Magento is one of the well-known and most popular platforms for developing web applications and online storefronts. Being a demanded open-source platform, Magento has won the tag of developing successful e-commerce websites, bringing huge business traffic and sales. But, if you already own an e-commerce store, you must be well-versed with the fact that running an offline store isn’t a cakewalk as it requires huge effort and time. So, to resolve such a problem, e-commerce development comes into the picture, which has further increased the demand to hire a Magento developerIn the Blog, you will all the details about Magento development costs.


As Magento-based e-commerce websites are highly efficient and easily manageable, businesses prefer to utilize a modern-age e-commerce platform like Magento 2. So, if you are also planning to develop an e-commerce website and looking forward to hiring Magento app development experts, this blog is for you. It highlights everything, right from the cost to hire a Magento developer in UAE to major points to consider while hiring Magento developers.

Current Market Trends & Statistics of Magento Development

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The following is the list of the latest statistics that clearly signifies the ever-rising demand for Magento development for the past few decades and in the coming time. 

  • Businesses with Magento-based websites and online e-commerce stores tend to grow 4% faster than the rest.
  • Approximately 400,000 business owners prefer to run their business on a Magento layout.
  • By the year 2019, there were about 237,975 Magento-based websites, and the number is expected to increase 4x times by 2025.
  • Although there are three upgraded forms of Magento websites available, i.e., Magento 2.3, still Magento 1 is widely used among businesses.
  • Among hundreds of CMS, Magento ranks at seventh position with an industry stand of 1.9%.
  • Magento is a go-to choice for well-known retailers such as Adidas, and its top worth is around $51 billion.

We hope that after looking at these current trends and stats, the importance of Magento development is clear to you. So, now that you have decided to hire dedicated Magneto developers or plan to avail Magento development services, it is time to know everything about them.

How Many Types of Magento Developers Are There?

When it comes to hiring Magento developers, mobile app developers, or any dedicated developer, it is better to know about them in detail. Generally, Magento developers are divided into three different types, such as –

  • Front End Developers

Front-end developers are experts in implementing the visual elements of a website that helps the customers to view or interact. Overall these developers are responsible for enhancing the appearance and look of a Magento e-commerce website. Whenever it comes to making a website user-friendly, responsive, or attractive, front-end developers come as a saviour.

  • Back End Developers

Back-end developers are majorly responsible for writing codes and implementing extensions into a website. Along with this, back-end Magneto developers also make changes to the website, add customized modules, manage a server-side application, and update new content. Overall, all the technical requirements of Magento app development and website development are fulfilled by the back-end developers.

  • Full-Stack Developers

A full-stack developer is someone well-versed with both front-end and back-end development. Unfortunately, not every business owner has a team of developers who can look into front-end and back-end separately, and this is why they hire full-stack developers. This decision further resolves their problem of Magneto development and helps them get a well-developed and functional website or application in hand.

So, these are the major types of developers that you can consider while hiring professionals. The cost of Magento developers varies depending on their skills, experience, and more. Before you finalize any dedicated developer, just make sure to check the following skills.

Skills to Consider When You Hire Magento Developers UAE

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Besides knowing the type of developers required for your Magento app development, the following is the set of skills you need to cross-check when you hire a Magento development company or team of dedicated developers.

  1. Expertise in Programming

A Magneto developer must possess in-depth knowledge of both basic and advanced programming languages. This is one of the mandatory skills they should possess at any cost, as Magento development isn’t possible without the knowledge and expertise of programming. Some of the major programming languages included in Magento development are – JavaScript, CSS, Python, C++, PHP, Ruby, SQL, etc. In addition, PHP is mandatory to excel; then, only one can become a successful developer.

  1. Strong Grip on CMS Development

Another crucial skill to check is when you hire a Magento development agency professional. Make sure the developers should be able to combine their development knowledge and creative skills to adhere to the clients’ Magento e-commerce development requirements. Whatever Magento development company you hire, just make their professionals hold a strong grip on –

  • Customer e-commerce solutions
  • Magento website development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Magento theme & module development
  • Customer extension development


  1. Knowledge of Magneto Extension Development 

To make the information more portable and interactive, there is a need for Magento extension development. This is why the developer should also have knowledge of Magento extension development, as possessing this skill will enable Magento developers to bring in innovations in the web development field.

Also, utilizing this skill during e-commerce website development will definitely help businesses reach the heights of success and attract maximum customers. However, remember that the more skills you will look for in developers, the higher the Magento developer cost will be.

  1. Experience & Certifications

As the competition increases every day, hiring certified and experienced Magento 2 developers is crucial. In that case, hiring developers from well-known Magento development services experts would be helpful as such organizations definitely have certified Magento developers who possess years of experience in developing successful websites. So, rather than looking for inexperienced developers at low prices, it is advisable to invest once and avail the benefits for a lifetime. This will save your Magento development cost and help your business achieve success in the coming time.

  1. Information on E-Commerce Integration 

Nowadays, e-commerce integrations are becoming popular as they help during development and come up with a list of unlimited benefits. This further results in increased business revenue while enhancing business growth and profit. As every business owner wants to experience such benefits, and this is why checking on such skills is a must when you hire e-commerce development company professionals.

What Is the Cost to Hire Magento Developers In UAE?

There is no such fixed cost to hire Magento developers in UAE or any other region as the cost varies depending on multiple factors like skills, qualification, experience, and more. Also, three different hiring models define the cost to hire dedicated developers.

  • Full-Time Magento Developers

An average cost to hire a full-time Magento developer costs around $15000 to $50000 per year, and the price fluctuates from one region to the other. Therefore, this option is suitable for businesses with a good budget as they can hire developers full-time and get their eCommerce software development work done accordingly.

  • Part-Time Magento Developers

While opting for part-time Magento developers, you have to hire them for at least a minimum of 4 hours. So, overall, you have to pay them for 4 hours and then extend the cost as per your project needs and demands. You also have to pay on an hourly basis, so this is also a good option for businesses with a minimum budget.

  • Hourly Magento Developers

If you are planning to hire dedicated Magento developers hourly, you need to pay around $25 to $40 per hour. However, this is one of the budget-friendly options, especially for businesses that do not have huge Magento website development requirements but need Magneto developers’ assistance for a few hours. In that case, businesses can hire a Magento developer per hour.

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So, this is all about the Magento developers’ cost that every business should know before they search Magento developers for hire or avail Magento development services. But unfortunately, even after knowing everything about hiring Magento developers, many businesses make mistakes and, in turn, fail to hire a perfect mobile app developer or web developer for their business.

Want to know what are those mistakes? Continue reading…

Major Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire Magento Developers

Magento Development Cost

Hiring a professional Magento developer best-suited for the E-commerce website development project isn’t a cakewalk. Instead, businesses have to consider multiple factors while avoiding the following mistakes.

  1. Avoiding Credentials Verification

Whenever businesses hire Magento developers in a hurry, they often fail to check the expertise and credentials of the professionals. Unfortunately, this is one of the major mistakes that will cost them in the future.

  1. Looking for Cheap Development Option

Undoubtedly, every business wants to get their mobile app development or web development project done at a low price, but going for a below-market price is a red flag. Opting for a too cheap Magento development option will never yield the desired business results. So, always research about the developer or Magento development company before hiring.

  1. Ignoring Technical Expertise

Coming to the last, yet one of the common mistakes made by businesses while looking Magento developers for hire, i.e., they consider every skill but fail to look into technical expertise. Instead, this is one of the major skills that should be checked on priority while hiring a mobile app developer or web developer.

Final Thoughts!

Finding the right Magento app development team that best fits your project requirements is a bit struggle, but if you consider the aforementioned tips in mind, you can be successful in it. So, be very careful when you hire a Magento developer for your project. After that, you can remain assured of finding the right person or hire a Magento development company that is perfect for your project. So, tighten up your belt and get started with the process right away.