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Empower your education business by developing an e-learning app like Coursera. Now, elevate your e-learning business journey with exceptional education app development services.

Founded in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, Coursera provides life-transforming e-learning experiences to learners worldwide. Coursera has become a popular global platform for online learning and career development. While accessing the Coursera app, users can easily access course materials, complete assignments, watch video lectures, and track their learning progress hassle-free. Coursera software offers features and help users earn verified certificates. So, if you also run an offline education business, bring it online with an app like Coursera.

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Alcohol Delivery App Development Company
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Alcohol Delivery App Development Company

Success Story: How Coursera Has Gained Success?

Coursera, a popular online learning platform created in 2012 by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, is gaining tremendous market popularity and attention. One of the major factors contributing to the success of the Coursera e-learning app is its flexibility to enable learners to learn on the go. It provides a convenient platform for lifelong learners and professionals seeking to upskill in various subjects.

Coursera education app offers a vast catalogue of courses from top universities and institutions worldwide. Its range of subjects and topics attracted learners from various backgrounds, making it appealing to a wide audience. Learners can simply access Coursera's free online courses, which is why the app has become the talk of the town these days.

In 2021, Coursera had around 87 million registered learners, and it reported revenue of $524 million, which was up 26% from the previous year. The statistics are indicating the rising demand for on-demand e-learning app development in today’s time. So, if you are in the education industry, you should plan to develop an app like Coursera. Dev Technosys team can help you accomplish your business goals. Share your project requirements with us today.

Create E-learning App Like Coursera!

Unlock the power of education with an e-learning app like Coursera. Share your project requirements and develop your own Coursera app today.

How Does Coursera App Works?

Coursera app, one of the popular e-learning applications, works by providing users with access to ample online courses and other educational content. Get an idea of ‘How does education app like Coursera works?’ with the step-by-step process listed below. It will help you develop a perfect app similar to Coursera.

  • Account Registration

    Firstly, users download the Coursera app from their respective app stores and create an account. They can either use email or social media integration for quick sign-up.

  • Browse Courses

    Once registered, users can explore the courses available on the Coursera app. They can browse courses by category or search for specific topics based on their interests and preferences.

  • Enrol in A Course

    Users can enrol in courses of their choice. Some courses are free, while others require a paid enrolment or subscription. After enrolment, users can access the course materials.

  • Learning & Progress Tracking

    For a better learning experience, users can watch video lectures, complete assignments, participate in quizzes, and join discussion forums. It ensures seamless tracking.

  • Verified Certificates

    Users can earn verified certificates within the Coursera app upon completing certain courses. They further help learners to showcase on professional platforms.

  • Personalized Recommendations

    The Coursera app allows personalized recommendations based on the users’ interests, learning history, and personalized course recommendations.

Coursera Education App Screenshots

Visualize knowledge: A glimpse into the world of Coursera education app. Do not wonder, ‘How does an e-learning app like Coursera works?’ and get a visual overview of the user interface and user experience.

Key Features of Coursera App

Want to develop a Coursera app that can improve your business profit? Do not overlook the following features while developing an app like Coursera. It will ensure growth-driven e-learning app development.

Extend Your Business Potential with Apps Like Coursera!

Are you into education industry and want to bring your business online. Develop e-learning business app like Coursera and fulfill your business dreams.

Top Coursera App Alternatives

While Coursera is a popular on-demand e-learning app development concept, several alternative platforms offer free e-learning app development courses. Here is a glimpse of the top 5 Coursera app alternatives in huge demand these days.

  • Udemy

  • edX

  • Codeacademy

  • Pluralsight

  • Linkedin Learning

How to Develop E-learning App Like Coursera?

Want to build a Coursera application or website that can completely transform your education business? Here is the step-by-step education app development process to help you create an online learning app similar to Coursera.

  • Define Your App Goals

    Clearly determine the purpose of your e-learning apps like Coursera and the specific target audience. It is the foremost step that’ll help you make a strong education app development plan.

  • 2

    Conduct Market Research

    Analyze the e-learning market, identify competitors, and understand user preferences. It’ll help you identify market gaps and make informed e-learning app development decisions.

  • Decide Features & Tech Stacks

    Based on your goals and research, decide on the latest features and technologies associated with your e-learning application, like Coursera. It will make your application worth it.

  • Design A Unique UX/UI

    An amazing UX/UI application never fails to grab the users’ attention. So, design an appealing user interface to make your e-learning app stand out.

  • Begin E-learning App Development

    Finally, after gathering all the essential information to develop the Coursera app, begin e-learning app development. Consult a leading education app development company for expert help.

  • Test & Launch App

    After successful app development, carefully test your application to eliminate all the errors and bugs. After that, launch the Coursera software on the desired platform.

  • App Support & Maintenance

    The job isn’t done after Coursera app development. Every app requires constant mobile app support and assistance for seamless performance. So, don’t neglect this step.

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Learn, Grow, & Succeed with the Coursera App!

Transform Your Mobile Device into A Learning Hub: Download Coursera Now!

Cost to Develop E-learning App Like Coursera

Are you planning for educational website development or app development and wondering, ‘How much does it cost to create an on-demand elearning app like Coursera?’ Dev Technosys is here to resolve your concern. If you are creating a basic e-learning software, you will have to spend around $10,000, and the cost will keep increasing depending on the additional features included. Also, if you want to seek education app development services at a reasonable cost, look no further than Dev Technosys. Our team of professionals can help you create an app like Coursera within the desired budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about creating an app like Coursera?

  • What Is Coursera App?

    Coursera is a popular online learning platform enabling users to access courses from leading universities and institutions worldwide. An app like Coursera has a very convenient and user-friendly interface for learners to access educational content, engage in interactive learning activities, and track their progress. While accessing elearning apps like Coursera, users can learn at their own pace, on the go, and from the comfort of their mobile devices.

  • How to Develop A Profit-generating App Like Coursera?

    To create a profit-driven education app like Coursera, you must carefully adhere to the education mobile app development steps. For that, it is advisable to hire dedicated developers or consult a leading mobile app development company. The experts will deliver a perfect elearning app adhering to all your business requirements.

  • Where to Hire Dedicated Developers for E-learning App Development?

    To hire skilled and dedicated developers to create an app like Coursera, you should contact a leading education app development company. Rather than consulting freelancers for your project, hire developers part-time or full-time from a well-known firm. There will get access to a pool of experts within the desired budget.

  • What Are the Benefits to Build Coursera App?

    A well-developed and feature-rich Coursera app has its benefits, as discussed below.

    • Access to High-quality education
    • Flexible learning
    • Cost-effective
    • Personalized learning
    • Diverse Course Selection
  • Why is Dev Technosys the Best Company to Build Coursera App?

    Since its establishment, i.e. 2010, Dev Technosys has gained a reputation as the top mobile app development company in the UAE. If you're curious about why Dev Technosys is the perfect destination to create an elearning app like Coursera, have a look at the following key factors –

    • 24*7 Customer Support
    • Dedicated Developers
    • Industrial Expertise
    • Reasonable Pricing
    • 100% Client Satisfaction