With changing lifestyles, we have found a new way of finding love. Those days were old when people’s love stories revolved around books, movies and stories. Dating apps have become a new trend in the past few years. Yes, dating apps have become the only support for hopeless singles. Who would have thought dating online could be the beginning of an actual relationship.

Several people worldwide have one or more dating applications on their mobile devices. The dating app trend offered many individuals opportunities to become extroverts and expand their social circle. Nowadays, you can find your love only a swipe away!

However, iOS and Android app development services are growing swiftly due to millennials’ demand for dating applications. Many people invest in startups for dating, but it is crucial to know that there’s a lot of competition today.

There are numerous dating app like skout across the world. However, not every dating application has become successful. If you are also considering the development of a dating app like skout, then you must read this blog till the very end.

Let’s dive into the blog now!

What Is a Skout App?

Skout is a mobile application that is based on social networks. The app was launched in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. It is a dating app that connects people worldwide according to their personal preferences.

How To Build an App Like Skout?

How To Build an App Like Skout

If you are considering the development of an app like skout, you must follow these steps of development. Here is the step by step guide to building an app like skout, which you develop with the help of full stack development.

1.    Validate Your Dating App Idea

Before everything, you should first verify your idea of a dating app with your investors. You can also hire startup consulting services to identify what kind of dating app you want to develop. As we all know, dating apps are getting immense popularity these days. Still, it is essential to discover if your dating app idea is unique? Identifying the right idea to develop a dating app like skout will help you in the long run. It is important first to structure your app development to help you maintain your budget and requirements.

2.    Analyze Your Competitor

Competitor research is one of the most important steps that you should include in developing mobile applications. Analyzing your competitive advantage, disadvantages, and strategies will help you determine essential factors in your app development. It will also help you identify the USP (unique selling point) of your competitor, which will benefit you in modifying your app’s unique selling point.

3.    Design And Features

Any other app development, including dating, requires an attractive design to attract users. It is crucial to know that an attractive UI/UX will attract more users to your mobile application and enhance user engagement. Many dating applications work on their design to ensure users enjoy using them.

Make sure to design your app with beautiful layers of graphics. It is essential to add moderate to advanced features in your application to make it compete with others.

4.    Coding and Development

In this step, you should hire dedicated developers who will begin the development of apps like skout. In the development procedure, coding is one the most important factors that demand skilled and expert developers.

Your school outsources a custom iPhone app development or custom android development team for the success of your app. Hiring an effective team of developers will make you clone the skout app bug-free.

5.    Testing and Quality Assurance

Before the launch, it is essential to get every part of your app with assurance. Before making the app live, you should first testify whether your app is bug-free or not. It will provide your detailed knowledge of your running app with error-free design, framework, and coding. Many dating apps like skout went through this step before launching their app in the market.

6.    Launch and Promote

After testing the application and rectifying the errors, you can launch the application on the apple store or the play store for users to download. After the launch, you should start promoting your mobile app on social media platforms for advertising them on other top websites. Promoting and advertising your app will drive traffic to your mobile application.

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What Are The Basic Features To Add In A Dating App?

We have mentioned fundamental features that are used in dating app like skout. Read the following carefully if you want to develop another one like that.

1.    User Panel

  • Sign Up and Login
  • Profile Verification via email/ phone number
  • Send and Accept requests
  • Edit profile privacy and visibility
  • Loyalty Bonus/discounts for referring friends
  • Push Notifications and alerts
  • Accept and reject the request
  • Customer Support
  • Geolocation matches
  • Chat/voice call/video call and meet up requests
  • Upload pictures and add other personal profile data
  • Control user profile to share/block/report
  • Matches Suggestions

2.    Admin Panel

  • Log in to Admin Dashboard
  • Multiple Payment gateway
  • Verify customer profile
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multiple Languages Support and Translations
  • Manage Email and SMS marketing
  • Manage customers/invites/rewards
  • Membership packages
  • Push Notifications
  • Track Revenue
  • Manage Promotions/offers
  • Manage Menu/Pages/Screens

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What Are The Top Features To Include In an App Like Skout?

key features of dating app

There are top six features of dating applications that you should include in an app like skout to enhance growth in user engagement. Here is the list of some top effective features that you should include in your app like skout.

1.    Registration or Sign Up

It is one of the critical features you must include in your dating app. It is important to greet users with an instruction guide when they open the app for the first time. Your app must include a registration and signup process through a standard email address, mobile number or any other social media account, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

2.    Push Notification

Push notification is an important feature of every mobile application. Notification alerts are best for the users who utilize such dating apps as there is always a sense of anticipation. It’s critical to include features that alert the user whenever someone snaps right on their profile.

The feature becomes extremely important for users who use the app regularly. When a person receives a message, they should receive notifications to connect with the person right away!

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3.    Geolocation

If you want to build an app like skout, you should know that skout uses a location feature to determine the social venues, such as pubs and coffee shops, they visit the most. Other users who have visited that location will only receive a notification once the app user has left. Skout also uses geolocation to discover friends based on shared interests. You can also use this feature in your app to enhance the traffic rapidly.

4.    Voice and Video Calling

Hire a Mobile app development company that offers you the best framework to build your application’s voice and video call features. Users can step beyond text chat into something more personal and voice and video calling services.

You can make this feature a paid premium in your app like skout.  Many dating apps offer a secure and feature-rich voice, text, and video API that you can integrate into your dating app using your preferred platform, SDK, or framework.

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5.    Matching Algorithms

With the help of a Mobile app development company, many dating movie applications use this feature to attract users. The feature allows users to know information about the other user and can like or reject a user.

Matching algorithms begin with the user’s profile information and preferences. After that, an AI engine learns about users’ preferences based on the profiles they like or reject. With time, the user will come across an increasing number of profiles that he will enjoy.

6.    Discovering People

It is the most important feature for dating apps like skout. Finding the capabilities of a user in the app is essential since it will assist users in identifying the right match of a person with whom they want to connect. When the app is given access to the phone’s GPS, it becomes much easier for users to locate people who share similar interests in their immediate vicinity.

What Are The Tech Stacks Used In An App like Skout?

tech stack for dating app

For the development of dating apps like skout, it is essential to know different technologies used for both ios and android app development. The tech stack is adjustable according to the requirements of your application. Below mentioned are some important tools that use in building dating app like skout:

Functions Tech Stack
Database MySQL
Frameworks React Native, Laravel
Programming Languages PHP, JavaScript
Cloud Services Amazon Services
Payment Gateway PayPal, Braintree, Stripe
Other Important Tools Google Analytics, Google Maps, Twilio, User Notifications Framework, etc.


We hope you liked this blog. It is critical to know that developing a dating app might be a very lucrative investment. Still, developing a dating app like skout is a difficult process that necessitates financial resources and significant skill from a Custom web development company. Hopefully, the guide mentioned above was helpful for you in developing an app of your own.