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Web and Mobile App Development Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry helping in creating new opportunities in downstream, midstream and upstream business operations.

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We are a globally-recognized Software development company that provides end-to-end efficient and powerful software solutions for various industrial niches including Oil and Gas Industry. Here, you will find high-end technology and proven skill-set that makes us a perfect technology partner for your IT projects. You find great assistance and support in aligning technology to fight your business challenges. We can help you reduce risk in your business while help you explore new business opportunity. Find expert production management, pipeline management, refining and marketing solutions, and energy trading, hydro carbon accounting solutions for your business.

Challenges and Opportunities

An in-depth industrial study that helps us serve you better, while help you see your business domain in different light. Find a list of challenges and opportunities that will help you better in understanding and formulating solutions to make things happen in your favor.

High Maintenance Cost

It is true oil and gas are one of the most expensive resources but maintaining the whole business is extremely expensive. The cost of extracting energy is continually increasing.

Lack of Operational insight

Operational insight is a must, without which you can lose a lot of standardization. This can be due to bad data predictability, disparate sources and other catalyst factors.

Massive Capital Investments

The industry includes incredibly complex supply chain which makes it difficult to give on-time delivery and that too within a fixed budget.

Inclusion of third-party Vendors

Third-party vendors make things more complex and surviving in harsh competition much difficult given there are already cumbersome government regulation, in short higher risk.

Improved pipeline

Integrating technology can help you ensure improved smooth pipeline operations onshore and offshore that can reduce the risk.

Maintain lean operations

Lean operations that minimize the waste throughout the manufacturing operation, also it reduces the cost and also gives you report on waste caused by increased work load.

Improved Oil well planning

Keeping an eye on oil reservoirs and optimizing it with technology helps you in predicting reservoir performance, optimizing drilling operations and other important operations.

Sense and Respond to Demand

Right analytics and improved work efficiency helps you play efficiently alongside demand, technology helps you get upper hand in your domain.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

We help you get value for money IT solutions that work efficiently in creating high-business value for your enterprise. Not only are our solutions highly efficient in improving your work performance but are globally famous to serve for your needs for tomorrow. Some of the many reasons which make us a great technology partner are:

  • One stop vendor

    We provide you complete range of solutions from web to mobile to software. Find the right solutions for your every complex and simplest need at Dev Technosys because we love technology.

  • team scalability

    You get to scale up your team at any time of throughout the development process, as we completely understand how your needs change with time. Thus customize the team as per your needs.

  • knowledge retention

    Knowledge retention helps you capture knowledge and use it further to annihilate business risks and elements that make your business operations vulnerable to loss. Find service that ensure high knowledge retention by keeping up with modern technology.

  • dedicated working environnment

    Find the right resources and expert’s knowledge and experience that makes us provide you right solutions for your needs. Find a resourceful and dedicated environment that makes your development highly secure.

Renewing and improved IT Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

No industry is as close to risk as Oil and Gas and no industry has more complex business operational management needs as Oil and Gas industry and we play hard at providing you’re the same. Find industry-specific modern and competitive solutions for your every need where we craft your mobile/ web/ software solutions that reduce your business risk and help you live up to the leading edge.

Sub Surface (G&G) Data Quality Management Tool

We help you create solutions that work in favor of improving your business governance and data management. Find advance service likes Data Quality Management Solutions, data quality Check tools, templates, business rules catalogs that help you streamline production process.

Digital Oil Field Framework

We help you take much better decisions by integrating Digital Oil Field Solutions which ensure safe and lean operations, while reducing carbon footprint. We help you get the real-time monitoring, analysis, control tools that help you in field management while supporting business.

Prime Plant-early warning system

We help you predict potential risks and failures in your machinery and equipment way before it, with our plant-early warning system we can help you predict the production failures, delivery failures, machinery failures well ahead of time reducing your losses.

Terminal Automation System

Get an expertly crafted and developed integrated terminal automation system that boost your business performance by improving work efficiency, and the entire handling process from end to finish, from reception to distribution.

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