Awards and Recognitions

In our 7+ years of journey, we have encountered many complex and difficult issues faced by businesses, however we took them and challenge and transformed them into opportunities for your clients and customers. Being on the top of our domain endows us with the responsibility to maintain our myriad of success, and these awards and accolades reflects them entirely.

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We Made Technology Reachable

From the very beginning our business journey we had an aim in our hearts to make technology reachable to businesses of various backdrops and sizes, for which we tirelessly formulated efficient solutions on high-technology takes that never fails the trust our customers placed in us. And in these 7 years, we think we have made it large for our clients, for various industrial niches and for us too.

NASSCOM membership

Member of NASSCOM

ISO 9001 : 2015 membership

ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Assurance Standard Member

Amazon web services partner membership

Member Amazon Web Services Partner

SEAP membership

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP)

DMCA membership

DMCA Member

Zoho membership

Zoho Partners

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