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Dev Technosys has been helping businesses reach their full potential with best-in-class fantasy app development services in the entire UAE. If you too are aiming for the top spot in your industry, we have the perfect services to take you there. We drive business success with amazing services that can help you make a lasting impact in the market.

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Top Fantasy App Development Company UAE

Looking for a development company to make the perfect fantasy app that meets your business needs? Well, look no further. Because we are the best Fantasy app development company in UAE. And we offer just the right services to bring your Fantasy Sports app to reality. Combining our tech ability with a decade's worth of experience we create the magic that makes you stand out from the rest.

Hire Dedicated Fantasy App Developers

Hire Dedicated Fantasy App Developers

Only magic can create magic. This is why you need an outstanding fantasy app developer for making an amazing app. Dev Technosys is the one you need. Our team of dedicated developers a is known throughout the industry for their amazing work. We don’t only design beautiful UI/UX designs but also fill them with amazing features which are enough to take the market by storm. So, hire fantasy app developer and be the next market leader.

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Best Fantasy App Development Services

It goes without saying that if you want to develop a good application, you need a development company that provides good services. Dev Technosys is the company you are looking for. Being the best Fantasy app development company in UAE, we offer a number of great services for Fantasy Sports Software development. With us, you can get the very app you are looking for.

Fantasy App Development
Fantasy App Development

Fantasy app is one of the big trends of today’s IT market. There are a large number of audiences already involved in this industry. This means there is a lot of potential in this market. To exploit this potential you need a perfect application that captures the hearts of users. Dev Technosys build fantasy app with beautiful UX/UI and amazing functions.

Fantasy Sports Mobile App
Fantasy Sports Mobile App

Dev Technosys, being one of the best fantasy sports app development companies in the UAE, we are expert in developing fantasy sports development. Not only we are experienced, but also innovative and creative when it comes to app development. We have what it takes to create perfect fantasy sports mobile apps.

Social Fantasy Sports App
Social Fantasy Sports App

Apart from web applications and mobile applications including iOS & Android, we are also quite capable of creating Social media applications that will keep all sports enthusiasts connected to their brands, business, as well as start-ups. With a social fantasy sports application, one can win all the excited users from the industry.

Fantasy Scoring System
Fantasy Scoring System

If you have ever played a digital game or even any game at all, you know there is no point in playing without a good proper scoring system. This is the reason why a scoring system is such a big part of fantasy sports. Dev Technosys is a fantasy app developer that offers the very same development service.

Fantasy Analytics Software
Fantasy Analytics Software

Fantasy analytics software development services are one of our highlights. Being the best fantasy sports platform development company, we create attractive analytical software which is also easy to use. Our software is filled with a lot of amazing features which allow businesses to gain valuable insight into the market.

Fantasy Sports AR Solution
Fantasy Sports AR Solution

AR is one of the megatrends which is forecasted to maximize in coming years. By integrating this fantasy sports app development one can attract the newer generation of customer who is eager to use the new technology. With our technical expertise, we offer the best fantasy sports AR solutions that are right for your business needs.

Fantasy App Development Cost

Looking for a budget fantasy sports app development company? Dev Technosys is the one you are looking for. While the cost of fantasy app development can depend on many factors such as features, we always suggest our client the most economical solutions. We aren’t cheap but provide value for money development services. So, if you want to become the best in the world of Fantasy app, we are the ones who can help you do that.

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High-end Tools & Technologies Of Fantasy App Development Services

In order to make sure our Sports app development is up to mark and sustain the title of the best-in-class, we use several high-end tools and tech. These tools allow us to make sure we only deliver the very best fantasy sports app solutions.

  • Visual Studio
    Visual Studio
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio
  • Netbeans
  • Andriod
  • iOS
  • Cross-Platform
  • JAVA
  • JS
  • Swift
  • StoryPlayer
  • PHPUnit
  • Codeception

Integrated Features Of Fantasy App Development

GPS Integration

GPS can be integrated with Fantasy App development to ensure that users have a better experience. Global positioning system enables applications to improve in many areas including simple functions like directions and complex ones like notification shootouts, nearby solutions, push notifications, app orientation, etc.

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BLE Integration

Dev Technosys offers the very way to connect the Fantasy Sports app with various wearable technology as well as IoT devices. Through BLE integration not only does remove the need for more power-consuming tech, but allows one to upgrade from old systems like Bluetooth. It goes without saying that BLE is the next step of innovation.

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Custom API Integration

By integrating custom API into the fantasy cricket app development process, we ensure that users get the best experience possible. This is a secure app function that makes sure that payments made through the app are not only fast and simple but also secure and safe for customers to use without thinking twice about it.

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Third-Party App Integration

Third-party app integration with your e-Fantasy app development process allows is one of the most innovative approaches. it enables businesses to receive better solutions. This integration allows us to add a whole new dimension to mobile app development including e-Fantasy mobile apps.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Whether it is Cricket betting app development or any other form of fantasy app, Dev Technosys always makes sure that the payment methods are always secure. We win users’ trust by integrating safe and secure payment gateways methods.

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Wearable Integration

Wearable devices and technology are some of the trending technologies in the market. This is the reason why Dev Technosys offers services for wearable integration. This allows fantasy sports applications to connect with wearable technology. Making the experience of the users much better.

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mBAAS Integration

Dev Technosys makes use of mBAAS integration in the Fantasy Sports Software development process, to be able to deliver the best-connected phone environment to the users of the application. This allows advantage when it comes to speed and scalability in addition to making the coding process less complex for developers.

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Audio & Video Integration

Audio effects and video effects are some of the most crucial factors when it comes to creating a unique user experience. This is why we offer amazing audio and video integration in the Sports app development process. This provides are more visually aesthetic and immersive experience to users of the fantasy apps.

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Beacon Integration

Beacon is yet another one of the integration features which are offered at Dev Technosys. With beacon integration into the fantasy mobile app development process, one can enable real-time user behavior analytics. This allows the business to capture the very behavior of users in real-time.

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MDN Integration

While most businesses and clients do not think that MDN integration is important, Dev Technosys always advocate for its usefulness. As the best Fantasy app development company in UAE, we involve this in our development process. This helps in adding a lot of value to the fantasy mobile application itself.

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Porting & Migration

We improves on the old application with the use of Porting and migration. Dev Technosys with its expertise in porting and migration services allows business across the globe to improve their fantasy app by many folds. This is quite crucial when it comes to being relevant to the market and coping with a newer generation of users.

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XMPP Chat Server Integration

XMPP chat server integration is an important part of any development process at Dev Technosys including Fantasy cricket app development. This is a seamless communication method that enables the feature of great communication in fantasy applications.

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Transparent App Development Process

Being the top custom Fantasy app development company in UAE, we believe that the fantasy app development process should be completely transparent and the communication between us and the client should be proper this is why we follow our proper development process, which is as mentioned below:

Strategy Making

Strategy Making

Analysis & Planning

Analysis & Planning

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Development Process

Development Process

Product Testing

Product Testing

Publish & Launch

Publish & Launch

Why Dev Technosys?

  • Innovative Thinking
    Innovative Thinking

    Our elite thinkers understand the problems and present every possible and innovative solution.

  • Every Domain Expertise
    Every Domain Expertise

    Having an expert for every possible solution, an incredible team in line to bring the desired result into reality.

  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience

    Building a satisfactory customer base, involves some of the major tech leaders in today’s world.

Dev Technosys

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Want to avail the best fantasy app development services from dedicated developers? We can be your savior!

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is an on-demand fantasy app?

    On-demand fantasy app is a platform that allows users to virtually play fantasy games like Football and cricket. The fantasy app is basically a part of Fantasy Sports India. Businesses that are planning to expand their sports business can develop fantasy sports apps.

  • How do you make a fantasy game app?

    Developing a successful fantasy sports app isn’t that challenging when you are aware of the steps well. The fantasy app development process consists of eight simple steps as highlighted below -

    • Defining fantasy sports app objective
    • Conducting market research
    • Choosing online platform
    • Finalizing the app’s UX Design
    • Programming & designing database
    • Deploying app
    • Optimizing fantasy game app
    • Monetizing app
  • How much does it cost to develop a fantasy sports app?

    Fantasy sports apps are becoming a boom these days, and plenty of fantasy sports apps are running in current times. As a result, businesses often wonder about the cost to develop fantasy sports app. An average cost of fantasy sports applies somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000 and might also increase depending on the app’s features, complexity, and more. To get reasonable app development services, email your requirements to us.

  • What technologies do you use to develop a fantasy app?

    There are ample technologies available for mobile app development, but some of them are the popular ones for developing a fantasy sports app, such as –

    • Node JS
    • MongoDB
    • Flutter
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Swift
    • Angular JS
    • Bootstrap
    • Laravel
    • MySQL
  • Will the actual fantasy app be similar to the demo app?

    Yes, we will develop an exact fantasy sports app as discussed and committed. So, you don’t have to worry about quality and project while availing fantasy sports app development services from Dev Technosys. Just share your business requirements to us and leave the rest to us.