With the ever-rising demand for technological advancements, a wide range of smart devices is created for business purposes. One such booming technology that has ruled many business owners’ minds is the drone. Gone are the days when people used drones during weddings and making videos. Now, drones can be used for multi-purpose activities. As a result, businesses are planning to develop a drone control app. If you are also planning for the same, this blog is must for you. So, give it a read!

What Is A Drone Control App?

A drone control application is basically a tool that replaces the physical drone and uses an integrated camera along with a remote controller to navigate the drone. While opting for drone software development, businesses can perform different business activities and earn huge profits in this modern world. Right from grocery delivery to recording videos in events, a well-developed drone control app can perform multiple activities at once.

So, when you develop a drone control app, make sure you should have a team of professionals, either hire dedicated developers for the same.

Current Drone Control App Market Stats

Drone Statistics

Planning for drone control application development, but confused whether to invest it in or not? Look at these latest statistics that will help you know the popularity of drone app development and its scope in the coming time.

  • In 2022, the drone segment revenue amounts to $3.6 million and is expected to rise by 4.26% at the end of 2027.
  • When compared globally, the majority of the revenue is generated in China which is around $1,254 million.
  • During 2020, the defense segment of drone market maintained the largest market size which was around $8 billion.
  • Among other segments, the enterprise industry is anticipated to remain the fastest growing segment to develop a drone application until 2025.
  • During the tenure 2021 to 2026, the commercial sector is forecast to grow with an annual growth rate of 9.4%.

We hope these current statistics have made your mind cleared about the ever-growing demand for drone control app. Now that you are satisfied enough to build drone control app, let’s look at its amazing features and development process.

Top Features Required to Develop A Drone Control Application

Features Required to Develop A Drone Control Application

Every application has its own set of features, and drone control apps are no different. You can only succeed in your application development process if you incorporate the right features, as highlighted below.

1. Sign-up & Profiles

Sign-up or registration processes generally include using the creator’s name and email address. Right? But, more security is incorporated during the registration and sign-up process regarding drone control app development. Here, you can add two-step verification to ensure safety. Also, keep the password length strong enough that none of the hackers easily steal the data.

2. Drone Settings

This is a special feature of the drone control app where you can implement the drone settings screen that enables users to set up an initial flight or drone parameters. The user cannot change the settings during the flight, but they can set up the initial PID controller parameters for speed setup. So, incorporating this feature during drone app development will add more worth to your business application.

3. Mapping & Navigation

You can incorporate a map and a navigator for navigating the neighborhood into your app. For better results, it is advisable to use API. Depending on your target audience, this drone control app development feature can require more or less accuracy. The feature works the same as Google Maps. As it is a very crucial feature of the drone application, so use the best mapping integrations or else avail the assistance of a leading web development company.

4. Home Screen

This feature acts as a dashboard for users where they can access other screens and features. It also offers quick access to all the feature flows like account settings, drone settings, usernames, weather forecasts, and other useful features of the drone control application. But, make sure not to make the home screen overly complicated. Try to keep this feature simple yet interactive enough to grab users’ attention at first glance.

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5. Digital Controller

Many customers prefer to have a physical controller to fly their drones. They mostly use their phones for camera connections and drone settings. But, it is also crucial to include a digital controller as it makes it easier for people to get access to the drone control app. to make your drone app more productive and efficient, you can include the following functionalities into the digital controller –

  • Take snaps
  • Speed
  • Tilt angle
  • Camera zooming functionality
  • Start/stop recording
  • Automatic landing
  • Up/down, right/left directions

6. Weather Forecasting

Integrate weather forecasting features to improve user experience and offer them everything required for convenient drone flights. For example, you can integrate different APIs to get accurate weather forecasting into your drone controller app. Then, all you can use is a simple forecasting feature with a detailed weather description that would help the drone controllers to keep everything on track.

If you hire dedicated developers to create an app, ask them to incorporate this feature as it will add value to your project.

7. Secure Payment Gateway

If you are planning to insert an in-app payment gateway or want to add a payment method, inserting a secure payment gateway is a must. It will not only make your application secure but will also ensure users’ trust. So, ask the professionals to integrate the best payment method into your drone control app development process.

These are some amazing features that businesses can incorporate to come up with a perfect drone control application adhering to their business needs. Coming to the development process, let’s take a look at the drone app development process that you can follow to create a drone app.

Step-by-Step Process to Develop A Drone Control Application

Step-by-Step Process to Develop A Drone Control App

Wondering, how to develop a drone control application? Here are the four different options available to develop a drone control app. Want to know what they are? Here you go!

Option #1: FlytBase SDK & API

Developers can create drone control apps using the SDKs and APIs provided by the well-known IoD platform known as FlytBase. Their platform has a number of benefits, including uniform APIs, interoperability, a drone simulator, and enterprise-level scalability.

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Option #2: DroneKit SDK & API

A framework for developing drone control apps is called DroneKit by 3D Robotics. You may develop Android drone control apps using this platform. In addition, the platform is open, which means that many developers have contributed to building up the code base over time.

Option #3: Parrot SDK & API

You can construct a drone control app utilizing the SDK and API provided by Parrot. Its SDK is free, and you can also browse sample code repositories. The SDK also works with various drone platforms.

cta drone software development

Option #4: DJI SDK & API

DJI offers mobile SDKs & APIs for creating unique drone control apps. Businesses can create iOS and Android applications using this amazing option.

These are the four popular steps to develop drone control app that businesses can follow to achieve success and profit in the coming time. Now that you are well-versed with the different options to consider during drone app development, it is high time to make a decision.

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Tech Stack Required to Develop A Drone Control Application

Teck stack required to develop a drone control app is entirely different from the rest mobile app development process. Here, the technology stack incorporates APIs and SDKs, which are basically the set of codes for development and the best ways for companies to offer their services. So, when it comes to choosing a tech stack to build a drone control app, the following option will come in handy.

       API/SDK                                       Subscription           Platform Usage
DJI Developer This amazing tech stack incorporates flight automation, a digital controller, live camera transmitting, remote parameters monitoring, and shooting as per the requirements.


Can be used during Android & iOS development


DroneKit              This functionality works on three major flows, i.e., automated controlled flights, path planning, and live telemetry, which are basically android and Python APIs.


Can be used in Android & Python APIs


Parrot This tech stack set uses tools for device and drone connection. However, it also comes useful in other activities, including remote monitoring, content management tool, drone control, etc.


Can be used during iOS & Android app development


These are three popular tech stacks you can choose while working on the drone control application development process.

Hire drone control app development


Creating a perfect drone application is definitely a hard nut to crack. But, after referring to this piece of write-up, we hope you must have become well-versed with the options and features to include during drone control app development. Now that you know everything, get started with the process to develop a drone control app. You can also take the assistance of custom web development company experts or any other development firm to get well-developed software in hand.

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