Many startups have brilliant ideas related to mobile application development, especially for the Android platform. But to hire a well-skilled and deserving Android developer is a crucial task. Here we are going to tell you about the android app developer guide with tips.

Many challenges occur during the process of hire android app developer. The reason behind that is the huge number of particularities and varieties required during the hiring process.

One must overcome these challenges to develop a fully working and efficient application. First of all the recruiter needs to know and make the developer understand his/her roles and responsibilities regarding the development and maintenance processes.

Android App Developer Guide to Identify Their Roles & Needs

The main job of android app developers is to develop applications for all devices that support the android operating system. Additionally, the hired android app developer must create the app in such a way that they are compatible with maximum versions of android, focusing on the new ones.

He/she must be accountable for the fitting of the application in devices of different screen sizes and resolution. The android application developer must have a firm grip over the basics and prime functionalities of the operating system.

Hiring an Android app developer can be done in two ways. Some developers work as a freelancer and participate in a large outsourcing team. And the other ones are permanent recruits of the company who are hired through rigorous interviews.

What Are The Skills And Levels of Android App Developers

Any recruiter must know what skills the company needs in an android app developer. As per rules, there exists a total of three levels that are used by any IT company to recruit their employees.

  1. The first rule is at the junior level. This level implies that the developer is a fresher and has just joined the process of developing apps. They do not hold any experience in the development of applications especially complex apps. These kinds of employees work as assistants of the middle as well as senior developers.
  2. The second rule is at the intermediate level. Developers of this level have experience as well as skills to work independently on various projects based on android.
  3. Lastly, there comes the third level which is the senior developer. A senior developer has optimum experience(more than 5 years) and skills to work on complex projects based on android application development. If one needs to build a powerful application with some complexities and functionalities, one needs to hire a senior developer for that work.

As far as the landscape of freelancer developers is concerned, the recruiter, as well as the company, should determine the complexity of the project to search for the developer with the right skills and qualifications. There is an option of hiring developers from outsourcing development companies to get well-qualified and suitable developers for the project.

What Are The Key Responsibilities of Android App Developers


There are some specific tasks that an Android developer needs to perform irrespective of his skill level and the company where he’s hired.

  1. Application building and designing
  2. Collaboration with a cross-functional team
  3. Working with APIs and databases of the company
  4. Implementation of the unit test
  5. Fixing of bugs and errors
  6. Being updated with new technologies

Application Building And Designing

This is the prime responsibility of an app developer. Also, the developer must be capable of designing, elaborating on its features, estimating where bugs can occur and writing a systematic code to build good software.

Collaboration With a Cross-functional Team

This is also a very important skill that any developer must possess. The developer should take part with other cross-functional teams and other specialists who are involved in the development of the same project.

The roles are divided into the members of the team according to their skills and areas of interest. A good collaboration of the team is required to reach the goals in a given amount of time.

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Working with APIs And Databases of The Company

Developers must have knowledge of APIs as well as databases. These databases and APIs are generally stored in external software that is created by other developers. Developers must also be able to understand the code written by other programmers.

Implementation of The Unit Test

Unit testing must be performed by developers during the process of development of the application. After completion of each development cycle, unit testing should be performed.

This enables the android app developer to detect errors and bugs easily and quickly. It also saves time and paves the path to creating a high-quality Android application.

Fixing Bugs And Errors

If the developers can fix bugs and errors by themselves to prevent any further malfunctions and drawbacks of the app. It also enables the developer to be comfortable with the code written and get a better understanding of it.

Being Updated With New Technologies

Staying updated is one of the most important skills that any worker in the IT sector needs. An android app developer must be able to gain new skills, be open to learning new technologies, and have a knowledge of updating applications and how can they be built with a high level of efficiency.

Tips to Hire Android App Developers

Tips to Hire Android App Developers

  1. Experience
  2. Quality-oriented work methodology
  3. Previous projects
  4. In-depth knowledge
  5. Past performance
  6. Innovative approach
  7. Hire certified and well-reputed developers
  8. Research about the development company


If a company is looking for developers who can develop an application that can stand out in the market and also fulfill all the international software standards then they should focus on the experience of the developers they want to hire. Experience is very important in the field of software development.

If the company wants to develop a market-centric as well as a business-centric application then they should find developers who have relevant skills and have enough experience. If they are going for a mobile app development company then also they should look for the experience of the team before anything else.

Quality-oriented Work Methodology

Rather than focusing on hire mobile app development company or a team of in-house android app developers that are cost-effective, go for the ones that can make software of the highest quality. Cost-effective developers may not be good enough, and that can result in a poor android application development that might yield loss for the company.

The business should try and hire a team of developers that are capable of developing high quality, feature-packed, user-friendly applications in a reasonable budget.

Quality should always be the priority of the businesses that wish to develop their application with the help of a team of in-house developers or by a development company. If a good application is developed, it will give back all the money that is incurred in the development process.

Previous Projects

This point is very important, checking the previous projects on which the developers or the development company that the businesses wish to hire can tell them about their approach and quality of the delivery.

Almost all the answers to the question “How to hire android app developers” can be found out by doing detailed research about the projects done by the developers or the app development companies in the past.


Businesses can check the applications developed by the developers they wish to hire, through that they can know about the functionality of their application, their design capabilities, and how much time did they take in developing the application.

The businesses can figure out if the developer is fit for the kind of application that they wish to develop or not. They can also look at the reviews and ratings of the application on various websites and play store, developed by the developers that they wish to hire.

In-depth Knowledge 

This is a very important aspect, the developers need to have deep knowledge about open-source platforms like drupal. Without proper knowledge about open-source platforms, no developer can create a good android application.

Android itself is an open-source platform and having deep knowledge about it is a must so that the developer can design an application that suits the needs of its users.

The developers and the development companies that any business wishes to hire for application development should know about all the emerging open-source platforms and their libraries.

No developer can make a good android application without proper knowledge of it in deep or without the knowledge of the open-source libraries that can be used while developing an application with it.

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Past Performance

The one who is hiring a developer or a team of developers or maybe an app development company should try and connect with their previous clients. Connecting with the previous clients may give them beneficial insights into the working style of the developers or the development companies.

The businesses can know that the developers or development companies that they are hiring have a positive attitude or an arrogant attitude, Are they punctual? Can they cater to the requirements that are provided to them? or Are they miss out on something? It is also important because they can know if the developers communicate well while the development process is going on.

Innovative Approach

One more point that is very important and should be kept in mind while hire a developer or a development company for a business is the approach. The approach of the app developer or the app development company should be innovative because developing an application that looks just the same as some other application is not a deal-breaker and might not attract enough users.

If the business wants to hire an android app developer then they should check if the developer knows the requirements and needs of the business, their capabilities to design and improvise their design, and can also use innovative ideas.

Hire Certified And Dedicated Developers

Again if the company is focusing on a low budget then they might go for freelance developers or startup mobile app development services but it might not go in their favor if they are looking for a high-quality app.

Businesses should always try and go for certified and dedicated developers or app development companies, that will ensure a high-quality application that will match the standards of the international market.

Research About The Development Company

Knowing the developers is important because it will give the person or the business that is hiring a developer or a team of developers an idea about what are their strengths, their weaknesses, and their approach to the software development process. The company should only hire those developers to know about the app and the target users that they wish to develop.


Steps to Hire Android App Developers

  1. Reading references of customers
  2. Learning about the experience of technological experience
  3. Choosing reliable cooperation

Reading References of Customers

If the company is well-established then there must be some feedback from customers (continuing as well as past). There are reviews of customers that include both positive and negative responses. It helps the company to decide what kind of application the potential customer wants and hire according to that.

Learning About The Experience of Technological Experience

Many mobile app development services hire inexperienced developers and then fail miserably. It must be taken into account that experience is a huge factor and complex projects must not be single-handedly given to developers with little or no experience. The company must be particular about the portfolio so that only suitable developers be chosen for several application development projects.

Choosing Reliable Cooperation

A reliable developer must be chosen. Since this is a human factor and cannot be avoided at any cost, it is important to work with reliable employees to avoid any kind of malfunction or tampering in the project.


These are some tips that you can follow to hire an android app developer to meet your requirement. As there are a plethora of android app developers out there and it is difficult to opt for your best, whether it is a freelancer, company or an employee. The android app development guide will definitely help you to take any decision. So it depends on you to make the right decision while hiring the best for yourself or your organization.