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Dev Technosys is a leading web and mobile app development company that provides outstanding solutions for your travelling business enterprise, efficient in handing various functions. We help you get customized development of websites, web portals, mobile applications, software products that manages your business efficiently while provide your customers a very interactive and responsive system to book, flights, hotels, cabs, local guide tours etc. we are skilled and expert team of developers and designers that help you create enriching online products that help you in enhancing your business reach while providing you ideal business verticals.

Challenges and Opportunities

Running a transport business is no easy task especially if you are claiming a world-wide business user engagement. However, there are many ways which can help you convert your challenges into your strong elements and refute in harsh competition like leaders. But first, here is the list of challenges and opportunities that will change your perspective for your industrial niche.

Consumer Evolution

Digitalization has made consumer more evolved and the way they search for something, increasing your work to improve your services, marketing skills, promotions etc.

Data Management

A good data management ensures great business scalability and more chances to provide your customers with right services. Thus if technology is not deployed you might lose essential information.


Internet not only provides global opportunities but also more competition. The world now works on the principle of “may the best service win”. Thus, it is difficult sometimes to compete global competition.

Revenue generation

The continuous fluctuation in economy makes it difficult to maintain the economic symmetry and thus it decreases the chances of survival for business with no technical and data assistance.

Technical Landscape

Technology is simplifying the business opportunities as you are now able to render much interactive and efficient services to your clients and customers, with work and data management made easier.

Consumer Technical Adaption

You can get the first movers benefit by integrating technologies such as AR/VR and AI that helps in predicting the global economy and user behavior much better, thus improved assistance.

Customer Engagement

Technologies such as IoT, Wearables, AI have enhanced customer experience and user experience to next level by providing personalized services and understanding their needs better.

Customer Evolvement

Consumer behavior might have changed but technology has improved with much greater pace. Now you are able to get access to data anywhere anytime and be able to predict it next to accurate.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

We help you get value for money IT solutions that work efficiently in creating high-business value for your enterprise. Not only are our solutions highly efficient in improving your work performance but are globally famous to serve for your needs for tomorrow. Some of the many reasons which make us a great technology partner are:

  • One stop vendor

    We provide you complete range of solutions from web to mobile to software. Find the right solutions for your every complex and simplest need at Dev Technosys because we love technology.

  • team scalability

    You get to scale up your team at any time of throughout the development process, as we completely understand how your needs change with time. Thus customize the team as per your needs.

  • knowledge retention

    Knowledge retention helps you capture knowledge and use it further to annihilate business risks and elements that make your business operations vulnerable to loss. Find service that ensure high knowledge retention by keeping up with modern technology.

  • dedicated working environnment

    Find the right resources and expert’s knowledge and experience that makes us provide you right solutions for your needs. Find a resourceful and dedicated environment that makes your development highly secure.


Our IT solutions are brilliantly designed to keep your business enterprise always perform off the chart. We have the knowledge, we have the skills and we have technology that we love to build you advance solutions that can enhance your user experience ten folds.

Web Application Development

We provide you web application development that is robust and secure to perfect your every need plus we make them feature-rich to enrich your user experience.

Mobile App Development

User-friendly and futuristic mobile applications are developed here to provide you good front-end and back-end support. We help you gain the functionality and richness an app needs to attract more customers.

Reservation and e-Ticket App

We make your customers ticket booking experiences great by providing them a convenient gateway that is much better than the long lines that they have to wait in. also we provide it with the features which makes cancellation and returns hassle-free.

Hotel Booking Apps

Hotel booking apps and nearby solutions we help you get both on an interactive platform integrated with GPS technology that never fails your enterprise to provide your customers powerful and relevant suggestions.

Car Rental Solutions

Make car rental solutions much easier for your customers as we help you make a safe and secure software that looks after your customer safety and a good data management system that reminds you of insurances and other important info.

Journey Planner Portal

It is one of those features that are a must have, it is very hip in European countries and is making a good roundabout in US. Find travel solutions including journey planner portal that allows your users to get a sync travel plan while making their journey more fun.

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