There is no denying fact that UAE is a food paradise. But, as the number of the best food delivery apps in UAE isn’t limited, picking an app becomes a daunting task for citizens and businesses. With every passing day, the on-demand food delivery industry is turning into a profitable business option, and as a result, entrepreneurs and new businesses are stepping into food delivery app development.

Do you also want to develop a food delivery app but not getting an appropriate idea? This blog can be your savior! It sheds light on the 7 best food delivery apps in Dubai/UAE. Let’s get a detailed insight into the apps one by one and develop one for you.

List of Best Food Delivery Apps in UAE

Are you a business owner planning to develop a food delivery app in UAE? Before proceeding with food delivery app development, look at the top 7 best food delivery apps in UAE that are ruling today’s Dubai market. Knowing about these food delivery applications will provide you with a much better insight and help you with app development.

1. Talabat

App Name Talabat
Head Quarter Kuwait
Founded In 2004
Rating 4.5
Download On Android | iOS


In today’s time, Talabat is one of the best food delivery apps in Dubai, which is gaining immense popularity and have won thousands of foodies’ heart. This food delivery app was launched in 2004, and since then, the application has become the foremost food delivery app for small towns. Talabat provides food delivery services from all prominent restaurants in the UAE.

talabat food delivery app

Features of Talabat Food Delivery App

  • Easy-to-use interface and simple sign-up process
  • Sorted Menu with advanced search filter
  • Accurate GPS maps for timely food deliveries
  • Secure payment integrations for a hassle-free experience

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2. Careem Now (Uber Eats)

App Name Careem
Head Quarter Dubai
Founded In 2018
Rating 4.3
Download On Android | iOS


Like Talabat, the Careem food delivery application is also ruling the UAE market since 2018. Currently, it comes under the top 10 food delivery apps in Dubai. Careem application offers an exclusive rewards mechanism where patrons can earn and collect points on selected restaurants and meals. Rest, the Careem food delivery app development process is the same as other types of applications.


Features of Careem Food Delivery Application

  • Pick & Drop and Shop & Drop services to purchase and deliver anything you need
  • Well-integrated GPS for accurate location tracking
  • Timely push notification to keep foodies and restaurant partners updated
  • Responsive customer support and feedback to share your concerns

3. Postmates

App Name Postmates
Head Quarter San Francisco, California
Founded In 2011
Rating 4.2
Download On Android | iOS

Founded in 2011, the Postmates food delivery app is another leader in the food delivery app development market. The application works similar to Uber Eats or GrubHub and help foodies get the food delivered to their doorstep. Undoubtedly, the Postmates food delivery services are a little expensive, but many UAE citizens still prefer it.


Features of Postmates Food Delivery App

  • Responsive customer support available round-the-clock
  • Streamlined Menu for quick food searching
  • Simple registration process to get started with food delivery
  • Multiple payment options are available

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4. Deliveroo

App Name Deliveroo
Head Quarter San Francisco, California
Founded In 2013
Rating 4.2
Download On Android | iOS


Deliveroo app for food delivery has a wide coverage of hubs to ensure that people get the food of their choice in just a few taps. People who keep searching for the best and most reliable food delivery apps choose Deliveroo. Established in 2013, this food application has covered a good amount of the UAE market while helping businesses easily register with Deliveroo.


Features of Deliveroo Food Delivery App

  • Dietary requirement filters to order food as per the diet
  • Exclusive offers and discounts for affordable food ordering
  • Fastest delivery schemes with minimum charges for enhanced ordering experience
  • Customer help and feedback option to share your reviews and concerns

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5. Zomato

App Name Zomato
Head Quarter Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Founded In 2010
Rating 4.0
Download On Android | iOS


Though the Zomato food delivery application has its root in India, the application has marked a tremendous presence in UAE. Launched in 2010, Zomato is the best food delivery application in UAE, India, and other regions.

The best part is that Zomato lets you search for the best restaurants and specific dishes. It eliminates the trouble of finding meals in a particular restaurant and saves time. Its streamlined delivery process lets the customers get timely updates about their food status, like preparing, out for delivery, and more.


Features of Zomato Food Delivery Application

  • The easy onboarding process lets users log in via email rather than filling a long form
  • Timely tracking allows users to get every minute updates about their order
  • Global payment integration to accept payment from all sources
  • Ratings & reviews options for a better user experience

6. EatEasy

App Name EatEasy
Head Quarter Dubai
Founded In 2013
Rating 4.6
Download On Android | iOS


EatEasy, another well-known application of the food delivery industry has been serving foodies since 2013 and is opted by thousands of UAE residents. From Hyderabadi biryanis to American burgers, EatEasy offers everything in one place to satisfy hunger. Users can get all the basic information, including a minimum delivery fee, estimated delivery time, and payment methods.


Features of EatEasy Food Delivery App

  • Multi-payment support for a hassle-free checkout experience
  • User-friendly app interface with quick sign-up
  • Helping customer support team resolve queries
  • Amazing offers and discounts on specific restaurants & meals

7. Instashop

App Name Instashop
Head Quarter Dubai
Founded In 2015
Rating 4.0
Download On Android | iOS


It is a unique food delivery app that also sells pharmaceutical goods, flowers, organic fruits, and fitness diets to customers in UAE, Dubai, and the majority of the regions in UAE. The good news is that Instashop allows delivery of items in Qatar and Bahrain in the Middle East. Businesses planning to start a food delivery business in Qatar can consider such application.


Features of Instashop Food Delivery App

  • Multi-registration option to sign-up using email, phone no, and more
  • Accurate GPS integrations to keep an eye on orders
  • Push notifications to keep users updated about orders, offers, delivery, etc.
  • Customer support & help to keep users satisfied with food delivery services

These are the 7 best food delivery apps in UAE that are trending in today’s food delivery market. Now that you know about each of the food delivery applications, pick the best suitable app as per your business requirements and develop an app accordingly.

Food Delivery App Development: Step-by-Step Process


Want to know how to develop a food delivery app to start a business in UAE? Here is a quick glimpse of the process suggested by the food delivery app development company professionals. 

Step 1 – Project Analysis & Planning

First, conduct a food delivery app project analysis to make a successful working plan for your business. Also, look at your competitors to know their strengths, weaknesses, and food delivery app loopholes.

Step 2 – Pick A Suitable Business Model

Next, choose the best-suitable business model to develop a food delivery app in Dubai. The type of model you choose will strongly influence the success of your food delivery business application.

food delivery app cta

Step 3 – Choose App’s Functionality

Before you develop a food delivery app, decide on its functionality to understand the features and APIs it will contain.

Step 4 – Begin Food Delivery App Development

Once you gather the essential requirement to create a food delivery app, start the development process. If you have your own team, well and good, and if not, hire dedicated developers of a leading food delivery services provider.

Step 5 – Select Modern Tech Stacks

Modern tools and technologies hold the same importance as incorporating the features & functionalities into your food delivery application. Make sure to select the modern tech stacks for your business application.

Step 6 – Think of A Unique App Design

A food application with a unique design is a very important factor to consider while developing any type of business app. So, think of something different that could make your application stand out.

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Step 7 – Launch Your Food Delivery App

Finally, launch your food delivery application on the specific platform.

This is it! So, these are some simple steps you must follow to develop a successful food delivery app in UAE. Now that the food delivery apps’ ideas and development steps are revealed, it is your turn to take action.

Closing Thoughts!

So, finally, we have disclosed the 7 best food delivery apps in 2022 ruling in the UAE market. Now you have the entire list in hand; it is up to you to pick a suitable food delivery app and create one for your business. You can consider any food delivery app to develop an amazing application for your business in 2022 and beyond. Also, get in touch with a leading mobile app development company professional who can create a perfect application adhering to your business requirements.