“Psychological Warfare said that every user is under FOMO (fear of missing out). Their FOMO influences them to invest money, spend their time, and put effort and energy into fantasy sports games.”

Are you looking for the cost to develop a fantasy sports app? Then you should read this blog. Gaming addiction is increasing exponentially with the massive increase in Internet users. Fantasy sports developers put a lot into incorporating the latest technology and trends in their fantasy sports app development.

Developers and owners of fantasy sports apps are also interested in creating new fantasy sports apps like Dream11, according to audience needs.

Fantasy Sports, as you may know, is a trend that has become a favorite amongst all of the major gaming companies. It has become a multi-billion-dollar business and is having a major impact on live sporting events. Fantasy Sports are often associated with sports like Baseball, Rugby, Horse Riding, and Rugby, but also Football, Tennis, Horse Riding, and Baseball.

Thus, if you’re a business person who is curious about Fantasy sports app development costs. then you have reached the correct place. This blog will discuss the factors that influence the cost of development and the average cost to develop a Fantasy sports app.


What is a Sports Fantasy App?

Fantasy sport app

The sports fantasy application allows players to create and manage virtual teams. It is an online game that simulates real games by using specific athletes. Players’ performance in a virtual team is compared with other players or groups of them. These apps are designed to help users win their leagues and tournaments. They do this by selecting players from professional teams, setting up lineups, trading, and managing various aspects of their team. Some popular fantasy sports apps cover football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.


Fantasy Sports App Development- Overview

The process to develop a fantasy sports app is to create a digital platform that allows users to take part in virtual sports leagues. These apps let users draft their own team of real athletes, and then compete against others based on real-life statistics and performance. 

  • According to OppLoans, the average fantasy football player works on their team for 6.9 hours per week.
  • Fantasy football is played by 78% of Americans.
  • The Fantasy Sports Market is expected to reach USD 21,39 billion in 2021. By 2027, it is expected to reach USD 42.07 billion.
  • In 2022, the market size for fantasy sports services in the United States will reach 9.48 billion U.S. Dollars. This is an increase from the 8.44 billion U.S. Dollars of the previous year. The market is expected to grow to 9.84 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.
  • In India, there will be approximately 130 million fantasy sports users registered by 2021. According to the upward growth trend which emerged in 2017, it is estimated that this user base will grow to 160 million in 2022.
  • Did you know that 66% of men and 34% of females bet on Daily Fantasy Sports?
  • In 2022, there are estimated to be 62.5 million DFS users in the USA and Canada.
  • In India, revenue from fantasy sports will increase at a CAGR of 33%. By 2027, the number of users will be 50 million.


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How does the Fantasy Sports App work?

It is important to clarify the rules for newbies who want to play these apps. Below is the working of the fantasy sports app: 

  • After the OTP is verified, players should select their preferred sport. These apps have a wide range of ongoing and upcoming games.
  • Players choose a sport, then build their own teams based on how each player performs.
  • The users select their captain and vice-captain to lead them in the match.
  • Users can create multiple teams based on the performance of players and their discipline in games. Virtual players can choose any team of their choice.
  • The app credits point to your account during gaming. These points are then converted into rewards based on the performance of the team or individual in the live game.
  • Users can change the players of their team until the end of the match based on gameplay and performance. Users can track the performance of other players to modify their team.
  • When the game is over, the bots of the application will award the team extra points. The bots will divide the points further based on performance.


Top 5 Fantasy Sports Apps


1. CBS Fantasy Sports




CBS Sports Fantasy is a fantasy sports app that offers a variety of features. It includes live and mock drafts as well as player news, draft assistance, player projections, and more. The pages for team management are uncluttered and clean. It’s good because there is a lot of information to take in. This includes fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. You can switch from one sport to another as you need. A few issues here and there exist. The majority of issues aren’t that bad.


2. DraftKings


DraftKings logo


DraftKings is a name you’ve likely heard before. They brag about winnings so large that no one has ever been able to achieve them through their daily or weekly fantasy pools. You’re not likely to quit your day job to be a fantasy jockey full-time. The app is still fun. The app supports a wide range of sports including fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, Nascar, and MMA. The site is a little scammy but there are free games as well as the paid ones. 

So, if you want to develop a fantasy sports app like DraftKings, then you must hire a fantasy app development services provider. We do not recommend the expensive leagues. This is a waste of money. There’s still plenty of fun to be had for everyone else.


3. ESPN Fantasy Sports




A well-known fantasy sports app is ESPN Fantasy Sports. It backs traditional sports. Basketball, baseball, hockey, and fantasy football are all available. Leagues are open to public or private members. Additionally featured are material design, player rankings, forecasts, and mock draughts. Weekly emails that track your progress are available. There are a few problems. They are present in most integrated fantasy sports apps. It’s not a major problem. The Streak or Cash game was just moved to this app. It’s still insufficient.


4. FanDuel




DraftKings and FanDuel have a lot of similarities. It is a site for fantasy sports where real money is used. On your fantasy squad vs everyone else’s, you can place a wager. The awards belong to the winner. There are no free choices available with this one. There are several low-cost alternatives. You may form a league that just includes your buddies. The funds are gathered and given to the winners. It’s unclear how this game didn’t have the Google Play tag for in-app purchases. It’s fun but not worth spending too much money. Also, they have brackets for March Madness.


5. RealFevr


Realfevr logo


RealFevr, a fantasy football app for fans of soccer (European Football), is available on iOS and Android. It supports many leagues and events. Even the World Cup this year was supported. This app is packed with all the features that you would want from a fantasy game. Also included are a salary cap, prizes, playoffs, and multi-platform compatibility. You can find soccer league apps for specific leagues that provide a more personalized experience. This is great for soccer fans that enjoy multiple events. This is also completely free.


Features to integrate in fantasy sports app

Now that you know the popular fantasy sports app, let’s now check out the features that you must integrate when you develop a fantasy sports app. However, it is vital to hire fantasy sports app developers who are well in the latest technology and develop an app with agile methodology. 


Features to integrate in fantasy sports app


The Admin Panel

1. Dashboard

The admin will find this feature the most useful as it allows them to take full control of their sports fantasy app.

The app shows the number of users, the matches that are on and those coming up, as well as the earnings generated by users.


2. User Management

Admins can easily manage app users with this feature. Admins can edit, delete or deactivate accounts. They can also assign privileges based on the role of the user.


3. Contest Management

The admin can manage all the contests on the platform using this feature. The admin can check details, add contests, edit them, delete them, or deactivate them.


4. View Earnings

A fantasy sports app’s main selling point is the ability to earn money and rewards for correctly predicting player performance in a match. View Earnings allows administrators to track the earnings of users.


5. Report Management

The admin can view various reports, such as player rankings and earnings reports. It is important to analyze these reports to make decisions that will keep users engaged.

You can add more features to your app by hiring an on-demand app development company that develops custom apps. You should consider whether the feature will be useful to users and not just an annoyance.


The User Panel

1. User Registration

Registration is the first step in a user’s journey through your app. Users of fantasy sports apps are required to provide their name, contact information, email address, a unique username, and preferred payment methods. Make sure you only request the information that’s required.


2. Contest Dashboard

After registering on your platform, users can start creating teams and entering competitions. The search function allows users to locate contests based on sports type, date, and match type. The user can also check the results of various contests they have taken part in. In addition, this feature is the same for iOS apps, so if you want to integrate them with customization in custom iOS app development, take help from professionals.


3. Profile Management

This feature allows users to control the information they share and their preferences when using an app. Users have the option of adding images and personalizing their profiles to suit their tastes. The user can also inquire about account information, earnings, and rewards, transaction history, referral bonuses, etc.


4. Payment

In order to enter a competition and pay participation fees, users must be able to load money into their in-app wallet. You will need to offer them a variety of payment options, including cards, net banking, UPI, and more.


How can fantasy sports apps be monetized?

Fantasy apps have become increasingly popular with sports fans. They allow them to manage virtual teams using real-life players, and compete against others. When you develop a fantasy sports app, consider taking help from android app development solutions. It can be a fun and exciting endeavor, but monetizing the app can prove to be incredibly difficult. While it’s important to keep the app engaging and user-friendly, you should also consider different strategies for generating revenue. We’ve provided some tips on how to monetize fantasy sports apps.


1. Subscription Fee

Users can pay a subscription for your fantasy app. This fee can be an annual fee, a single-time fee or a monthly subscription fee.


2. Participation Fee

Some fantasy sports platforms charge a fee to participate in contests that offer the chance for users to win payouts comparable with NFL. These contests can have huge cash prizes.


3. Advertisements

Advertising is a typical method of app monetization. Ads can be placed on your app to earn money depending on how many people view or click on them. Brands can advertise in your app through banners, videos, and other forms of advertising.


Fantasy CTA (2)


4. Premium Features

The addition of premium features, such as the option to create multiple teams or to access advanced statistics is another way to generate revenue. These features may be purchased within the app.


5. Brands and Partners

Partnering with brands that are similar to yours will allow you to offer discounts or special promotions for your users. The brands will give you a commission on every sale that is made via your app.


6. Paid Contests

You can charge an entry fee to users for paid contests that you organize within your app. Prize money can be part of the entry fees or sponsored by brands. additionally, this feature is the same for an app like Dream11, so if you want to integrate into your app, it would better to hire professionals. 


7. Data Licensing

It is also possible to monetize your fantasy sports app by collecting data about the app’s users, their preferences, and behavior, and then selling that information to third parties for advertising or market research.

You can use a combination of these tactics or just one of them to increase your revenue. It’s crucial to choose the monetization strategy that is ideal for your app and target market.


Tech stack to develop fantasy sports apps

Below is the tech stack that a React native app development company has approved for the development of fantasy sports apps. So let’s have a look. 

Front-End programming languages CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
Back-End programming languages Java, PHP, and Ruby
Frameworks AngularJS, BootStrap, Vue.JS, jQuery, Yii2
Database Management MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HBase, MailChimp Integrations, Cassandra
Web Servers Apache, Linux
Cloud Servers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Azure
Native Mobile App Development Kotlin (Android), Swift (iOS)
Cross-Platform App Development Flutter, React Native and ReactJS
Payment Integrations PayUMoney Stripe PayPal Braintree
Push Notifications Twilio Apple Push Notifications



Factors that affect the cost of develop a fantasy sports app

The creation of a fantasy sports application is a difficult process with several processes and hundreds of components. These factors may significantly affect how much it costs to build fantasy apps. Understanding these factors will help you gain a better understanding of how they impact the cost to develop a Fantasy Sports App. We’ll discuss each factor below.


Factors that affect the cost of develop a fantasy sports app


1. App Platform

Decide which platform you will use before you start developing a mobile application. Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms to develop apps. Platforms have their own advantages and drawbacks. The choice of platform depends on your project’s specifications and preferences.

Cross-platform app development or hybrid app design is the best choice if you want to develop an app that can be used on both platforms, without having to develop two separate apps. When figuring out how much a bespoke fantasy sports application will cost, this aspect should be taken into account.


2. Tech Stack

The application is built with a number of technologies that are based on the requirements of the project. Metaverse, IoT, and AI in sports are examples of technologies that have a significant impact on an app’s performance. The final cost of an app can also be influenced by the kind of programming language used to create it.


3. Sports Apps Types

The type of fantasy sports application you wish to create will also have a significant impact on the cost. Each sports app has a different price. You can’t expect the fantasy sports app developer to charge the same price for the fantasy cricket app and fantasy football app because the features you want inbuilt into each sport are different.

Many other sports such as soccer, basketball, golf, and baseball also have similar requirements. In-built features and requirements will vary depending on the sport. The cost to develop a fantasy sports app will vary depending on the sport you select.


4. Location of Developers

Another crucial element in calculating the overall cost of your fantasy sports app is the location of the development business you select. App developers in the US and Canada, for example, charge $30-$40 per hour whereas developers in Asian countries such as India only charge $15-$20. So when you hire dedicated developers for your business, you should consider first their cost. 


5. App Maintenance

App maintenance can also have a major impact on the costs of developing fantasy sports apps. The maintenance of a fantasy app includes regular bug fixes and server maintenance. It also involves technical support, the development of new features, and security updates. Budgeting for app maintenance is therefore important from the beginning of the development process to ensure the app stays up to date, secure and provides a seamless experience to its users.


6. App Features

This is the biggest factor that affects the cost of developing fantasy apps. App development is complicated by a number of features and functionality.

Consider that adding features will make your app more complex and take longer to create as the number of features increases. The cost to develop a fantasy sports application will go up as a result.


Cost to develop a fantasy sports app

As mentioned above, the cost to develop an app like Dream 11 is dependent on a variety of factors. The factors that determine the overall development cost are so important that it’s difficult to estimate the exact cost. You can contact a fantasy app development company to receive a quote for the cost of developing a fantasy application.

The average development cost for a single platform application with basic functionality will be between $25,000 and $45,000. If you are looking to create a cross-platform app with advanced features, it can cost up to $50,000.

It is very important that you hire a Fantasy sports app developer that has experience in projects similar to yours. You can complete the development of your game without the hassle of hiring a reliable fantasy sports app development company.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Fantasy Sports App?



You’re done! You should have a better sense of what to anticipate in terms of planning and cost control after reading our guide on the cost to develop a fantasy sports app. Regardless of your level of experience with fantasy sports, you can now create the finest fantasy sports app. Get ready for an exciting adventure through the fantasy sports app development industry.



How to launch a fantasy sports business in 2023?

You need to do some market research and choose a niche before you start your fantasy sports app in 2023. You can hire a fantasy app development firm to develop a fantasy app that has the latest gaming trends and features.

What are the steps for creating a fantasy sports app?

This can be achieved by hiring the best game app developer for your project to make an app for fantasy sports. The most efficient way to make this process more efficient is to partner with an organization that offers dynamic results, and technical support and helps you set up a profitable company by providing dynamic solutions.

How long does it take to develop a fantasy sports application?

The complexity of an app will determine how long it takes to Build a fantasy sports app. It can take several weeks or even months to create a fantasy sports app. The time required to build the app, test it, and make any changes necessary before its final launch are all included.Depending on its features and usefulness, a fantasy sports application’s development time might likewise change.