The food industry is at a fierce competition and businesses are making the best use of technology for offering the best service to the customers. Businesses like Talabat are adopting the latest methods in order to fulfill the demand for food delivery services at a rapid pace.

With the latest updates in technology, customers expect the delivery of food at their doorsteps. In addition to this, customers at present prefer a place online from where they can place the delivery of food in an easy and convenient manner along with options for faster delivery.

The rising awareness among the consumers in UAE offers a profitable venture for the food industry. In addition to facilitating food ordering options, the food ordering apps play an indispensable role for conferring a boost to the sales. It is also effective in enhancing the brand awareness of the business.

What is Talabat

Talabat is recognized to be one of the leading options for Food Ordering App Development, based in Qatar. It also offers services in a wide array of Middle East countries such as the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Jordan.

With the aid of this application, you can search for a bunch of nearby restaurants. This application enables the users to browse for the latest restaurant deals and let the food to be delivered at your doorsteps. As users browse this app, they can receive information about the different restaurants as well as the food, prior to adding the same to the cart.

With the aid of this application, you will gain success in customizing the food and find the latest deals. There are a plethora of choices for payment such as debit card, or credit card, cash on delivery. Users can order food through Talabat via mobile app and website.

Basic features, included in the app such as Talabat

Here is a list of the basic features that are included in the application like Talabat:

Restaurant panel

It has the options of accept-decline order, dashboard, and payment and manages restaurant account.

User panel

The user panel, on the other hand, has payment, cart section, menu, reviews screen, set pickup on the map, homepage, past orders, location, login, contact information, offers, and discounts, search refine research, track delivery boy.

Delivery boy panel

The delivery boy panel is inclusive of Google Map navigation, transaction history, online support, GPS tracking, wallet/Get paid offline, cash on delivery, withdraw payment, chat/call, push notifications, order delivery, order history/logs, order request, log in.

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Other features

Here are some of the other features that are included in Talabat app

CRM integration

It ensures the complete satisfaction of the customers.

Push notification

With the aid of this feature, delivery staff and restaurant send certain push notifications to one another, during the placement of the order. Both of them are known to send alerts to the customers, about the order details as well as the status of the order.

Other features that are included in such apps are inclusive of

● Loyalty program
● Real-time analytics and reporting
● real-time tracking
● Multi-currency and language support
● cloud environment
● security assurance
● app personalization
● social sharing and signup/login
● drone delivery
● multiple payment options
● reviews and feedback

Benefits of developing apps such as Talabat

Here are a few reasons why food enterprises prefer to develop applications like Talabat


On-demand app development for food is useful in the reduction of development costs. It also provides faster time for marketing. As customers can place their orders from the comfort of their couch, businesses will find a rise in the ROI of the business in no time. Thus, customers will go for frequent and more orders.

No phone calls

At times, people do not prefer to make phone calls during the placement of the orders. Thus, the food ordering apps will provide a solution to the issue as they can place the order at ease via the application o website. Thus, there will be a rise in the total count of orders, which indicate more profit.
Delivery of customized services

With the aid of this app, it is possible for the businesses to deliver the customized service to the audience, in accordance with the preferences and linkings. All the customers require doing is tapping the customized icon, present near the food items and place the request, accordingly.

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One stop solution to order your favorite food

Such apps are considered to be the one-stop solution as it provides different types of cuisines. It also lets you order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant. You can order food from different helpful sections like Arabic, Asian, burgers, desserts, Mandi, pizzas, shawarma, etc.

How apps like Talabat works

● At first, choose the location for finding the local restaurant, serving a wide array of menus.

● Find and receive updates on the latest deals of the restaurant

● Filter the search by delivery location, cuisine, offers, payment options.

● View the menu of the restaurant with rates, choices, images

● Add the special result to items, you ant

● Choose your time of preference when you want delivery of food

● Make a payment online or opt for cash on delivery options

Cost and time for the development of apps like Talabat

There are wide arrays of companies that have earned a high reputation in providing top quality of mobile development solutions Dubai. For the development of such apps, you need to spend a whopping amount, ranging between $10000 to $30000. However, the price is dependent on the functionality and features, you are willing to add in the website.

The time duration of eight to ten weeks is sufficient for the development of these applications. There might be a slight variation in the time required to develop these apps, in accordance with your requirements. The cost for development of such apps is dependent on several factors such as features, the total number of team members, number of platforms and the location of the food app development company.

You will be able to find a rise in the revenue of your business by choosing these food development apps. It is possible to save a huge cut off from the pocket with the development of these apps.