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Being an award-winning mobile app company bestows us with the responsibilities of providing you best and nothing but the best of technology assistance in Mobile and web development. As a part of our conquest we have made it our goal to create breakthrough solutions to shield your enterprise with modern-day business challenges while preparing your business for tomorrow. Hence, comes forth our Hybrid App development services, where we ensure development of highly functional mobile applications that runs seamlessly on various mobile platforms while giving-away standalone user experiences on your android and iOS Mobile Applications.

Hybrid App Development Services

We help you in collecting the smallest to the biggest of the building blocks of technology that collectively help you in evolving as a global epitome of success. We ensure our technical expertise and know-how knowledge can come as a help in building you a safe yet powerful fortress which not only protects you enterprise in adverse business courses but also retaliates efficiently to bring you out as leader in your industrial niche. Allow us to escort you into the world of some of these brilliantly designed Hybrid Applications that are perfect nexus of native and web applications while not compromising even a bit in terms of quality and feature-richness.

Hybrid Application that doesn’t compromise with your app qualities and features that are in perfect n-sync with your enterprise, allow our expert hybrid developers to build you highly customized hybrid apps powered by dependable tech-tools while exuding high performance on backend and frontend.

Who else other than award-winning web design company Dubai, be the better development and designing partner in quest to build visually stunning and feature-rich hybrid applications. Find finest hybrid app developers working at your disposal to build you amazing app interfaces while endowing them with quality features.

We help you go around the old-set standards and set higher development goals for your competition by working intensely over integrating relevant and robust functions tools, API’s in Hybrid Mobile Development, making your hybrid applications functional as newer before and feature-rich as never imagined.

Allow us to introduce you to the world of HTML 5 applications a true nexus between web apps and Native mobile applications, built on high technology stacks and unparalleled expertise just at Dev Technosys, leading mobile app development company.

Create native apps for iOS, Android, Windows by using a single code base while tapping more and more peers on your hybrid mobile applications. Find expert Java Developers with knowledge and expertise in using titanium SDK to build you highly functional and dependable applications running on leading mobile platforms.

PhoneGap which helps us in rendering you with high quality visuals, features and amazing functionality to your applications while making them significantly light on phone storage.

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GPS Integration

Flaunt an expertly integrated GPS system in your hybrid applications that help you in enhancing your app user experience by ten folds. Not only in the direction sense, but the modern GPS integration is helping an enterprise by performing complex functions like providing nearby solutions, notification shoutouts, app orientation, push notifications, and much more.

BLE Integration

BLE or the new Bluetooth Low Energy is a powerful way to connect your mobile applications with IoT devices, wearable gizmos while not costing anything on device battery life. While the old Bluetooth was slow and battery consuming, this powerful new integration can give your hybrid application development a dazzling attention in market while providing you amazing features to flaunt.

Custom API Integration

However there is a limit of customization that can be done into hybrid app development, our custom API integration can still help you giving your users a close to native experience on your hybrid mobile applications. With our custom API Integration you can add extra features and functionalities and customize mobile applications as per your business needs.

Third Party App Integration

Seamless third party app integrations which help you in moulding your hybrid app experience as per your wish. With third party integrations you will be able to use open solutions on your mobile applications while making them invisible on your applications. These third party app integration bring more life to your hybrid applications development while adding more functionality and features to it.

Audio/ Video Live Streaming

Hire none other than Dev Technosys for your Social Media App development or Music App development, entertainment app development as we complete the team. We help you integrating amazing features such as Audio / video live streaming features and connectivity of no match. With these outstanding features in your applications we can assure you there will be no one in between you and the top of your industrial vertical.

mBaaS Integration

Providing more connected environment to your users, take leverage of our expert hybrid app development services in which you can find interesting and expert integration of mBaaS services that makes your app development more faster by helping us in joining different building blocks on backend together in lesser coding.

Wearable Integration

Wearable integration can completely revamp the way users see your hybrid applications in your industrial domain. Add cool technology as wearables onto your hybrid applications while attracting more and more user engagement on it. We help you in enhancing your user experience on your hybrid mobile applications by expertly integrating wearable access on it, ultimately opening better business prospects.

MDN Integration

MDN Integration might not ring bell, but as a developer we know how important it is. It is Mozilla’s Open Solution for user identity which is used in different app ecosystems and requires no triggering action from the app developers. It helps in improving app experience as when integrated in hybrid app development it helps in authenticating app developers and users on Firefox Marketplace that is used for app sync process.

Payment Gateway Integration

Hybrid app development is a tough job, specially the part when you have to actually render the true native app experience while not being one. Thus, hire dev Technosys-leading web and mobile app development company Dubai for providing you amazing hybrid app development solutions, including multiple payment gateway integration which helps you in gaining trust in your user base while enhancing their use experience to great measure.

XMPP Chat Server Integration

IM or Instant Messaging is one of the most basic function of XMPP Chat Server Integration, other than that it provides an open standard communication protocol based on XML for message oriented middleware while providing an infallible messaging service on devices with different features and operating systems. It is a great help when we create cross platforms apps and hybrid apps.

Porting and Migration

We help you in evolving, from old or classic to more and more modern and dependable platforms. When it comes to porting and migrating we help you throughout the process by understanding simplest to most complex of your needs and then deciding solutions that will work in your favours. Technology and industrial knowledge as our strong hand we can help you in deciding a technology that works wonder for your business model, your budget and more importantly your reason behind the development. We have the expert developer team which helps you in smoothly migrating from one platform to another while providing you guidance in and after the development.

Beacon Integration

Beacon technology being born from the trusted name such as Apple helps you in raising user experience to next level by providing push notifications, directions, nearby suggestions, post-visit engagements and much more. It is also useful in providing reliable analytics while providing you an upper hand by providing you reliable analytics on your potential user’s behaviour.

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