requirements or the app's complexities.

It's a rough estimate of the cost to develop an app like OneClickDrive. Hence, conducting a detailed feasibility study consultation with a taxi app development services provider is significant. It will help you to get an accurate estimation tailored to your app's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about developing an app like Car Rental from our experts!

  • What Is OneclickDrive App?

    OneClickDrive is a rental application that gives users access to the world's car rental and leasing marketplace on their devices. The app offers a market where users can compare and book rental cars from different providers across different cities within the UAE.

  • How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like OneClickDrive?

    The time frame to develop an app like OneClickDrive depends on the feature's complexities and the developer's expertise. If there is high complexity and hired developers need to be more skilled, your app will take more time to develop.

  • What Are The Key Benefits To Develop An App Like OneClickDrive?

    Businesses can enjoy a lot of benefits by developing an app like OneClickDrive:

    • Strong online presence
    • Increased user base
    • Improve brand loyalty
    • Generate more revenue
    • Ability to remain competitive in the market
  • What Are The Most Effective Strategies To Monetize The Car Rental App?

    As a business, if you are concerned about the app monetization strategies, take a look here:

    • In-app purchase
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Freemium model
    • Referral programs
    • Subscription-based services
  • What Is The Best Car Wash App Development Company?

    If you want to invest in developing a car wash app, Dev Technology is the perfect option. The company is well-known for providing on-demand car wash app development services . Still, you have a doubt why Dev Technosys is best for you, have a peek at the given components:

    • Cost Effective
    • 24-hour customer service
    • Industrial Experience
    • Competent Developers
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction