Quick Summary: Are you looking to build an app like SingleCare? If yes, then you have reached the correct place. This blog will help you in knowing the steps, features and other aspects to develop an app like SingleCare.


Rising healthcare costs can be a burden, particularly when it comes to medications. Apps like SingleCare offer a solution by providing significant discounts on prescriptions. They offer discounts on prescriptions and are super easy to use. It’s like having a personal assistant to help you save on your meds without any hassle. But have you ever wondered how to build an app like SingleCare?

The Global Drug Discount Card Market is estimated to be worth $14.46 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.16% to reach $28.88 billion by 2031. This stats depicts the demand for prescription coupon apps will be doubled in the coming years.

Due to this, various businesses are looking to grab this profitable opportunity by investing in SingleCare app development. So, if you are also one of those, then you must read this blog till the end to get an insight on SingleCare app development.

Let’s begin.


What Is A SingleCare App?



The SingleCare app is an online resource created to assist consumers in reducing the cost of prescription drugs and medical services. It gives consumers access to coupons and discounts for prescription medications at different pharmacies throughout the country. It enables them to compare a healthcare tracking app like SingleCare costs and locate the best offers.

The app also provides services like telemedicine, access to medical specialists for advice, and prescription reminders. For those looking for economical solutions for their medical requirements, the SingleCare e pharmacy app development strives to make healthcare more accessible and inexpensive with its user-friendly layout and money-saving features.


Market Stats Of Healthcare Industry

The role of mobile apps in the healthcare industry is growing rapidly. Due to the popularity of e pharmacy app development, businesses find it most profitable to invest in this industry. To know the market stats of the healthcare industry you must check out the below statistics.


  • By 2024, the global digital healthcare industry is anticipated to generate $193.70 billion in sales.
  • Additionally, a 9.16% annual growth rate (CAGR 2024–2028) is predicted, leading to an estimated market volume of $275.00 billion by 2028.


Stats of Singlecare


  • According to projections, the value of the worldwide AI in the healthcare industry was expected to reach almost 188 billion dollars by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 37% between 2022 and 2030.
  • The third-biggest sector in the US economy is healthcare.
  • In the US, 14% of individuals are employed in the healthcare sector.


Build an App Like SingleCare


How To Build An App Like SingleCare? 

Do you want to build an app like SingleCare? Well, creating a healthcare app can be quite a complex process. You need to take assistance from an on demand app development services provider if you have no expertise in development. Below are the step-by-step processes that we follow to build an app like SingleCare.   

  • Validate Your Idea
  • Conduct Market Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Start the App Development
  • Test Your App
  • Launch and Maintenance

Let’s discuss the above steps of Pharmacy app development in detail:



1. Validate Your Idea

Begin by totally understanding your unique requirements and goals to build an app like SingleCare in order to get things started. A skilled pharmacy delivery app development company has in-depth talks with you to acquire all the fine details.

They examine the essential features and functions of the Pharmacy app development, market trends, and target audience. They provide the basis for a personalized and specialized solution that precisely matches with your business’s objectives by carefully examining your needs.


2. Conduct Market Research

After that, perform thorough market analysis in order to provide an edge over others. You should examine existing competitor healthcare apps in Yemen, noting their benefits and drawbacks. It allows them to better know the requirements and desires of users and obtain insights into the market.

Through an analysis of user behavior and industry trends, you can find ways to set your singlecare app for prescriptions online apart from the competition and provide a special selling point. In addition to providing guidance for design and development, the research assists in the formulation of winning marketing plans that increase user engagement and adoption.


3. UI/UX Design 

Now the creative designers create an interface that is easy to use and intuitive, so that users have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Before you build an app like SingleCare, you must address every design detail with great care, ensuring intuitive use, eye-catching visuals, and an identical brand experience across the pharmacy delivery app development.

The healthcare app development services provider will develop an outline of the user experience for the app through wireframing and developing prototypes. They maximize the app’s efficiency and availability through the use of user-focused design ideas. This ensures that the singlecare app for medication will connect with your target demographic and increase user happiness.


4. Start the App Development

Hire mobile app developers who bring your app to life by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. They carefully create a healthcare app like SingleCare and put into effect the features and ensure that the app is reliable, scalable, and cross-platform compatible.

They will build an app like SingleCare gradually and continuously using the agile development methodology, which lets them adjust and take user feedback into account. They ensure excellent code that is extendable and stable which makes it easier to add updates and improvements later on.


5. Test Your App   

We take all necessary measures to make sure the correctness of the apps. The testing team carefully tests the app, searching for and fixing any possible bugs or problems. Testers will conduct functional testing to verify the features and functions of the app.

To evaluate the app’s flexibility, scalability, and resource utilization in various circumstances, they also do performance tests. They provide a flawless and optimized application that surpasses the most rigorous expectations by preserving strict quality standards.


6. Launch and Maintenance

Once the healthcare app like Practo or SingleCare meets all of the quality standards, you can move on to the launch stage. In order to ensure optimal exposure and gaining users, the development team created an effective launch.

To solve any issues raised by users, manage updates and modifications, and ensure the medical supplies delivery app continued commercial success, the maintenance and support services provider also offers continuing maintenance.


Key Features To Build An App Like SingleCare

Features are the essential aspect of the medical supplies delivery app which helps in attracting users. So, it would be intuitive and simple. When you build an app like SingleCare, you must incorporate the below mentioned features with the help of an Android app development services company.

  • Prescription Price Comparison
  • Medication Coupons and Discounts
  • Pharmacy Locator
  • Telehealth Services
  • Price Transparency
  • Healthcare Provider Reviews
  • Health Savings Account Integration
  • Medication Reminders

Let’s have a look at the above features in detail:


i. Prescription Price Comparison

Users of the SingleCare rx app may evaluate the costs of prescription drugs at neighboring pharmacies. With the help of this tool, consumers may choose the prescription drug that best fits their budget.


ii. Medication Coupons and Discounts

Singlecare app medicare aggregates discounts and coupons for prescription drugs, allowing users to save money on their medication costs. These discounts can often result in significant savings for users. So, if you want to build an app like SingleCare, then you must integrate this feature with the help of dedicated app developers


iii. Pharmacy Locator

Users are able to find local pharmacies that are eligible for SingleCare savings. With the use of this tool, customers may locate local pharmacies that provide prescription fills at a discount.


iv. Telehealth Services

For non-emergency medical problems, users can consult with healthcare providers remotely with some SingleCare Android app versions that include telehealth services. Without having to go to the doctor, this function can be useful for getting medications and medical advice.


v. Price Transparency

By stating the cost for different healthcare treatments in advance, SingleCare aims to offer transparency to the cost of healthcare. When you build healthcare software, integrate a price transparency feature that enables users to decide on their healthcare costs with data.


vi. Healthcare Provider Reviews

Users can visit ratings and feedback for healthcare providers such as physicians and clinics. This feature of app for singlecare assists users in selecting physicians by providing feedback and experiences from other patients.


vii. Health Savings Account Integration

The app might be incorporated to make it easier for users to pay for and receive compensation for qualified medical costs if they have account flexibility or health savings accounts.


viii. Medication Reminders

For users who have to keep in mind to take their medications on time, the app offers features that remind them to do so. By setting up drug dose reminders, users may better observe their advised treatment regimens.


Build an App Like SingleCare


Cost To Develop An App Like SingleCare 

On average, the cost to develop an app like SingleCare may between $8,000 to $30,000. There are multiple factors that influence the healthcare app development cost. For example, app intricacy, tech stack, key features, the Medical app development services providers hourly rate and so on.

However, to get a general idea of development cost required, you might want to talk to a healthcare software development company like Dev Technosys. They will assist you figure out the details and give you personalized prices.


Moreover, it is vital to know that developing a prescription discount app with higher complexity and an extensive feature set will ultimately increase the cost to develop a mobile app with simple features and lesser complexity.



Ready To Build Your Own App Like Singlecare!

Now that you know the process to build an app like SingleCare, it is time to transform your innovative idea into reality. However, you need to take assistance from experts to build a healthcare app like SingleCare.

Choose Dev Technosys as your reliable collaborator for SingleCare app development. We are dedicated to providing excellent solutions that go above and beyond your expectations. From healthcare apps like Seha to GoodRx, our developers are proficient to create any type of healthcare applications.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your requirements with us and we will carefully develop an amazing prescription coupon app like singlecare that is especially suited to your business goals.


Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like SingleCare?

Depending on the Medical app development services providers team size, development methodology, and feature complexity, the time needed to create an app like singlecare app for android might differ significantly. These types of apps usually take 2-7 months to finish.


2. What Are the Benefits Of Creating An App Like SingleCare?

SingleCare-like apps would provide easier access to medical services, lower prescription costs, and more engagement and loyalty from users. It increases brand awareness, builds user trust, and produces insightful data for more focused marketing and better services.


3. How Much Does Healthcare Software Development Cost?  

The healthcare software development cost can be between $8000-$25000. It totally depends on the factors and complexity of your project. Simple software can cost you less while complex software can increase the development cost.


4. How To Monetize An App Like SingleCare?

A few strategies to monetize an app such as SingleCare are to charge for premium features through subscription plans, collaborate with pharmacies for referral fees, incorporate ads from companies in the healthcare industry, and provide in-app purchases for more services or prescription savings.


5. How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Mobile App?

The cost to maintain an app can vary widely depending on factors like updates, hosting, monitoring, and support. On average, it can range from 15-20% of the total development cost annually.