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Elevate your travel plans with Airbnb, the ultimate hotel booking app. Enjoy a user-friendly design, a wide range of options, and smooth booking processes. Let Dev Technosys create a remarkable Airbnb-inspired app to transform your hotel booking experience.

On the dining room floorboards of their San Francisco apartment, friends Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky founded AirBed & Breakfast in 2007. However, an application named Airbnb had already been created when Nathan Blecharczyk joined AirBnB in 2008.

It is a mobile application which enables users to either rent or lease temporary accommodation, such as vacation rentals, homes leases, house stays, dormitory beds, or hotel suites.

However, it has additionally emerged to provide "experiences," which are events organized by Airbnb hosts. Thus, if you are planning to build an app like Airbnb for expanding your business, Dev Technosys may assist in developing the one.

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Success Story: How Airbnb Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How Airbnb Has Gained Popularity?

Airbnb launched in 2007 in an unoccupied space with an air bedding. Now it is valued at around $66 billion, which has totally transformed how people stay and travel.

The value of the app, which connects visitors looking for lodging with hosts in locations across the globe, has been established among tourists, the hospitality sector, and the communities that profit from tourism.

Due to the rise of Airbnb, the Homes & Apartment Rentals app hotels noticed a decline in reservations. To remain competitive and draw in potential customers, they updated their offers. As a typical industry disruptor, Airbnb noticed an opening and acted rapidly to fill it, with great success.

Instead of owning the houses it advertises for lease on its official site, airbnb best travel apps produces profit by charging tourists and hosts for services. The total earnings for Airbnb worldwide in 2022 was 8.4 billion dollars. Every time a user recommended another to the app, Airbnb gave vacation and rewards as part of its referral scheme.

The capability of Airbnb to develop a feeling of belonging amongst its customers was one of the secrets to its growth. They managed to generate a more genuine tourism experience through permitting locals.

Airbnb's adoption of technological advances was an additional factor that led to its popularity. The app had made it simple for providers to market their homes and for visitors to look for and reserve lodging. Additionally, the business leveraged information to customize the experience for customers by making suggestions according to their prior reservations and interests.

Here are some fascinating facts about Airbnb app that you must check out:

  • There are presently more than 6 million listed properties on Airbnb and over 4 million users using the service globally.
  • Airbnb has listings in more than 100,000 cities globally.
  • Over 1 billion rentals have been registered on Airbnb by its in excess of 150 million global customers.
  • In North America, an Airbnb typically costs $163 per night.
  • Each booking on Airbnb results in an average stay of 4.3 nights.
  • When booking an apartment using the app for Airbnb, it takes people 11 minutes and 31 seconds on aggregate.
  • The typical host makes $13,800 a year.
  • At this time, Airbnb is estimated to be worth $113 billion.
  • According to estimates, Airbnb has gained an estimated position in 20% or more of the holiday rental market.

Ready to Design Home Rental Apps like Airbnb?

Discuss your requirements to create the best hotel booking app in the UAE and reinvent your business with customized solutions.

How Does Luxury Hotel Booking Apps Like Airbnb Work?

Want to know how the Airbnb app operates? So, fasten your seatbelt!! Airbnb’s hotel booking app in dubai works with absolute convenience and possibility. Discover the working mechanism in an easy step-by-step process given by an iOS app development company.

  • Search and Browse Listings

    Search and Browse Listings

    Users begin by launching the app for Airbnb and entering the location they want to go, trip dates, and the number of visitors. The airbnb host app then shows an extensive variety of services, such as houses, flats, cabins, and even unusual lodgings like treehouses or yurts. The user has the option to look at pictures, read descriptions, and read reviews left by earlier visitors.

  • Filter and Refine

    Filter and Refine

    After that the users may utilize categories to customize their search and discover the ideal location. The airbnb dubai app includes options for filtering like price range, the number of bedrooms, extras like Wi-Fi or pool access, and others. This enables users to identify ways that suit their interests and price range fast.

  • View Details and Booking

    View Details and Booking

    Users who find a profile that captures their attention may press on it to access further information. They may view the night price, any extra charges, the property's cancellation policy, and the availability of rooms for the dates they choose. They can go on to the reservation procedure if everything appears to be in order.

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  • Chat with Hosts

    Chat with Hosts

    Before making a reservation, users may get in touch with the host's office. They can inquire about the residence, know about attractions nearby, or inquire about any particular requirements they may have. Users can utilize this message function to confirm that the lodging meets their needs.

  • Secure Booking and Payment

    Secure Booking and Payment

    When users have decided to make a reservation, they may go on to the payment part. The payment procedure is safely handled by the app, which often accepts a variety of options including credit cards or PayPal. Before releasing the money to the host, Airbnb keeps it for a day after check-in to make sure everything went as planned.

  • Stay and Review

    Stay and Review

    Users enjoy their stay in the booked accommodation. They are able to rate and review the person who hosted and the accommodation after check-out. This feedback not only motivates hosts to keep high requirements, but also assists other users in making informed choices.

Screenshots of Vacation Home Rental Apps – Airbnb

Revolutionize hotel booking with an intuitive app like airbnb salalah. Explore screenshots of this groundbreaking platform reshaping travel, and develop your own user-friendly lodging app.

Key Features of the Homestays App Like Airbnb

Build full-features luxury hotel booking apps like Airbnb with professional suggested options for alluring and intuitive user experience. Explore the outstanding attributes of the best hotel booking app in uae that a mobile app development company must integrate in your apps similar to airbnb.

Grab a One-of-a-Kind Solution for an Affordable Airbnb App Development Cost!

Explore How to Develop Airbnb, the Best Travel Apps on an Affordable Cost.

Top 5 Alternatives of an App Like Airbnb

Airbnb is ruling over the market of the Hotel industry. However, this is not the only app that is ruling the market. Several mind blowing other apps like airbnb are also in the queue. Explore the top 5 Alternatives of Airbnb, competing for power in the world of hotel booking app development.

  • Vrbo


  • HomeAway



  • Flipkey


  • HomeStay


How to Build an App Like Airbnb?

You must be wondering how to create an app like airbnb within the budget? Below are the step-by-step procedures of the Airbnb Hotel booking app development to get you started. With such a simple and straightforward Dubai Hotel booking app development strategy, it is very convenient to create an alluring hotel booking app.

  • Know Your Target Audience

    Before you commence the process of development, it is vital to know your potential market and audience. Knowing your intended audience’s stats, choice and wants will assist you in designing an app similar to airbnb that fulfill their particular needs.

  • 2

    Define the App Features

    Once you know who your potential audience is, it is time to enumerate the attributes that your airbnb like apps will provide. Also, you should consider what all attributes would make your airbnb clone app unique and stand out from the competitors in the marketplace.

  • Select the Development Platform

    After defining the app features, select the development platform. Additionally, you should decide whether you want a cross platform or native app for your business. However, cross platform app development will increase the costs and make the process a bit complex. So, it is advisable to know the merits and demerits of both the platforms. Also, select that fits your business objective.

  • Hire a Development Agency

    Once you successfully select which platform you want to choose, you must hire tour and travel app development services who can build an app like Airbnb. Hiring a team to assist you in developing your app is advised unless you have experience in the field. To assure optimum results, look for a company that specializes in creating hotel booking-related applications.

  • Design App’s Interface

    One of the essential parts of any app is its user interface. It must be alluring, visually appealing, user-friendly, and convenient to navigate the airbnb abu dhabi app. Ask the designers to build an alluring interface that fulfills your potential audience’s demand. However, using a react native app development technique can be very cost-effective and make the travel experience more exciting with these features.

  • Build Your App’s Backend

    Once you’re done with the frontend step, you should now start to build the backend of an app like Airbnb. Backend is the heart of app development. If the backend is perfect without any errors and flaws, your app will get success faster and grab a huge user base. So it is vital to hire dedicated developers who can build a perfect backend of your app.

  • Thoroughly Test the App

    Now that you have built the app’s backend perfectly, you must thoroughly test your applications. Testers and quality analysts will examine your app and find out if the app has any errors or bugs. A proper working of an app is very important before the final release to the audience.

  • Final Launch

    After that you have finally tested the app, now the time has come to finally release your app on play store and app store. However, the process does not stop here. You need to market your application that will assist in reaching a wider audience. Also, timely updating the app’s features and functionalities is crucial. So you must not drop this important part.

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Cost to Build an App like Airbnb?

The cost of Airbnb on demand app development can vary with time and technology upgrade. Also, it may get affected by multiple factors. For instance, app complexity, features & functionalities, app design, tech stack testing and so on.

Usually, a simple app with less functionality will cost you around $8,000-$16,000. However, if you go with the complex and advanced functionality, the airbnb cost will go beyond $25,000 or more.

To know the exact cost estimation, you should contact Dev Technosys, a prominent android app development company,whose professional team of coders and designers may help you build an amazing app like Airbnb within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Airbnb?

    Airbnb is a mobile app that connects users looking for accommodations with individuals who have spare rooms, apartments, or homes to rent. It is the best online marketplace for short- and long-term homestay. It offers a unique way to experience travel by letting hosts share their spaces and travelers find cozy and often affordable lodging options for short-term stays.

  • What Are the Benefits of Airbnb App Development?

    Airbnb app development offers numerous advantages that you must check out:

    • Easy property listing
    • Seamless booking management
    • Personalized guest experiences
    • Enhanced property visibility
    • Efficient communication
    • Secure transactions
  • How Much Time Does it Take to Build an App Like Airbnb?

    The time to Build an app like Airbnb relies on various factors. For example, level of complexity, app features, app design, backend and frontend development, testing etc. Usually, the time frame for a basic airbnb ae app would be around 3-5 months and can go up to 9 months or a year for an advanced and complex Airbnb app.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

    The cost to hire an app developer will be around $15-$25 depending on the different factors. For instance, location, experience etc.

  • What Tech Stacks are Required to Build an App Like Airbnb?

    Choosing the right tech stack is very essential as the whole development process relies on it. So, here are some tech stack required to build an app like Airbnb—Ruby & javaScript, Amazon RDS, Nginx, React, Presto, Druid, Airpal. However, you must always consult with a flutter app development services provider about the tech stack needed for the app.