Build An App Like TaxiF

Develop an App Like TaxiF

Elevate your travel experience with TaxiF—the ultimate destination for seamless and reliable rides curated by local experts. Download the TaxiF app now and embark on a convenient journey through the world of transportation.

Modern ride-sharing service TaxiF has completely transformed how people get about in the UAE. TaxiF currently has over 1 million downloads and is available in 10 major cities, which makes it the best cab booking app for travelers.

With more than 10,000 registered drivers, the app ensures quick response times. An amazing 98% happy client record highlights their dedication to providing high-quality service.

Several companies are looking to engage in taxi app development due to the popularity among customers.

Ready to revolutionize the taxi booking experience? Collaborate with Dev Technosys, an expert iOS app development firm, to create an innovative app like TaxiF. Let's redefine the way people book and enjoy rides!

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Develop an App Like TaxiF
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Success Story: How TaxiF App Has Gained Popularity?

Success Story: How TaxiF App Has Gained Popularity?

The ride-hailing service TaxiF has been more well-known recently. With millions of customers and drivers, it has grown to become among the most extensively utilized taxi service apps globally.

The success of TaxiF has been defined as a variety of factors. The app's accessibility is among the most essential aspects. With just a few taps on their phones, customers of TaxiF may order a trip. The app also offers an approximate price and arrival time so users may plan their travels appropriately.

The dependability of TaxiF is another crucial consideration. Each and every driver with TaxiF is licensed to facilitate taxi services. Several safety measures are also included in the app, including the option to share ride information with loved ones and real-time tracking.

Additionally, TaxiF is cost-effective. The app provides reasonable transportation cost and often runs discounts and offers.

Last but not least, TaxiF is always working on and incorporating features. For instance, the app just launched a function that enables users to pre-book rides. Users that have to travel at a specified time, such as for a trip or meeting, will find this option to be handy.

Looking to Develop a TaxiF-like App?

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How Does TaxiF App Work?

Are you interested in knowing the inner workings of an app like TaxiF? No problem! Users may easily find hassle-free trips with the TaxiF app. You must know this is the best app for booking cabs. Discover exactly how it operates from a reputable company who facilitates on demand app development solutions.

  • Download and Install the App

    Download and Install the App

    The first step is to download TaxiF from the respective app store, either the Apple App Store on iOS devices, or the Google Play Store on Android devices. The installation is simple and only takes a few clicks.

  • Create a Profile and Register

    Create a Profile and Register

    After installing the app, users must register with their essential details such as name, email, and phone number. It might be mandatory to create a password. For added convenience, some apps allow users to log in via social media. Users can upload a profile photo to personalize their accounts.

  • Enter the Location and Destination

    Enter the Location and Destination

    Users can book a taxi by opening the app, entering their location and desired destination. The app calculates and displays the estimated fare. The app lets passengers know the expected price.

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  • Select Vehicle Types and Extras

    Select Vehicle Types and Extras

    TaxiF offers a variety of vehicle options such as premium cars, standard cars or shared rides. Users can select their vehicle type based on their preferences and requirements. Some apps also allow users to specify extras, such as child seats and wheelchair accessibility.

  • Confirm Booking and Payment

    Confirm Booking and Payment

    Bookings can be confirmed by the user once they have entered their details. The app will now display information about the driver. Users can track a driver's location in real time as they approach. Payment ways may vary, but usually involve cash, credit/debit cards, and in-app wallets. Users can choose to pay with cash or electronically when they reach their destination.

  • Ride Completion Rating

    Ride Completion Rating

    Users can confirm the drop-off via the app after they reach their destination. If desired, they can rate their driver or leave feedback. TaxiF can maintain service standards and ensure accountability. The app allows users to access their ride history, receipts and other information for future reference.

Taxi Booking App Like TaxiF Screenshots

Experience the enchanted world of a TaxiF-inspired app. Explore an intuitive interface to create your unique ride-hailing experience, all inside a captivating aesthetic landscape.

Key Features of An App Like TaxiF

Develop an excellent online cab booking app with user-friendly features like TaxiF. With key functions split over three panels—a user-friendly interface for simple bookings, a driver panel for effective activities, and an admin panel for managing and streamlining the entire process—users get a seamless user experience.

Develop Your Own Ride-Booking App like TaxiF at Affordable Rates!

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Top 5 Competitors of TaxiF

Did you know the TaxiF app has over 1 millions downloads on play store only. Isn't it amazing? Developing such an app can be fruitful for business in this current era. So, if you are interested then you must know its competitors and how they stand out from each other. Explore the top 5 list of taxi-booking app for taxi app development:

  • Uber


  • Lyft


  • Didi


  • Careem


  • Ekar


How to Develop an App Like TaxiF?

Are you interested in developing a taxi booking mobile app like TaxiF with advanced features? No worries!! Discover the step-by-step process to develop an app like TaxiF with the guidance of taxi app development services experts. By following these stages, businesses can streamline the creation and launch of their own online taxi booking app like TaxiF.

  • Market Research

    Start by doing a thorough market study to better understand the dynamics in the taxi industry. Analyze your competitors, determine opportunities for differentiation and identify the needs of your audience.

  • 2

    Define Features and Requirements

    After that, you must define the features and functionality you would like to see in your app. Also, include geolocation services, payments gateways and any other unique features which will make your app stand out. Think about user-friendly interfaces both for customers and drivers.

  • Select the Right Technology Stack

    Once you decide the features, you should now choose the tech stack that is best for your app development. The performance and scalability of the app are directly related to the technology stack you choose. Take help from a mobile app development company who can choose the appropriate development platform, programming languages and frameworks for your project.

  • Design User Interfaces

    Now you should create visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that are both appealing to passengers and drivers. The success of an app is heavily dependent on the user experience, and the design of its interface. Make sure that the app has a clear and easy-to-navigate interface, with a lot of information presented clearly.

  • Implement Geolocation Services

    Ask the developers to integrate robust geolocation service for accurate tracking of location and real-time update. GPS technology is essential for accurate arrival time estimations and optimizing routes.

  • Create the App

    Once you implement the robust GPS service, now you should jump to the development part. Hire a taxi app development company and they will use your chosen technology stack for the development of the app. Additionally, they would divide the process of development into manageable sprints and focus on the core features. To ensure a reliable and stable application, regular testing and debugging is essential.

  • Install Payment Gateways

    Now that you have developed the app, integration of payment is essential. So, you should integrate user-friendly and secure payment gateways within your app to ease transactions. Also, include multiple payment methods such as digital wallets, credit/debit card, and cash in order to appeal to a wider user base.

  • Test and Launch

    Now finally test the app with the help of testers who can thoroughly find and fix any bugs. Beta testing is a fantastic approach to obtain user input. After testing, you can successfully launch the app in app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store once you are satisfied with its results.

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Cost to Develop an App Like TaxiF

Want to know the cost to develop an app like TaxiF? No worries!! Basically, it depends on the multiple variables like complexity of an app, functionalities etc.

What is the best way to understand how much it will cost to build a mobile taxi app? Let's look at two cost estimation examples when building a TaxiF taxi app. Basic taxi apps targeting one platform and with the essential features can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000.

The exact cab booking app development cost depends on the level of integration of the backend and the requirements for testing and deployment.

An advanced taxi app for iOS and Android, with advanced functionalities such as driver ratings, promo code, multiple vehicle choices, and split payment, could cost up to $25,000, or even more.

To get an accurate cost estimation, you should contact a professional iOS and Android app development company like Dev Technosys.

They are the best choice as they have professionals who are familiar with modern tech and can build your app. They will develop your TaxiF application at a reasonable price if you share your project requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about developing an app like TaxiF from our experts!

  • What is TaxiF?

    The TaxiF app is a taxi service that enables customers to make requests and schedule taxi trips from their mobile devices. This makes it easy and trustworthy to order a taxi. Real-time tracking, several ways to pay, and safety measures are among the many features offered by the intuitive application.

  • How to Monetize An App Like TaxiF?

    A TaxiF ride sharing should be monetized through a variety of methods in order to make money. Here are a few common ways to make revenue from such an app:

    • Ride Booking Fees
    • Surge Pricing
    • Subscription Plans
    • Advertising
    • In-App Purchases
  • What Are the Advantages of Creating an App Like TaxiF?

    There are several benefits to developing a ride-sharing app like TaxiF. Here are a few of the main advantages:

    • Scalability
    • Convenience for Users
    • Revenue Streams
    • Innovation Opportunities
    • Cost Efficiency
  • How Much Time Does it Take To Develop An App Like TaxiF?

    Depending on the intricacy, attributes, and size of the team, various periods of time are needed to build an app like TaxiF. A simple version may take 4-6 months, but a thorough app with complex functions might take 9–12 months or longer. It is better to hire dedicated developers who can build your taxi app in a shorter time.

  • Why is Dev Technosys the Best Choice To Build an App Like TaxiF?

    As the leading provider of Android app development in the UAE, Dev Technosys, incorporated in 2010, has established a strong reputation. Due to their vast expertise, experienced staff, creative ideas, and established history of producing excellent, intuitive mobile applications, they specialize in developing apps like TaxiF. They are perfect choice because:

    • Experienced Developers
    • 24/7 Support
    • Cost-effective Solutions
    • 100% Client Satisfaction.