Developers always try to develop the best app with the required features in an affordable range and get confused in choosing between Android Vs iOS. While running a business, it becomes crucial to develop an efficient app that the users can use very smoothly. So, here we’ll give you the factors playing a good role in distinguishing Android Vs iOS.

The complexity of using the app must not be that difficult. The app should always be very user-friendly so that the user without much technical knowledge can access your app. But also for developing an app, you need a platform that reaches the maximum number of your target audience.

In this case, as a businessman, you just need to give thought that what type of services are you providing. Also, the services that you will be providing will be your target audience. Mobile app development company always look for developing apps that best suits or is compatible with the platform.

Because while you develop an app in the Android platform then here you will find the maximum number of users. But with less income source or with less technical knowledge.

Based on your product or services the location and both the characteristics of your audience it matters at the same time. If you are looking for the iOS platform then it is actually dominating the app store for the reason of customer spending.

Factors Behind Choosing The Best Platform for Mobile App Development

1. Targeted Audience

The developer before bringing an app to the market has a lot of other important steps that he needs to take. The app which he is developing must be appreciated by the users only then his work will be paid.

So for this purpose, they often look for the platform. It always matters which part you are targeting. The location really matters. Business always requires some research initially.

Like you are looking for an area where there is a large population and they are basically the middle class. So they may mostly prefer Android devices so it is the best bet to go for the Android platform. This platform is known for its global market share.


Whereas, there are certain areas where you may find people using iPhones mostly. So that particular area must be the exact location where you can go with the iOS platform.

Like if your audience is from Western Europe or a place like North America or your business demands you to launch an e-commerce or enterprise app then you must carry on with the iOS platform.

2. Timeline

Yes, when a developer really initiates with this platform then he requires his app really faster. That is just not enough in this case. Because while launching an app there are really a lot of metrics that need to be followed. The iPhone app development company develops and comes with the most secure features in their apps.

The development time or the duration taken in Android is really long and in terms of iOS, it is faster than the Android hence saving a lot of time. Also, the language that is used in Android is Java.

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Whereas, in Apple, they used swift language that does not require much code to be written in java. Here in this case also saves a lot of time. In order to develop such apps, you need to hire an iOS developer.


For the reason that you all know, Android is an open-source platform which simply means that the standardization is really low. That also means the amount of devices and other components also is more which means you need to develop the app for more standardized devices.

Whereas, iOS is a closed source platform that simply means limited standardized devices and operating system. But in the apple store, the reviewing process really takes long as they demand strict guidelines to be followed which needs to be completely followed otherwise your app can even get rejected if it does not meet the required standards.

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3. Key Features

As a company, you are sometimes required to make some changes later in the future in your app Or even develop an app after understanding the requirements that your users demand.

Android is an open-source platform and due to the nature of this platform, it allows for flexibility and even developing apps with customized aspects. But at the same time, there are also certain issues that can put an impact on the data that you carry throughout. The android app development company helps in developing such apps.

The open-source environment here allows certain pirated versions to develop a copy of it also vulnerable malware can also attack the app which maybe not be that good for your data.

For this reason, the enterprise or the company when developing apps have a lot of input and important data present in their app. So they always prefer the most secure version or platform that can guarantee them to keep their data safe.

For this reason, they choose the iOS platform. Due to its closed source nature, it is secured and cannot be easily hacked. To develop such apps you can just hire an iPhone app developer.

4. Budget For Maintaining Your App

When you are an android user then you often keep using an operating system that is older in version than the latest one. For a good and smooth running of the app, you must always keep your Operating system updated.

But when using an old version of the operating system can sometimes be vulnerable and the user may experience certain errors and crashes. Due to the presence of certain bugs which may give the user a real bad experience using the app.

The users who are mostly using android in most cases using an older version of the operating system. The older version may not be compatible with the installation of the latest updated version of the operating system. The mobile app development company provides you with important facilities while using an app.

But on the other side, apple users always keep their operating system updated and they enjoy a smooth interface and a bug-free experience while using the app that has been developed in the iOS-based platform.

5. Revenue And Goal

After the research is done, it has been found that in most cases android users do not like to use those apps that ask them to purchase in order to use their services.

So the Google play store always tries to provide as many apps that are mostly free. While in the apple store the apps you need to mostly purchase the in order to access their services.

With this, it is obvious that in terms of purchases the revenue that is collected by the Apple store is much more or say twice the total revenue of the Google play store.

Android vs iOS: Which Platform To Choose For App Development?

android vs ios

You often might stay really confused about which platform you can really choose to develop your app. It is a question to ask by every developer who is generally a beginner.

They believe that you have in your idea and the service that you will be providing to your users. The users always look for the best apps that can really meet their demands with the best interface and with the smooth running of the app.

So to play safe, you just need to develop a minimum viable product (MVP), this simply can turn your risk to either success or failure with minimum loss of capital.

MVP is a genuine and simple way to develop a product that is in its initial version like the beta version of the app that you develop and launch in the market. Then just understand the user feedback and after all analysis then you deliver the final product or the complete design of the app.

With this, you need to first select the platform you will be working at. Like in this case if you love to produce an MVP product then you must go with the iOS platform to build your app.

For e-commerce and also for security aspects the enterprise app to keep your data secured and safe. In such cases, you can also easily go with this apple platform which is really reliable in such cases.

But when you are looking to reach the emerging companies and to reach the global market then you should better go with the Android platform.


What Are The Advantages of Developing Apps On The Android Platform?

  • Open System

Here this platform is basically an open-source platform. Where you have complete access to the development of apps without any restriction with complete flexibility. Here you can make changes and certain modifications in the app as per the user demand without any restriction as you face in the iOS platform.

  • Fragmentation

You can judge this fragmentation as a disadvantage but with the use of this process, you can develop apps that can be used anywhere in fact also in the wearables like the TVs, also in the car and other such devices.

  • Release

When the app is prepared and is completed with all other aspects and the analysis is done. The app is ready to get launched into the app store. Here, in this case, the android apps do not take a longer time to get into the store but in the apple store reviewing process really takes a longer time.

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What Are The Disadvantages of Developing Apps On The Android Platform

  • Fragmentation

As we know that the apps that are being used are generally created for mobile use and also at the same time for other standardized devices. But the screen size or the resolution is a big difference in every case

how to hire android developers

so the app you are developing must be a perfect setting on the screen of any device. Here, in this case, the development team is really working hard to improve this and this takes a lot of time in doing so.

  • Testing

The apps that have been developed and are ready to launch really require certain versions of your device in which they can work smoothly. Therefore this analysis that is done can take a long time with this process.

  • Costly

The duration of time that is required in order to complete all the procedures that are required in order to test these apps is also the stage that it needs to get approval from. The more time the more the price is, it gets really expensive with a longer time.

What Are The Advantages Of Developing Apps On The iOS Platform?

  • Revenue

Here in the apple app store revenue is really high in comparison with the android apps store. The only reason behind this is the users here mostly need to purchase the apps.

  • UI Design

Here in this platform, the developers provide the user with a fine and detailed interface that is loved by the users. Also, it does not take much time in the app designing which is really affordable.

What Are The Disadvantages of Developing Apps On The iOS Platform?

  • The Release of The App

The reviewing process in the apple app store takes a longer time than usual. They test every aspect and can even reject the app if it still does not meet the standards of the apple store.

  • Flexibility

Here this platform, it does not allow you to make customized changes. The environment is secured but comes with a lot of restrictions.



In conclusion, the platform selected by the developers in order to build their apps is based on the requirement of their audience. Also the other related cause like the budget and all need to be considered once before you initiate the process.