Transportation Software Development Services

Get the most advanced transportation software development services with the help of our professionals. We develop flexible transportation software to boost productivity by reducing costs.

Dev Technosys a prominent transportation software development company provides advance solutions to boost your business productivity involving mobility, transportation, and cost-efficiency. We work on custom software development services to offer clients the perfect solutions for their specific requirements.

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Smart Transportation Management Software Solutions

The growth in the transportation industry is priceless due to its massive innovative transportation logistics software solutions. The transportation solutions offer several benefits to this industry. Now is the time to upgrade your transportation businesses with custom-made software development services.

Still in doubt? Don’t be! Now you can manage every business activity with a single platform through our software development assistance.

Essential Features of Transportation Management Software

Dev Technosys assist in flexible software development for transportation management. We also provide clients with unlimited exposure to infinite business opportunities.

Our professionals know the perfect approach to convert dreams into reality. We believe in developing software with extraordinary features to make our client's business prominent from others.

  • Customer Authentication

    The customer can sign-up or log in via social media accounts, email Id, and mobile number to access the dashboard of the transportation software solution.

  • Schedule Bookings

    Through this feature, customers can schedule their booking and get transport management solutions according to the suitable time or date.

  • Track Shipment

    Under this feature, a customer can track the order status of a transportation software development company.

  • Payment Gateway

    This feature offers a convenient payment delivery solution to customers. Here, a customer can choose between multiple payment options for secure checkout.

  • Chat Support

    Under this feature, the customer can contact the admin and driver for further information. It helps customers get information related to the product or services they have ordered from the transportation app development company.

  • Notification Alerts

    Customers can get alerts regarding bookings, cancellations, order dispatch, delivery, and invoice. All these alerts will enhance the brand visibility of the transportation management software development company.

  • Cancellation Booking

    Customers can cancel the booking with a single click by using this feature before a product or service is shipped.

  • Rate the Services

    Customers can rate the driver or software for transportation with their feedback based on the service they received.

  • Profile

    Admin can log in to the dashboard and access all the transportation software development services activities. An admin can also manually add or change information in the software.

  • Fleet Management and Telematics

    You can effectively manage resources, collect, analyze, and display vehicle whereabouts, engine efficiency, meteorological conditions, and driver behavior.

  • Traffic Control

    Utilize traffic modeling tools, acclaim systems, and data technology to analyze traffic quickly, identify road incidents, and keep track of everyday movements.

  • Asset Management

    Keep track of business assets using IoT sensors, GPS, RFID, and QR codes. All these technologies monitor and maintain the accurate track of helpful inventory.

  • Manage Requests

    An admin can view and accept/ reject package pickup and delivery or carriage requests. It will help reduce the mismanagement between accepted and rejected proposals.

  • Check Shippers Details

    The exporter, consignor, or shipper is in charge of starting a shipment including the driver. The admin will have all the information about the shippers. It will include their name, address, phone number, drop-off address, invoice, and other details.

  • GPS Route Tracking

    GPS route monitoring enables the admin to detect the driver's location and identify the path they choose for their destination.

  • Payments

    The admin can easily manage payments made by customers via card or COD and can view payment history to record any mode that the user chooses in the app.

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Core Challenges Faced by the Transportation Industry

Operating a profitable transportation management software development isn't for everyone in this fiercely competitive environment. However, Dev Technosys views every business obstacle as a chance to learn more and provide the best services to clients.

High Maintenance Cost
Digital Transformation

Many transportation businesses continue to use outdated logs, records, and papers. It is a concern, and government-level digital standards are also putting more pressure on transport companies using antiquated technology. TMS software platforms are straightforward and user-friendly enough to assist businesses that utilize old tracking procedures in modernizing.

Global Competition
High Maintenance Cost

The transportation software development industries are among the most expensive resources to maintain. Maintenance costs reduce the overall profit generated by the transportation industry. We provide affordable transportation services software that generates high profit & ROI to assist businesses in overcoming financial limitations.

Less Profit
Global Competition

Beating global opponents is not easy with the increase in demand for the transportation software development services. We provide high-tech transportation software development services to help businesses build up and stand out from the competition globally. The software for the transportation industry will automatically increase the consumer base that elements competition.

Inventory Mismanagement
Customer Satisfaction

As technology advances, consumer preferences change. Fortunately, customers are more knowledgeable than ever about transportation and pertinent technology. It indicates that people have higher expectations regarding transparency and communication. We provide the installation of TMS software to provide the most value to consumers.

Lack of Operational Insight
Mismanaged Operations

It is difficult and labor-intensive to maintain manual tracking of the transportation operations. Our transportation software development company in the UAE develops software development for transportation industry that predicts reservoir performance and streamlines drilling operations to make this easier to understand.

Revenue Generation
Revenue Generation

With complicated route planning, driver behavior, and a hike in fuel supply networks, generating high revenue and ROI becomes challenging in the transportation industry. However, with transportation management software, unique features and interfaces will help an enterprise to anticipate a rise in revenue and profit in a shorter time.

Transportation software development services
On-demand Transportation Software Company

World-Class Transportation Software Development

Industries are implementing transportation management software development to optimize client base and manage business processes due to the increasing trend of transportation software development. Dev Technosys in Dubai is a prominent transportation software development company providing world-class transportation software development services to organizations of all sizes. So, what are you thinking? Get in touch with our experts for high-quality software developed for your business.

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Transportation software development

Custom Transportation Software Development Company

Let’s understand this. Each organization has its own set of expectations and specifications for software development. At Dev Technosys, we provide custom transportation software development regardless of what feature or functions you want to add to your transportation software development.

Get in touch with our team for your dream transportation software implementation. Our team will guide you towards the successful software development of your business that generates value for your customers.

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Custom transportation Software  Development Company

How Dev Technosys Deliver Business Value?

Dev Technosys is a leading transportation management software development company in UAE that prioritizes work according to client’s business requirements. We value clients' business and understand that every business capital is the most valuable asset. We provide excellence by developing the hi-tech mobile application to maintain or enhance that capital resource.

One-Stop Vendor

Our team uses cutting-edge techniques and technologies to meet corporate expectations and assist them successfully with upcoming obstacles. At Dev Technosys, every business can achieve its goal and succeed with our one-stop custom transportation management software development.

Scalable Team

We cherish each team member and collaborate as a dedicated team to provide our clients with high-quality software development. We believe "the foundation of any company is a strong team". So, making us part of your software development will be a great initiative as it will come with efficient & intelligent work.

Streamlined Work Process

Dev Technosys aim to offer customer satisfaction with their services. Therefore, we use a streamlined work procedure to adapt to business needs and provide the software development on time. Our committed developers follow real-time deadlines and finish the project on schedule.

Knowledge Retention

Dev Technosys has a vast knowledge of transportation management system software. We work to develop unique solutions that are focused on providing our clients with desired success in their business. Our team combines its in-depth technical expertise with the newest technology to deliver the best software solutions.

Cost of Hi-Tech Transportation Software Development

Businesses can only dream of obtaining superior software development services for transportation at affordable rates. But wait! At Dev Technosys, you can get the modern age custom software development for transportation industry at affordable rates. We mean affordable, not low quality. Dev Technosys in Dubai provides top-notch services to assist you in cutting expenses and receiving work of the highest calibre. Get in touch now!

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Cost Of Oil & Gas Delivery App Development
Multi-vendor Oil & Gas Software Solutions

Multi-Vendor Transportation Software Solutions

Dev Technosys provides multi-vendor transportation software solutions under one roof to guarantee the same. Our team aims to make work processes simpler. You can bring merchants, administrators, and end-users together with transportation software development on a single platform. It helps carry out various collaborative tasks to improve the efficiency of your business procedures with no-code inspection software. We can assist you in streamlining the safe transportation business.

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Advanced Tools & Technologies of Transportation Software Development

Business excellence is the main goal of our talented software developers. We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to create transportation management software development with a high return on investment and a profit.

  • Visual Studio
    Visual Studio
  • Netbeans
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • Zend Studio
    Zend Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Adobe Xd
    Adobe Xd
  • Sketch
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • HTML 5
    HTML 5
  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • StoryPlayer
  • SeleniumHQ
  • PHP Unit
    PHP Unit
  • Codeception

Why Partner with Dev Technosys for Transportation Solutions?

Dev Technosys a prominent web and mobile app development company provides beneficial development solutions for increased business profit and ROI. To reach the pinnacles of success, obtain a wide selection of transportation solutions.

  • Mobile App Development
    Transportation Parking Management Software

    For the transportation business, parking management is necessary. An intelligent parking system is essential to determine which parking spaces are filled or available. The software offers IoT technologies like sensing devices, cameras, or counting sensor data to create a real-time parking map. Our team provides effective software development for your transportation business.

  • Full Stack Development
    Transportation Route Optimization Software

    To increase delivery driver productivity and customer satisfaction, route optimization software arranges the stops a driver makes along the way. By automating the manual planning process, the program helps dispatchers create more effective routes for a complete fleet depending on the company's limits and goals. The route optimization software is an idol for the transportation business to save time.

  • On-demand App Development
    Transportation Dispatch Software

    Dispatch software is a system that is generally created to help automate routing and scheduling procedures. It also offers a quicker and more effective way to coordinate routes and deliveries and reduce expensive mistakes. Transportation businesses use this software to track services dispatched from wherehouse.

  • Ecommerce Development
    Transportation Vehicle Tracking Software

    The vehicle tracking software was created to track the trucks, trailers, and other vehicles used by the transportation businesses. The software has a GPS connection to the vehicles, providing companies with real-time information about the whereabouts of their cars. Transportation businesses can manage vehicle management with this software and reduce costs.

  • PHP Development
    Transportation Delivery Management Software

    The delivery management software is helpful for the transportation business in many ways. The software offers planning, managing, optimizing, and carrying out delivery tasks. Additionally, focused communication enables all parties involved in the delivery process to connect on a single platform. Delivery management software can allow misleading information in everyday business tasks.

  • Custom Web Development
    Transportation Car Rental Software

    A car rental software will produce extra income for the transportation business. Car rental software provides customers with vehicle rental services custom streamlined. Several transportation businesses found this useful software as it offers fascinating customer and admin features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should You Choose Dev Technosys UAE For Transportation Management Software?

    We have over ten years of expertise in web development. We are one of the top mobile app development companies in the UAE. Our developer is skilled and has expertise in software development. You will be relieved that the web development services you receive from us will be of high quality.

  • How Much Time Does It Take to Develop Transportation Management Software?

    We believe in offering the services as soon as possible with high efficiency. But it is also vital to understand the project duration depends on its feature and function complexity. Our team can estimate the time for developing software, but it requires proper project requirements information. To know more about it, you can mail us.

  • How Does Transportation Software Development Benefit Your Business?

    Transportation management software plays a vital role in the supply chain of your business. Transportation management can impact your ongoing business activities from process to delivery. It helps save the company's cost on freight transportation and other expenses. The software also provides an analytic that promotes optimization of route, delivery system, and many other things.

  • Do You Sign an NDA For Transportation Software Development?

    Yes, before providing transportation software services, we sign an NDA. Our primary focus is maintaining the confidentiality of customer data, and we always sign an NDA to achieve this. Additionally, the app idea is never disclosed to anyone by any team members.

  • How Much Does It Cost for Transportation Software Development?

    It can cost between $15,000 and $30,000 to develop software for transportation with minimal features and functionalities. But the price will undoubtedly rise with the complexity included in the application. Suppose you want a unique application or website with additional parts and functionalities. In that case, you must know it might cost you more than usual software development.