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Connect all Dubai citizens, help them plan journeys, pay fares, and track their rides in one place. Create an app like RTA Dubai and adopt a smart way to extend your transportation business. Share your requirements for travel app development now.

Launched in Nov 2012, the RTA Dubai app has marked the beginning of the RTA’s efforts to offer a comprehensive digital platform for accessing various transportation services in Dubai. Over time, the RTA Dubai App expanded its services to accommodate multiple modes of transportation. As a result, other businesses also get to develop an app like RTA public transport app. If you also want to create a similar app, connect with Dev Technosys, a leading taxi booking app development company in UAE.

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Success Story: How RTA Dubai App Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How RTA Dubai App Gained Popularity?

Since its launch in 2015, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai app has been a huge success. The RTA Dubai app has been downloaded over 10 million times. UAE residents and visitors plan their journeys, pay for parking, and access other RTA services using an app like RTA Dubai. The major aim behind launching the Dubai RTA taxi booking app was to offer a comprehensive digital platform for accessing various transport services.

As per the research, in 2022, the RTA Dubai app generated over AED 500 million in revenue. With the huge popularity and demand, the in-app advertising value has grown by 20% year-over-year. The RTA Dubai app proved to be a valuable asset for the RTA and opened up the door of opportunities for all-scale businesses to step into transportation software development. The app is a model for other government agencies looking for successful mobile app development.

Recognizing the growing popularity of online taxi booking services, the RTA Dubai app integrated third-party platforms to provide users with a unified experience. This integration allowed users to compare prices, book rides, and track their journeys within the RTA application. Unique features like parking availability, congestion alerts, and real-time traffic updates have made RTA Dubai a success. So, if you plan to create an app like RTA Dubai, you should be well-versed with the market stats, success stories, and more. For professional assistance with RTA Dubai app development, get in touch with the experts of Dev Technosys.

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How Does RTA Dubai App Works?

RTA Dubai App operates via a well-structured system that integrates real-time data, user inputs, and other services to offer a seamless transportation experience. Here’s how transportation app like RTA Dubai work.

  • Install & Login

    Install & Login

    Users can download the RTA Dubai app on their smartphones and create an account to access its services online. After successful registration, users can start using the RTA Dubai app.

  • Service Selection

    Service Selection

    RTA Dubai app offers a wide range of transportation services, including buses, metros, trams, and taxis. Users can choose their desired mode of transportation based on their requirements.

  • Route Planning

    Route Planning

    Users can simply input their desired origin and destination to plan their route. With the in-built functionalities, the RTA Dubai app provides the best routes to the citizens.

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  • Fare Calculation

    Fare Calculation

    Users can get accurate travel cost estimations with the fare calculation feature of apps like RTA Dubai. It helps users plan their budgets and make informed decisions.

  • Smart Payment Integration

    Smart Payment Integration

    The app integrates smart payment systems, allowing users to purchase and recharge cards directly. It eliminates the need for physical cards and enables seamless payment.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications

    With timely push notifications and alerts, users stay informed about ongoing in-app activities. It helps to improve the visibility of the RTA public transport app.

RTA Dubai App Screenshots

Capturing the essence of seamless travel. Explore the RTA Dubai app's journey through vibrant screenshots reflecting the user interface of the best transportation apps.

Key Features of RTA Dubai App

Get a feature-packed and appealing transportation app like RTA Dubai. Connect with Dev Technosys, a well-known transportation management software solutions provider. We can make your app unique by inserting the best features.

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Top RTA Dubai App Alternatives

While the RTA Dubai App is a prominent and widely used transportation app in Dubai, other applications also offer similar functionalities and services. Here is a quick overview of the top RTA Dubai App alternatives.

  • Careem


  • Uber


  • Dubai Metro

    Dubai Metro

  • Talabat


  • Dubai Bus

    Dubai Bus

How to Create An App Like RTA Dubai?

Are you wondering ‘How to create an app similar to Dubai RTA taxi booking app?’ We’ve got you covered. Here is a simple step-by-step procedure that will help you build an app like RTA Dubai in no time.

  • Define Scope & Objectives

    Clearly define your business goals behind developing an app like RTA Dubai. It will help you discover the scope and objectives of your taxi booking app like RTA Dubai.

  • 2

    Conduct Market Research

    Perform in-depth market research and competitor analysis to better understand the ongoing market. This way, you will be able to develop a successful transportation application.

  • UX/UI Designing

    Think of an appealing UX/UI of your transportation application that will help to gain thousands of users’ attention in just a glance. Hire taxi booking app developers for experts’ assistance.

  • Develop An MVP

    Creating a minimum viable product before launching the final application would be advantageous. It will help you identify all the bugs and users' perspectives before launch.

  • Develop RTA Dubai App

    After successful approval for your app like RTA Dubai, start the RTA Dubai app development. You will have to implement all the information gathered in the previous steps.

  • Testing & Launch

    The app like Seha medical centre, is now ready for deployment. App stores must approve the app before it can be released. To boost downloads and visibility, it is crucial to optimise the app store listing.

  • App Support & Maintenance

    At last, seek professional mobile app support and maintenance services to keep your business apps updated as per the ongoing market trends.

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Cost to Develop App Like RTA Dubai

Are you impressed with the services offered by the RTA Dubai app and planning to create your application? Wondering, ‘How much does it cost to develop an app like RTA Dubai?’ We can help you get a perfect application at a reasonable RTA Dubai app development cost. On average, you will have to spend somewhere between $8,000 to $25,000 and more on a similar application. The final prices will depend on the project requirements and some major factors. Consult the experts of Dev Technosys and get a profit-driven app like RTA Dubai within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about creating an app like RTA Dubai?

  • What Is RTA Dubai App?

    Developed by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the app provide residents and visitors with a convenient platform for accessing various transportation services. The app offers many features, including journey planning and tracking buses, metros, and trams.

  • What Are the Advantages to Build An App Like RTA Dubai?

    SWith the ever-rising popularity and demand for online ride-hailing services, an app like RTA Dubai has gained tremendous success. So, there are numerous benefits if you plan to create an app like RTA Dubai today.

    • Comprehensive Transportation
    • Real-time Updates
    • Enhanced User Experience
    • Smart Payment Integration
    • Data Insights & Analytics
    • Revenue Generation
  • Which is the Best Company to Seek RTA Dubai App Development Services?

    Although a huge list of organizations offers transportation app development services, Dev Technosys outshines all. With 12+ years of experience, we have delivered thousands of successful business applications for multiple domains. So, do not get confused; share your requirements with us and get a unique app within your budget.

  • Can I Hire Part-time Developers to Create An App Like RTA Dubai?

    Yes, you can hire part-time developers to build an app like RTA Dubai. Dev Technosys has different hiring models available where you can hire developers part-time, full-time, or even hourly. Get in touch with us today.

  • Will the Dedicated Developers Sign An NDA During RTA Dubai App Development?

    The developers always sign a non-disclosure agreement before working on any project. So, remain assured of the project confidentiality while seeking our assistance.