Along with time, our technologies are also advancing is a significant pace. Today we have a web or mobile applications to fulfill most of our daily needs. These web applications usually have 2 major parts during the development process. Such as front-end development and back-end development. And the developers who deal with these two major parts are known as mean stack Vs full stack developers.

In this blog, you will get a full analysis of Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Develop. Let’s have a look into it.

In today’s market, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you have to create an online presence to ensure your success. For that getting confused among mean stack or full stack development in Dubai is one of the most common nitty-gritty. This blog can help you to choose the developers’ platform wisely according to the requirement of your business.

Basically, the mean stack and the full stack are the two most popular development concepts for creating dynamic web applications. So, choosing the right development process to create your business app is very essential, as the future of your application will depend on it. If you choose the less effective development process, your application will create less impact on this competitive market.

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To know more about the stack mobile app development company and decide the best one to choose, let’s discuss over other factors too

Who are Mean Stack Developers?

Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer

The mean stack developers are IT professionals who have a limited amount of knowledge on some selected areas of the development process. They usually have a better grasp of JavaScript technologies. The mean stack development is basically dependent on four technologies such as,

  • Express which is a back-end framework for Node.JS
  • JS, a cross-platform runtime environment. It is used as a primary function for developing server-side applications.
  • Mongo DB without SQL database
  • An open-source front-end framework powered by a JavaScript programming language known as AngularJS.

The mean stack development is a more advanced version of the full stack development process. Plus, it is more reliable and advanced than the full stack development process. This is because the developers have to focus on the database and scripting part of the process. So hiring the best mean stack development company can ensure you a better quality of the product for your business.

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Who are Full Stack Developers?

Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer

The IT professionals who are specialized in both the service side, as well as the client-side software, are known as full-stack developers. These developers usually have a better understanding, knowledge, and experience on projects with high database activities, multi-faceted apps. Plus, they also work with their client to build a better user interface for their applications.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, there is a significant increase in the demand for these developers. As they are capable enough to handle both the front-end and the back-end development efficiently.

Choosing the right technology stack is very important for the client that is why they prefer full-stack web development. As they provide every type of tech stack needed to create a high-performing dynamic business web application. The full-stack developers are more efficient than better mean stack developers for handling projects. As they have immense knowledge on the whole frameworks, programming, and their major pitfalls.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of The Mean Stack And Full Stack Developers?

Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer

There are certain responsibilities that the mean stack, as well as the full stack developers, have to fulfill. Hiring the best app development services available in the market can help to ensure all these responsibilities are fulfilled the most effective possible. Here are those responsibilities of the Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer,

Mean Stack Developers

  • The mean stack developers have to enhance the consumer data through a Node.JS backend UI.
  • They must create an efficient and effective system by consulting various engineers, researchers, and data scientists associated with the project.
  • The developers are also responsible for the infrastructure, testing, and development of high-performing and scalable products.
  • They are also responsible for the establishment as well as the integration of various environment tools as per the requirements of clients.
  • Mean stack developers are also capable of launching AWS cloud applications. These applications can conduct faster-debugging procedures on hosting-related issues.
  • This development process can develop easily scalable products with a minimum amount of footprint.
  • The developers have immense knowledge and experience in managing Express JS, Node JS, Angular JS, and MongoDB.
  • They also have experience and knowledge to handle large and complex rational and non-rational databases.

Full-stack Developers

  • The full stack developers are responsible for designing the whole infrastructure of the web applications.
  • They have to work along with the engineers, associated with the project to design and implement new features and functions.
  • The developers also have to maintain the copyright as well as the code integrity for the clients.
  • They are also responsible for implementing a better security system to ensure the safety of the user’s data.
  • Working with the various data team they will ensure a smarter product to launch on behalf of their client.
  • The full stack web development services are experienced enough to create various graphical designs for better UI in web applications.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer?

Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer

Choosing any one of the mean stack or full-stack development provides their own set of benefits. So, selecting the right development process on the basis of the requirements of your business can provide you with promising results. Here are some of the top benefits that you can experience for choosing any of the stack development,

Mean Stack Development

  • The mean stack developers will cover the client-side as well as the server-side development components.
  • You can gain smooth and efficient control over the development process due to its MVC architecture. MVC or Model Viewer controller is a function implemented for the clients.
  • The product created with this development process is powered by four famous development technologies. Such as Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS, and MongoDB.
  • It is also a cost-effective solution as the frameworks used in this process are open-source in nature.
  • There are many pre-loaded testing tools that help the developers to execute the testing phase efficiently.
  • The development process is best for single-page applications with stronger UI. These web applications are also very secure for user data.
  • This development process usually omits the gunk works, so that it stays organized for a better user experience.

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Full-stack Development

  • One of the main benefits of full-stack development is the freedom of switching from front end development to back-end development.
  • This development is also a cost-effective solution. So the start-ups and small organizations can choose it to develop their business web applications.
  • The product created with this development process is easy to upgrade. Basically, the business has to implement the latest technology trends in the market, to maintain its user base. That is why full-stack development allows easy implementation of the new features and functionalities.
  • As the full-stack developers have knowledge of all the areas of the development process. They are allowed to switch from task to task even project to project if the development process is required.
  • This app development process is best for small and medium-sized enterprises. As the development process can be broken into segments so that developers can save time.
  • Design and functional implementation can be done smoothly on-site with the client’s presence.
  • This framework is also very cost-effective due to the open-source frameworks used during the development process.

How To Hire The Right Stack Developers For Developing Your Business App?

Hiring the right stack developers can be very tough, as it requires immense time and effort to conduct thorough research on the present market conditions. As the technologies advance at a significant pace, it also raises the clients’ expectations. There are many app development companies available in the market. But choosing the right one for developing your web application is your main job.

Before selecting the custom web development company, you have to select what type of developer will be efficient for your project. This is the most debatable part of the whole stack hiring process. That is why here are some effective tips that you should ensure before hiring any stack developer,

  • First, you should know the meaning of stack. The stack is the development tools need to create a high-performing, dynamic web application. This includes programming languages, technologies, features and functionalities, and much more.
  • Then you have to fix the achievable aspects of a stack according to the requirements of your business.
  • After that, you have to create a roadmap of agile software to ensure a larger spectrum of the target audience.
  • Always choose the right database infrastructure and solutions so that you can get a better quality product.
  • Consult with various app developing experts and choose the full or mean stack developer, which one is more efficient for your project. Hiring the right full stack developer can provide your results beyond your expectations
  • Always try to imagine the position of the application after it gets launched on the market. This helps to calculate scalability as well as flexibility, the two important factors of the development process.
  • Try to choose quality over prices. Basically, there are many cheap and free web app development solutions available in the market. But it is better now to choose them, as these are ready-made solutions that can be a problem for the long run. So, try to find the best stack development company, that can provide you with a dynamic and responsive application at reasonable rates.

What Is The Key Difference Between Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer?

Mean Stack Vs Full Stack Developer

There are a lot of differences between a mean stack and a full-stack development process. So, to ensure a better quality of the product you just have to choose the right development process and experience their perks effectively. Here are some of the key differences between the two stack development processes,

1. Programming Language

Hiring mean stack developer will only use an integral part of the programming language used in full-stack app development. Whereas the full stack developers use various programming languages, especially JavaScript to provide your promising outcomes.

2. Usage and Names

The full-stack usually refers to all the development tools need to create a high-performing, feature-packed web application. On the other hand, the mean stack means some of the specific tools used for better results.

3. Developer Perspective

The mean stack developers are experts in JavaScript programming language for the front end as well as the back-end development process.

Whereas the demand of the full stack developer is quite higher than mean stack developers. As they are eligible to work on both server-side and client-side development, also switch between them if needed. Plus, are responsible for continuous enhancement and the smooth function of the websites. 

4. On the Basis of Front-end and Back-end Tools

Basically, the mean stack development is based on 4 types of development tools such as,

  • MongoDB- is famous for non-SQL databases, which are widely used in today’s mobile applications.
  • Express JS- is well-known for creating better quality of server-side applications.
  • Angular JS- this framework is for creating responsive and interactive applications with better UI.
  • Node JS- This is the most popular framework, providing an easier and faster development process for web applications.

On the other hand, full stack development includes all the programming languages. Such as PHP, C#, C++, Java, Python, and much more.

5. On the Basis of Technologies

In order to be a better mean stack developer, you have to gain immense knowledge of the 4 main frameworks. Then you can provide a better quality product to your clients.

Whereas the full stack development company have developers, with better knowledge and experience on all the frameworks available in the market. Their technologies can handle development, web design, automation and optimization on both the server and client-side development.

Conclusion –

The dilemma of choosing the mean stack or full-stack developer is one of the most common issues in the mind of non-tech and less technical knowledgeable investors in the market. So, as an entrepreneur or business owner who have to choose the development process on the basis of your business requirement. Choosing the right group of developers will not only ensure a better product but also provide you with a larger user base.