A website can promise you something that can’t be promised by another tool; the only condition is that it must be built fine by some PHP expert. The point is how to reach them because there are 6.1 million PHP developers active around the world. So, if you are looking now for a web developer, we have arranged some useful information that will take you through the factors that can be considered while hiring a PHP developer for your project. 

There are several things required to start a business. As per current needs, having a professional website is crucial for any enterprise as this decade is ending traditional marketing. Each brand is targeting the customers via websites and apps. Although there are several techniques available for developing a website, nearly 80% of websites are empowered by PHP, and the credit goes to each PHP developer.  

For your curiosity, PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor and is a server-side programming language that allows developers to create fully functional & fantastic web apps and websites. When it comes to finding out the most used programming language for web development, PHP holds a 21.98% share compared to the other languages, which makes it most promising for it, and it is proved multiple times.

PHP is especially building for web programming that facilitates the developers to a greater extent. In 2021, the PHP market share will be 45.43%. You will be amazed to know that out of the 10 websites, 8 websites are PHP website. So, this programming language will exist forever.

Currently, there is ample use of CMS that stands for the content management system, so CMS development services also have a direct relationship with PHP. Most trending CMS platform WordPress is based on it, and developers around the world are using that. If you are looking for PHP developers, you are on the right path, but be careful about the steps to take. This article will help you to do so.

Brief History Of PHP 


You are reading this article to know about the factors you must consider while hiring a PHP developer. Concerning brief history will help you understand the concept, so while discussing with the developer, you can correlate the things.

It was first appeared on 8th June 1995 and designed by Rasmus Lerdorf. Its latest stable release, 8.0.9, launched on 29th July 2021. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language, and its application is in implementing web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks. It also has applicability in developing standalone graphical applications, robotic drone control, etc.

Why Should You Hire A PHP Developer? 

There are several advantages of hiring a PHP developer for the project work. There are so many scripting, languages, and frameworks in the market but unmatchable to the others. It offers several frameworks and facilitates the developers to utilize all PHP components dynamically.

The following points are the best answer to why you should hire a dedicated PHP developer.

  • Loading Speed

PHP-based projects remain best in terms of fast loading speed. The PHP framework ensures fast speed while execution of an application that makes it much promising than others.

  • Feasibility

From the point of feasibility or affordability point of view, PHP developers offer high-grade web development services at affordable prices. The development cost is nothing for the well-established organization, but each penny is important for a start-up. So they can easily hire a PHP web developer at a feasible price for having an excellent website.

  • Time Effective

PHP programming is not only cost-effective; it is also a time-effective affair. The reason is coding is very easy via several latest tools. PHP web development usually takes less time than other web programming, so the developers produce fantastic web products under the timeline.

  • Technology & Tools  

The latest tools are available for modern PHP development on the internet that helps the developers to create something fruitful for their respective clients. The developers stay updated regarding the technology and tools, so they widely utilize them as per project specifications and meet the goals.

  • Open Source Programming Language

It is an open-source programming language and has a large community of professional, talented developers around the world. The community helps the developers to solve any specific problems in a short time. The best part is using PHP development tools is a costless affair, and the developers only charge their service code, not including the cost of the tools.

  • Professionalism

By hiring PHP developers from an experienced web development company, you will have the best experience of professionalism. That is the most required element to accomplish any project.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of PHP Developers?

When it comes to web development, the PHP developer’s role is crucial. It is their responsibility to craft the product that can match enterprise goals. They usually contribute as –

  • Designing and developing web apps and websites based on requirement analysis.
  • Handling the compatibility issues of a web product with platforms, browsers, and other third-party products.
  • The most crucial responsibility is requirement analysis; if done fine, the results will be fantastic because it works as the base for the project. Before writing even a first line of the code, they do this process and then make a strategy then start the development work.
  • They collaborate with all stakeholders until the deployment of the final product.
  • Meeting all the deadlines of the project.
  • Providing maintenance and implementing the updates in existing products.

Apart from all these points, if some expert is working as a full-stack developer, his responsibility becomes more because he has to take care of front-end & back-end development and ensure that the product works fine.

The Key Factors to Consider While Hire PHP Developer for Your Project

Developing a website is not child play; it requires years of experience to produce an enterprise website that a business uses to target the audience at a wide range or meet the goals. Suppose you have hired a developer, but he cannot handle the code in the middle of the project. It directly indicates a big loss of time and cost. In terms of business, it is not the right thing to do because the outcome may be disastrous.

Instead, it is better to follow some guidelines that will help you a lot while hiring the website developers to put yourself in disaster. So, here are some key factors that you need to take care of it-

  • Experience

An extensive experience is a must from the point of crafting web products. While hiring a dedicated developer, if you are underestimating the experience criteria, it will be a big mistake. Onboarding an experienced developer is always beneficial, and it is proved multiple times.

If you own a start-up and need a good website, it is necessary to hire someone who has already developed multiple websites or web apps. The main advantage is that they will never be left any stone unturned or leave you somewhere mid until the project is deployed. If you hire an experienced web development company, then the project’s success rate will be high. In terms of the high complexity of the project, experience plays a crucial role.

Hiring less experienced web developers may lead your business to a big loss that you don’t want to have at any condition. So before hiring a web programmer or a company, one must enquire about their experience.

  • Technical Perceptiveness   

Although every developer has technical skills, it is also required that the developer must be able to have technical perceptiveness and think about the future aspect of the project. They must have in-depth knowledge of PHP and its compatible programming language to handle it with ease to implement advanced code. Not only will they help you develop the new website, but they can also help in revamping your old website. If the developer’s knowledge matches your expectations, then half job will be done.

  • Time Management

Among other factors, time management is also a crucial factor. The web developer must finish the work under the given deadline and keep you in the loop regarding what is going on regarding your project. In case of any change or modification, you can immediately discuss with the developers before things become messy.

Before hiring or signing the contract, it would be better to inquire what their reporting procedure is or what kind of reporting tools they used to stay connected with their clients and update them. If the developer is punctual, you can easily look after your project to check whether your project is on the right track.

  • Portfolio

Due to the evolution of technology, now people read reviews, even buy an office pin, and we are talking about hiring a PHP website developer. Blindly making the decision about it is not a smart move. Before making mind, it would be best to check the portfolio of that particular PHP expert or a company you consider as the best option for your project.

In addition to it, you must also enquire about their previous work. If possible, then try to explore what kind of web applications they have built and how they are performing on a real-time basis. It will help you to measure their quality index and finding that they will meet your expectations or not. Here you can also search on the internet about them it will also provide you great insight.

  • Communication Skills

It is one of must require factors to check before hiring a PHP programmer. It is okay that hired developer is a skill full, but if he cannot communicate or can’t express his views regarding the project, things may be topsy turvy. Communication does not mean language spoken skills; it also includes how to communicate effectively to the cross-department teams, graphic designers, and all to manage and accomplish the work.

So the developer must have analytical skills and good listening habits so there will be no chance of miscommunication.

  • Ability to Handle Complexities 

During project development, sometimes complexities occur that need extra care. If a developer is used to handling it, it is okay, but if not, you will see its worst effect in your project. So, here you need to find out the shortlisted developer will be able to handle the dynamically raised complexities or not. The problems can occur any time the thing is with what attitude you handle it, so the same is applied to the PHP developer. Before hiring, you must ensure that a developer can handle runtime problems or not. If yes, then it will be fine, but if not, then it would be better to find out the next one.     

From Where To Hire PHP Developer?

For most business owners, it is sometimes a bottleneck problem from where to hire a PHP developer. If you are also one of them, then you should note that there are several sources you can consider for hiring web developers, which are the following –

  • PHP Developers community

It is one of the best options you can consider for hiring a dedicated PHP developer for your project. The PHP community is a well-established platform where the various level of experts exists on it. You can connect with any one of them by exploring the community, and it will also help you to enquire about their skills.

  • Freelancer Portals

If you need a PHP developer as a freelancer, then this portal can help you a lot. There are several specific sites that you can explore to find the right web developer for your short-term or long-term project. Some best platforms are Freelancer, UpWork, Toptal, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and others.

  • PHP Web Development Company  

The PHP development company is also a potential option to consider as a great medium to have web development services from experts. The benefit is you do not need to hire a frontend developer, backend developer, and graphic designer separately. Going with this option, you will find all the experts in one place, and here you can find a team of talented professionals with ease.

The Conclusion

PHP is one of the top-notch programming languages used by developers for years to develop web products, including informational websites, entertainment websites, e-commerce websites, progressive web apps, and many other web-based products. Near around 80% of websites are being built using PHP to date. So, if you are also looking for website development services, it would be best to hire an experienced PHP developer or a team of PHP developers. For the same, you can consider the above factors as great guidelines, and these will help you find out the best option for developing your project.