Fantasy App like Dream 11 is such a great example of a mobile application for sports lovers where they can form their team based on the real-life statistics of the players, and the best part is there are lots of crash prizes that can be won. There is a large fan following worldwide about fantasy sports. So if you are planning to launch your app, it is the right time to do so.   

There is no such country that exists in a world where you can’t find a sports fanatic. The major sports are cricket, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball that people used to play worldwide. Due to the evolution of technology, you can also enjoy these games via a mobile app called Fantasy Sports App.

There are several mobile apps in the market where some of the apps are counted as top-notch such as Yahoo fantasy app, ESPN fantasy sports app, and many more. Dream11 is one of the best sports mobile applications where users can play fantasy cricket, win a cash prize, and legally transfer the amount to their linked account.

In terms of revenue, the fantasy sports industry has grown exponentially as a multimillion-dollar industry in this decade. For reference, the global fantasy sports market size was USD 13900 million in 2018 that is projected to reach 33200 million by 2025 with a CAGR 2019-2025 13.2%. It is such a great idea to invest the money for it and promises excellent revenue in turn.

The Things You Consider While Designing & Developing Fantasy App like Dream 11?

The fantasy sports apps are not like an ordinary app where this & that module is done, and the app is ready to launch. It is such a complex process and requires a kind of expertise. For designing and developing an app like Dream11, here are some steps that will give an excellent insight into the development process-

1. Data Representation

A vibrant color scheme and theme can attract the customers once, but if data is incorrect or data representation is poor, the user will shift to the next app within a blink. Due to it, you will not only lose users, but it will also affect the repo of your app. So, here you need to showcase the correct data in an interactive way to the users who love to engage with your fantasy app.


The growth or success of a mobile app is proportional to the backend and frontend development. Where frontend or UI/UX is the first thing with users interacts first. Before you initiate the designing process, you must be ready with the requirements and to-do list that you want to implement in designing. These are the everyday things to design a mobile app.

To make the app unique here, you need to implement the 5-Second rule that says within five seconds; the design must attract the customer to explore the app more or move to the next one. So, whatever framework you have chosen for sports app development, you must stick to the things that can make your app tremendous. No matter how much time it will take, the results of patience and continuous efforts always worked great.

3. Content Management

Although you will make a sports app similar to Deream11, never underestimate the content because it is always a king, and many sports fanatics exist who die hardly read the sports news and want to know the statistics, so here you need to implement the inverted pyramid information flow.

First, you need to showcase the critical content in your fantasy sports app’s content section, and then you have to showcase the further specification. For an impactful app and far better customer engagement, effective data fetching is needed, especially when you plan to launch a similar app to Dream11. It is directly related to classifying information for the user in a well-versed way.

4. Interaction with App

The purpose of defining this section is to reveal some valuable points, although it is part of frontend development.

It is such a fantastic fact that humans can capture 7 visual elements even lesser than it at a time. After sign-up or login, the user will land on the home screen so, it is your responsibility to display essential elements only while developing an app like Dream11. It will help the users to recognize the crucial sections of the app and interact smoothly. The sole purpose of fantasy app development is to on-board the sports lovers at a common platform, and the user always likes delicate design, easy navigation, and smooth functionality. If your sports app has it, then there will be more users engaged for sure.

5. Tech Stack

It is most crucial that what kind of tech stack you will use to develop an app like Dream11. There is tough competition in the market, and for standing out of the crowd, you need to use the latest technology and tools. So, the following are the details about it that you need for cricket betting app development. You should note that you have to arrange the tech stack for both platforms, such as Android and iOS.

  • For Android- Kotlin, Java, Node.js
  • For iOS- Swift, Objective C, C#
  • Database- MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL,
  • Frontend- JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, JQuery, Angular JS
  • Cloud Integration- AWS, MS Azure, Google Cloud
  • Push Notifications- Amazon SNS, Push.IO, Map, Twilio, Amazon SNS, Push.IO, Map, Urban
  • Payment Integration- PayPal Integration, Stripe, Braintree, Pay-U-Money, Net Banking
  • Real-Time Analytics- Cisco, Flink, Apache, IBM, Hadoop, Big Data, Spark

Although these are initial details, there may be some more components you can add as per requirements.

6. Collaborate the Power of Web and Mobile Technologies 

Here we are talking about the fantasy sports app development like Dream11, but a website is also required because most users check the information before downloading any app. It has been observed that around 59% of users check website belongs to some app before installing. Another reason is that you can use your fantasy sports website to showcase the additional information that’s not possible to display on the app.

7. Monetization Strategy

Revenue generation is also one of the objectives of developing a fantasy app, so you need to strategize regarding it. You can consider the following for the monetization strategy for fantasy sports business app-

  • In-App Purchase: the user can purchase sports-related T-shirts, Key Chains, Goodies, and other related items while playing the sports.
  • In-App Advertising: you can charge a third party to display their ads on your app. Most of the apps are earning great via it, and even apps like YouTube also allow third parties for it.
  • Subscription-Based Model: By following this model, you can propose the subscription plan to the users to choose accordingly.
  • Pay-Per Game: The user has to pay per match fee under this model.


How To Promote A Fantasy App?


If you are thinking about – How to promote a fantasy app? Then it is such a nice thing because if users do not know about your app, efforts will be useless. So, it would be best to make a perfect strategy for marketing and promoting your fantasy sports app like Dream11. Before we proceed for the further points, you also take care of the following points-

  • Choose The Sport- the first-ever thing that should be in your mind with which game you want to go for your fantasy app business. It does not mean that you launch the app for one sport; you can choose multiple sports, but you must have a well-prepared list about it.


  • Demographic- the next most crucial step before initiating the marketing, you have to clear yourself on which location you are going to target the audience and what kind of sports is in trend. For example, in the USA the sports lovers are always crazy about baseball and basketball. So if you are targeting that country, then your app, like Dream11, must host the games like it.

From the business point of view, you can do the following for marketing of your app-

  • Free Membership– It will be such a significant step for the marketing of your fantasy sports app. Initially, you can offer free membership to the users once they are onboarded and like your app, then there will be free mouth publicity of your app among other users. You can also offer the roles and badges to the high performers. It will motivate them more to participate in the contests.


  • Cash Prize– for motivation and engagement, offering cash prizes to the app users can work fantastic in terms of promotion, and it is such a perfect marketing strategy. So, to attract more users to your fantasy sports platform, it would be best to offer a prize that they can withdraw easily that will work fine.


  • Affiliate Marketing– is one of the hottest and new-age marketing trends to promote any brand that you can also use for your fantasy app. Affiliate marketers can help you build a strong network over the internet to make high reach among fantasy sports fanatics. In return, you can offer a commission to them that will motivate them to expand your reach more.


  • Digital Marketing– Digital marketing replaced traditional marketing, and here we are talking about promoting the fantasy game app. Digital marketing will work tremendously for it. It includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and content marketing. It will improve your brand value to a greater extent.

The Features You Should Consider While Developing a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11 

The app will contain two segments one is – User Panel, and another is Admin Panel. The user panel stands for the fantasy sports players who will play the games, and the admin panel stands for the administrator so he would be able to handle the overall activities. Let’s kick start exploring the features list one by one.

1. User Panel

  • User Registration: Users can sign-up and log in with their respective phone number, e-mail id, or if they have any referral code provided by their friends.


  • Landing Screen: It will be the main screen that a user will see after login. Users can find All app-related information and navigation to the app sections- such as sports type, contests category, ongoing contests, contest results, team info, and other information.


  • Contest: A fantasy app developer ensures that users find all information and navigation to the contests as per their fantasy game choice.  


  • Payment Options: Users can choose different options for payment, including credit & debit cards and net banking.


  • My Profile: User can modify their profile details with ease.


  • My Earnings: Users can view the cash prizes that they have earned via winning contests.


  • Invite & Earn: Users can recommend the app to their friends & family and can earn great rewards.


  • Help & Support: In case of any assistance required, a user can request help and support from the admin.


2. Admin Panel  

  • Admin Login: with a specific username and password admin can login into the panel.


  • DashBoard: this section empowers the admin to have complete control over the app and users’ activity.


  • Contest Management: admin can schedule the contests. They also activate and deactivate the contests.


  • Manage Reports: the admin can quickly generate contest reports, user reports, and monthly or quarterly reports.


  • Earnings: admin can view overall earning by the app as well as they can also view the individual earning.


  • Manage Withdraw Request: admin can approve or reject the withdrawal requests by users. In case of any discrepancy, they can refund the amount to the users.


  • Manage Prize: admin can decide the prize money to increase or decrease it and inform the users.


3. Additional Features

  • Live Score API: it will help you to engage the customers more. It will make your fantasy sports app unique, where the users can view the live score of matches.


  • Live Streaming: it is such a great feature that will help you excellently monetize your app. It will work as one of the app’s premium features where users can view the sports match live.


  • Chat Bot Integration: This feature can be included with the help of an experienced fantasy sports app development company. It will help the admin to have a strong relationship with the users. Where users can use the in-app chat feature for acquiring the information.


  • Blockchain-Based Transaction: Blockchain is new-gen technology that ensures a secure transaction process. So, for the security of your app and users, it would be best to consider it for your fantasy game app.


  • Real-Time Analytics: Real-time analytics is a crucial requirement of a modern mobile app, so it is also applied to the fantasy app.


  • GPS Location Tracking: will help users to find out the location of nearby ongoing matches.


  • Ecommerce Section: this feature is also related to the monetization of your app. Under this section, you can offer T-shirts, sportswear, sports item, critical chains for sale.

You can also include more features as per your requirement.

What Are The Reasons That You Should Invest In Fantasy Sports App?

3.2 billion smartphone owners exist, so you can easily imagine how it is worth launching a mobile app. Worldwide there is a huge fan following of fantasy sports. There are 60 million users who exist only in the USA and Canada, so it is straightforward to say that worldwide, millions of users like to play fantasy game apps.

Not only in –terms of entertainment, launching a fantasy app is such an excellent monetization idea.

Following are the reasons that why you should invest in the fantasy sports app like Dream11-

  • Catering The Need of Entertainment

Although there are several mediums of entertainment, sports is something different than that. So, if your app is unique, users will like it most, and in turn, you will have significant revenue. Once the user finds your app attractive, their entertainment thirst will be quenched, and you can encash it as there are numerous earnings possibilities.

  • Legal Sports Solutions

Most of the time, people are confused about betting and fantasy sports. But the reality is fantasy sports are legal, and there is no compliance issue with it because users only pay a match fee that a player has to pay to play the game in real life. So, fantasy cricket app development is a fine idea to propose an exciting app to the users.

  • High Revenue

The apps like Dream11, FanDuel, etc., are generating handsome revenue every year. It works as the motivation for others to launch their apps. Without fear, you can launch your app; the only thing is it must promise the things that others are missing. It will help you to achieve financial goals via a fantasy app.

  • High Demand

There is considerable demand for fantasy sports app in the market. The reason is that almost all persons worldwide use smartphones, and a significant percentage of users like to play games on mobiles. They not only play the games also spend the money to buy subscriptions for uninterrupted entertainment. So, you can leverage the high demand by launching a unique fantasy app like Dream11.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are passionate about the fantasy games app and want to invest your money for future gain, then you need to understand that you have to come up with some unique idea and an app that must provide an exceptional experience to the users with the help of an experienced mobile app development company. There are many unexplored opportunities in fantasy sports segments, so you need to find out those and move forward to produce something exciting for great results. The users will be never want to miss your app if it promises something exciting that they miss in other apps.