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Make every business order count with exclusive Talabat food delivery app. Start a food delivery business in UAE with Talabat clone food delivery app development.

Established in 2004, Talabat is one of the top food delivery apps in UAE. Hence, food delivery businesses want to create an app like Talabat. Do you also want to build Talabat mobile app? Connect with food delivery app development company and gain competitive edge in the Middle East market having full-fledged features to run and take your food delivery business one step ahead in today’s time.

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Alcohol Delivery App Development Company
Alcohol Delivery App Development Company



Alcohol Delivery App Development Company



Alcohol Delivery App Development Company



Alcohol Delivery App Development Company

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Alcohol Delivery App Development Company

Success Story: How Talabat App Has Become Popular?

Talabat is a popular online food delivery app in Dubai (UAE), North Africa, and other countries with around 3 million active users. Talabat was founded in Kuwait in 2004 as a small online food ordering platform. The company grew steadily over the years and expanded to other countries. In 2015, Talabat was acquired by the German food delivery giant ‘Delivery Hero’ for $170 million. It helped the company to scale up its operations further.

The key factor contributing to Talabat's success is its focus on offering a seamless user experience. A user-friendly interface allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and track food deliveries in real-time. Talabat follows a very innovative approach to marketing and customer engagement which has helped the Talabat food delivery app succeed.

Talabat's success has also been driven by its ability to adapt to changing market trends and customer needs. Due to this, the demand for food delivery app development companies in UAE has also been raised. The success story of Talabat is a testament to the power of innovation, customer-centricity, and perseverance. In 2020, Talabat's revenue increased to120% compared to 2019, and the number is expected to raise 2x times faster in the coming time.

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How Does Talabat Food Delivery App Works?

A restaurant app similar to Talabat is designed to enable foodies to seamlessly order food online and deliver it to their doorstep. Still, most businesses wonder, ‘How does Talabat app work?’ So, here is the step-by-step process of the restaurant app Talabat.

  • Search for Restaurants

    Advanced search filters option allow users to browse multiple restaurants nearby on the Talabat app.

  • Select Food Items

    Next, users can browse the menu and select the food items from their preferred restaurants at the best offers.

  • Add to Cart

    With a simple UX/UI of the Talabat online app, users can easily add food items to their cart and proceed to checkout.

  • Checkout

    Users can choose their preferred payment method, enter the delivery address and confirm the order.

  • Track Delivery

    Finally, once the restaurants confirm the order, users can track their order delivery status via notifications.

  • Receive Order

    Users can rate the restaurant and delivery partner when the order is delivered while leavinggenuine feedbacks.

Talabat App Screenshots

Do you wonder ‘How Talabat app looks like?’ Here is a visual representation (Screenshots) of Talabat app development showcasing the interactive UX/UI of the food delivery app.

Key Features of Talabat Food Delivery App

Want to know ‘What makes Talabat app unique from other food delivery apps?’ Explore the following unique features of different panels that make Talabat restaurant mobile app development worth using.

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Top Talabat App Alternatives

Unlike Talabat's online app, multiple food delivery applications offer similar services. Here are some of the popular alternatives of food delivery apps like Talabat that might be the reference for your next on-demand food delivery app solution.

  • Deliveroo

  • Zomato

  • Careem NOW

  • Uber Eats

  • Yelp

How to Develop An App Similar to Talabat?

Are you planning to build Talabat mobile app? Wondering 'How to build an online food delivery app like Talabat?' Refer to the following food delivery app development steps to create an outstanding business solution immediately. Here you go!

  • Conduct Market Research

    Understand the food delivery industry, target audience, and competition to identify the gap before Talabat food delivery app development.

  • 2

    Define Features & Functions

    Based on the market research, define the Talabat restaurant app features and functionalities to develop a unique on-demand app solution.

  • Choose Platform & Tech Stack

    Decide on the development platform, i.e., Android, iOS, or both. Next, choose the latest tech stacks required for the Talabat food delivery app.

  • Focus on UX/UI Design

    Think of an appealing UX/UI design for the Talabat app while considering the user's journey from choosing a restaurant to placing an order online.

  • Begin Talabat App Development

    Finally, you can create a Talabat app while using the data gathered during research. Hire food delivery app developers for professional assistance.

  • Test & Launch App

    Test the Talabat app thoroughly to eliminate all the errors and bugs from the application before its final launch on the desired platform.

  • Update & Maintenance

    Maintain and update app like Talabat to ensure it stays relevant and meet all the changing needs and demand as per the ongoing market trends.

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Cost to Develop An App Like Talabat

The cost to create Talabat app depends on multiple features, including the app’s complexity, features, development platform, tech stack, location, and more. The approximate Talabat app cost estimation is around $25,000 to $50,000, depending on the project’s requirements. Connect with Dev Technosys, a leading food delivery app development company in UAE, where dedicated developers can help you with Talabat app development. Drop your project requirements to turn your project idea into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding Talabat food delivery app development?

  • What Is Talabat App?

    Talabat is an online food ordering app in the Middle East, UAE. Talabat's on-demand solution app allows users to browse menus, place an order, and track their deliveries online. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Build Talabat Mobile App?

    The average cost to create Talabat mobile app is between $25,000 to $50,000 and more, depending on the project’s requirements. So, to get an exact cost estimation, it is advisable to connect with the best food delivery app development company in UAE.

  • How Long Does It Takes to Develop Talabat App If I Hire Food Delivery App Developers?

    A basic food delivery app development process takes 3-9 months. Still, the exact time required depends on the project requirements. So, hire dedicated developers for your online food delivery project and leave the rest to the experts.

  • What Are the Unique Features of A Talabat App?

    An online food delivery app similar to Talabat has unique features that make it stand out among the rest of the food delivery apps. Here are some of the key features –

    • Real-time Order Tracking
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Exclusive Deals & Discounts
    • Multi-Payment Options
    • 24*7 Customer Support
    • Quick Food Order & Delivery
  • How Can I Make An App Like Talabat?

    Dev Technosys offers a highly robust and scalable food delivery app development solution. We offer 100% high-quality work within the promised deadline. Connect with the top mobile app development company and get a revenue-generating app similar to Talabat.