Since a few decades, the UAE has seen a rapid increase in the number of IT companies. There are also several top food app development companies in Riyadh that can assist you with empowering your food business by leveraging the digital environment. The search for the best food delivery app development company can be a long and tedious process, as there is a lot of competition in the market.  

In 2020, the online food delivery market is projected to generate revenue of $122,739 million dollars and will rise to $164 002 million by 2024. Food delivery apps are expected to contribute to rapidly increasing revenue in the online food market.

Do you own a food business and are looking for an app that delivers your products? You may be having a difficult time finding the right company to create your app. There are thousands of companies that offer app development services on the Internet.    

We decided to do the research for you, regardless of whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, to find the best food delivery app development companies in Riyadh and other areas of Saudi Arabia who can help you develop a restaurant application for your company. 

So let’s begin. 


List of 15 Best Food Delivery App Development Company 

1. Dev Technosys 

Dev Technosys was established in 2010 and is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Web and mobile app development solutions. In our more than 10+ years of experience, they have consistently delivered modern technology that has strengthened the technical infrastructure of enterprises and helped them dominate their business domain.

Dev Technosys is a team of highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers with a strong command of contemporary frameworks and languages such as PHP. JavaScript,.Net and Open Source.   

They are recognized as one of the top food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. They provide advanced development services like iOS/Android App Development, IoT Development, Wearable App Development, Web development designing, software product development, etc. 

Dev Technosys is a company that believes in the uniqueness of each client’s idea, and their industry-specific requirements. Their projects are highly customized to meet your specific needs. Also, their projects are robust, feature-rich and visually stunning. They are also highly responsive, interactive, and highly responsive. 

Till date, they have successfully completed 1500+ projects. Their work and technical expertise has earned recognition from prestigious organizations such as NASSCOM. 


2. Neetable  

Neetable is a Food Delivery App Development Company serving businesses worldwide. Their team is composed of digitally creative and experienced engineers who have carved out a niche among the best app developers.

Neetable is the best choice for reliable and timely mobile application development. They offer iOS, Android, cross-platform, and other mobile development services as one of the top mobile app firms. Their team has worked on many projects, and they have gained valuable experience.

Neetable are a group of highly experienced analysts, UX UI developers, testers, QA specialists, and test engineers. They work with companies and brands of all sizes in different industries. They help you achieve your business objectives by utilizing their expertise.

Neetable produces high-quality iOS and Android apps that will exceed your expectations. The food delivery app development company has a strong reputation when it comes to building scalable, responsive mobile applications. With their vast experience, they will help you not only maintain your business but expand it. 


3. Fueled

Fueled is among the well-known food delivery app development companies in Riyadh that specialize in creating innovative and high-quality mobile applications and On demand app development services. It is known for its expertise in designing and developing apps for various platforms, including iOS and Android.

Fueled has a team of experienced designers, developers, and product strategists who work closely with clients to understand their goals and vision for the app. They provide end-to-end services, starting from conceptualization and design to development, testing, and launch.

The company is known for its focus on user experience and its ability to create food delivery app. Fueled has worked with a diverse range of clients, from startups to large enterprises, across various industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and travel.  


4. iCoderz Solutions 

iCoderz Solutions is among the best food delivery app development companies in Riyadh that provide custom software development services to clients across different industries. The company is based in India and has been in operation since 2009.

iCoderz Solutions specializes in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, as well as providing web development and digital marketing services. Hire Dedicated Developers who use the latest technologies to build apps that are user-friendly, scalable, and secure.

This Food Delivery app development solution has worked with clients from various industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, education, finance, and more. iCoderz Solutions prides itself on delivering high-quality apps that meet clients’ requirements while staying within budget and on time. 


5. Brillmindz Technologies

Brill Mindz is one of the best food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. The company is also a frontrunner in Saudi Arabia for custom food app development. They are well-organized services in mobile apps, web applications/websites, and game development that have produced mind-blowing results. Their mobile app development skills are the same across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. 

They have 8+ years experience in a variety of industries and they are able to provide their clients with the best services possible. This includes innovative design, focused planning, well-executed implementation, and deployment.

Their focus is on your ideas, and how your customers think. This helps us to achieve the intended results. They have become the preferred partner of many top mobile application development companies in Saudi Arabia because of these practices.


6. Code Brew Lab

Code Brew Labs is among the top food delivery app development companies in Riyadh that specialize in creating custom mobile applications for startups, businesses, and enterprises. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in India, with additional offices in the USA, UAE, and Canada.

Code Brew Labs offers a wide range of mobile app development services, including iOS app development, Android app development, cross-platform app development, web development, and UI/UX design. They have worked with a variety of clients from various industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, education, and more.

This food app development company in Dubai has a team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers who work together to deliver high-quality mobile applications. They follow an agile development methodology, which ensures that their clients are involved in the development process from start to finish.

Code Brew Labs has received numerous awards and recognitions for their work, including being ranked as the top mobile app development company by Clutch in 2019 and being listed as one of the top mobile app developers by GoodFirms in 2020.


7. Techugo

Techugo Inc. is among the leading food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. Their 150+ team of experienced and passionate professionals have delivered 475+ successful websites and applications for their clients, ranging from Global 2000 to Fortune 500. The company also has emerging startups from 43+ countries. 

Together, they are conceptualized enterprise applications that have been praised as among the best enterprise applications serving more than 50 million people. Techugo’s commitment to clients, from the conception of the project to technical assistance and fundraising, is based on the foundational work ethic.

This iOS App Development agency is not limited to delivering excellence in technical areas. To help with the app concept, Techugo uses marketing and business expertise to complete the cycle. Techugo mobile and web apps are designed to create a sizzling chemistry with their users.

Techugo’s clients can experience an entirely different side of app development thanks to their teamwork. Together, the company can achieve the highest level of success and provide an unmatched user experience.




8. Appinventiv

Appinventiv, an award-winning agency for food delivery app development, offers impeccable mobility solutions for startups and Fortune 500 firms. The company began its journey in 2015, with a single goal: to deliver Food Delivery App Development Services to clients seeking transformative products. 

The team of more than 500 engineers, experts, and professionals strives to bridge the gap between ideas and their digital reality while providing wholesome and memorable experiences. Appinventiv’s success rate is high because they have successfully designed, developed, and deployed more than 900 projects. 

The brand has also converted and experimented POCs of disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, among others.

Appinventiv is a company that has been in operation for many years and serves clients from a variety of industries, including Real Estate, Healthcare Banking & Finance Education, Entertainment, Education, and more.


9. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is among the renowned food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. It was established in 2011 and its team of dedicated professionals has been able to create cost-effective and dynamic solutions for clients located all over the world. The company delivers services without compromising quality or time.

Hyperlink Infosystem has been rated as one of the most popular IT service providers. The company’s structure is designed to provide more effective solutions and results for a wide range of businesses that face problems in the technology and information sector.

Hyperlink InfoSystem, a member of the prestigious GESIA since 2011, has provided Food Delivery Software development Solutions such as Android, iPhone, and Windows App Development, and Website Development.


10. RipenApps

RipenApps’ success is a reflection of the quality and satisfaction that they have provided to their clients, whether they were a Web Application or Mobile Application on iOS or Android. Their team has consistently met and exceeded the expectations of clients.

RipenApps is also among the best food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. It has grown to 120+ members, who are all well-versed in the latest technology and actively involved in developing and designing solutions that help businesses increase their client base and thus their number.

It is a great pleasure for them to confirm that their team also nurtures the dreams and ideas of young entrepreneurs and startups while providing them with analysis and consulting and further a technical framework that users can use and love.


11. Cleveroad

Cleveroad is one of the leading food delivery app development companies in Riyadh providing services to business segments, startups, and private clients. Their Senior IT Profs and Interns have a vast knowledge of how IT works. The company aims to deliver high-quality products. Cleveroad is a food ordering app development company that cares about the end result and helps customers easily hit it off. It is always intended for long-term productive business relationships.


12. Appventurez

Appventurez, a leading food delivery app development company in Riyadh was founded with the mission to provide technology-based services like on-demand food app development services for all small and large businesses. It also aims to enhance its business lifecycle. 

Their team is made up of professionals with 9+ years of experience in Web and Mobile Development. In the past, Appventurez has worked with its clients passionately and built over 139 applications across multiple domains. Their clients can rely on them to provide a wide range of services including strategy, UX/UI design, business analysis, and testing.


13. IBM Middle East

IBM has a large presence as a food delivery app development company in Riyadh. They offers a variety of digital services for businesses in the Middle East, including app creation.

It is a food-ordering app development company in Riyadh with a team that specializes in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android. IBM Middle East uses the latest technologies to develop innovative, scalable apps for their clients.

This company provides end-to-end services for app development. This includes consultation, design and development, testing, and deployment. It has experience with clients in various industries such as retail, healthcare, finance, and more. 

The app development process of this company is agile and flexible. This allows them to respond quickly to client requests and to deliver high-quality applications within a short period of time. 


14. Raqmiyat

Raqmiyat, one of Riyadh’s most promising food delivery app development companies in Riyadh, is growing at a rapid pace. This android app development company is a relatively new player but has already established itself as an IT leader, with a focus on application development, staffing solutions, and digital transformation. They have highly-skilled professionals who ensure quality from the initial design through to production.

Raqmiyat’s innovative tools and research capabilities produce solutions that meet modern technological requirements. The company’s commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service has made it a preferred partner. 


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15. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a leading provider of food delivery app development companies in Riyadh. This is a great move to join forces with Middle Eastern companies. The team in Riyadh is very excited about helping their customers stay ahead of the competition by implementing the best hardware and software.

The company has the latest technology and highly-skilled personnel to meet customer demands. Cisco Systems, with more than 30-year experience in delivering customized solutions to leaders in different industries. It promises to provide comprehensive services and state-of-the-art infrastructure to partners. This is a great opportunity for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors.



Finding the best food delivery app developer that fits your budget can be difficult. The list of top food delivery app development companies in Riyadh can save you both time and money. Select the food delivery app services that are best suited to your budget, and you can grow your business. You can now connect to a global audience quickly and easily. This increases your brand’s value and profits. Your mobile food delivery app allows you to open multiple eateries and run them all simultaneously. 



How much time does it take to build a food delivery app?

It takes longer to build a white label food delivery software than it does to create a new food delivery application. A food delivery app is developed from scratch in a development cycle that takes 3 to 6 months. White-label upgrades of software take less time.

What are the factors you should consider when choosing an app developer for food delivery?

You should consider the experience of the food delivery app developer, their knowledge on the latest technology, the customization, the software quality and security.

How to start a food delivery business?

To start a  food delivery app business in dubai, research your target market, create a business plan, obtain necessary licenses and permits, establish partnerships with local restaurants, build an efficient delivery infrastructure, develop a user-friendly website or app, implement effective marketing strategies, and provide excellent customer service.

How much does it cost to develop an innovative food delivery app from scratch?

Several factors affect the mobile app development cost of food delivery. You can still estimate an approximate range to help determine your overall budget. To build an app for food delivery, it costs between $15,000 and $28,000.

What team structure does a company that develops food delivery apps offer?

A food delivery application development company has a cross-platform team, including UI/UX developers, testers, analysts, developers and project managers.