Do you want to know about web development or want to find out why PHP is ruling over the market for website development? Then here, we have arranged some useful information for you, including what is the importance of PHP web development. It will also help you analyze what points you can take as reference to hire a PHP Developer.  

Have you ever wondered why a programming language has been in trend for 25 years where we face new technology every day?

It is none other than PHP – a programming language without even thinking about web development. Since its launch, this server-side programming language has had many updates. When it comes to providing website development services, a developer-only thinks about PHP, which stands for hypertext pre-processor. Offering multiple components for development makes this language so advantageous.

On the internet, there are many discussions about whether PHP is outdated or not, where the reality is that around 80% – 85% of websites are being developed using it. So, only an unaware person can say that PHP will vanish; that is useless. It is such an enriched web development programming language that offers multiple utilities and frameworks that a developer can use & mold on a requirement basis. It supports the developers in 360-degree to utilize its features.

In 2021, PHP has a market share of 45.43% and is used by the technology giants such as Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, and many more. One of the top benefits of this language is its cost-effectiveness, and it also contains several advantages that we will discuss later in this blog.

What is PHP, What is the Importance of PHP Web Development? 

PHP is widely used by developers worldwide, and it is one of the top-notch open source programming languages. It embeds with HTML very smoothly making it the perfect choice for web programming. Another unique thing about PHP is that it is very easy to learn and offers many advanced features solely built for the professional programmer.

The main utility of PHP is server-side scripting, where other programming activities such as CGI programming, data collection, developing dynamic page content, managing cookies, and many other operations. Its main areas are Server Side Scripting, Command Line Scripting, Writing Desktop Applications, and Developing Interactive Websites and Web Applications.

It is an open-source programming language. It can be used on any existing operating system such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, RISC OS, Linux, UNIX variants such as HP-UX, Solaris, and OpenBSD. PHP allows web developers to choose the operating system and a webserver to accomplish the project.

One of the most amazing things about this programming language is supporting the broad range of databases. A developer can use more than 20 databases with it, where the best examples are MySQL, PostgreSQL, PEAR DB, and Oracle.

The Real-life example of PHP development is Facebook and WordPress. WordPress is a top-notch content management system empowered by it and used by a major percentage of developers worldwide. In addition, there is no need to tell what is Facebook even a school kid can better explain it.

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The Reasons That Make PHP Important And Worthwhile For The Web Development

Several reasons make PHP worthwhile and answer the question- What is the importance of PHP web development?

So, let’s start to explore the points one by one to acquire something amazing and interesting about PHP web programming.

1. Best Answer to ASP.Net

The web development can also be done via ASP.Net, a Microsoft Windows-empowered web and desktop applications development technology. The limitation is it can be used on windows only. Other operating systems exist in the world, so instead of going with a rigid approach, it is worthwhile to use open source technology, and the best platform is PHP.

2. Easy To Learn, Smooth to Implement

The developers like it because it is relatively simple, to begin with, it for crafting a web solution. Even beginners can write code for a simple web page with their basic programming knowledge. The syntax, command functions, and database integration are easy to learn.

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3. Web Hosting

The specific window hosting is such a costlier affair compared to Linux. So, it makes it so convenient for the developers to host the PHP-oriented website using Linux Hosting. It is the reason behind the rising demand for shared hosting plans worldwide, where experts host the PHP sites based on its frameworks such as Laravel, Laminas, or WordPress websites.

4. Cost & Time Effectiveness

Again, we need to read that cost-effectiveness is one of the biggest factors that makes PHP Web Development Services best fit all businesses. Within a few minutes, it can be installed easily. Where the frameworks such as Symphony and Laravel work fantastically.

5. IDE Aka. Integrated Development Environment 

It has been proved multiple times that PHP is the toughest competitor of ASP .Net. The IDE is an expensive visual studio for ASP development, although a free tool is also available for beginners, and the professionals need a full version of it. On the other hand, PHP IDE – XAMPP is free for use; anyone can download and install it either a beginner or professional.

6. Robust Community Support

PHP is one of the top-notch programming languages with a robust community where veterans actively participate in the discussion posted on the blogs. Most beginners use it for learning the concepts, and they are also allowed to post their doubts where experienced developers answer their doubts. On the community portal, there are several tutorials available even a programmer can learn about the updates.

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7. Performance

If your question is- How good is PHP performance? Then you should note that it is not as fast as other server-side programming languages but still best to do the job perfectly. Not only performance-wise, but it is also tremendous in terms of user performance. The newly added features such as Just-In-Time Compilation or JIT allow the developers to develop web applications faster.

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8. Scalability

There is no need to doubt the scalability. It is more scalable compared to the other web development language available in the market. Cost-effectiveness, multiple high-quality frameworks, and scalability make it a perfect package for developing industry-grade web products for large enterprises and start-ups. The PHP-based websites can handle tons of data easily; for reference, Facebook is best.

Suppose you are a start-up and launched a website; then, you can easily expand your business website in the future. It works fine with Cloud Server Technology, so developers need not worry about scalable solutions using PHP.

9. Fully Secure Solutions

Speed, security, and safety are crucial requirements for any business website. PHP provides the fastest way to build a web app that remains secure always due to the encryption and framework support. The eCommerce website building companies also consider it best for the development task. Suppose if any issue occurred, then there are multiple tools available to fix the vulnerabilities or issues.

10. Fast Upgradation

Effortless decoding of syntax is one of the finest features that facilitate the developers to modify the code to refine the solution. The PHP web development task takes less time, so the same is with upgradation. If a web developer is required, then they can also transform a website into a web app. An open-source capability provides enough support to upgrade the functionality.

11. Robust Frameworks

Several PHP frameworks are available to craft the web apps smoothly: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend Framework, Yii, and so on. Most of these frameworks support MVC architecture that is fantastic for initial development and scalability.

12. Customer Retention

It is proved multiple time that high-quality PHP websites always works great and have more customer retention.

Have you heard about the five-second principle?

If not, then you can understand it as when a user visits the website, they must find the website attractive and useful within five seconds. It can be easily done with the help of PHP. In addition, the website loads fast, so user finds it fantastic to explore the web pages. The PHP script makes the website much faster in comparison to the other programming language available. Users find PHP-based websites so fine that they directly affect the retention of the brand and its promotion.

13. Database Compatibility 

PHP is the most database-compatible language and offers fine-tuning while establishing contact with the database. It supports multiple databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. It is the reason the developers consider it a potential language to use in developing customized websites and web apps for enterprises.

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14. Fine Tuning With CMS  

The content management system is the current time need because there is a lot of focus on content marketing. Several CMS are available where major names are WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, and Joomla. For having a professional website, PHP-oriented CMS is the best thing. For this, it would be better to hire a dedicated PHP web developer.

15. Popularity

The days are gone when web developers were only dependent on the ASP .Net for creating the website. Since its launch, PHP raised as a promising option. In terms of popularity index, PHP is preferred by 67% of developers around the world.

Now you have gone through all the reasons that made PHP is important for web development. The next section of this blog is crafted to tell what points you should consider while hiring PHP developers.

Some Great Tips To Hire A PHP Web Developer

When it comes to hiring a developer or a website development company, then there are certain questions that come to mind, such as:

–         How do I hire a good PHP developer?

–         How much does it cost to hire a PHP developer?

–         What skills do a PHP developer need? 

Or any other questions. These questions are obvious and asked by any entrepreneur before making the mind to have an enterprise website. The point is these are crucial questions and must to asked. So following are some points that will take you through the tips to hire a PHP web developer, and you can also find the answers to the above questions.

1. Explore & Find 

This point doesn’t say that you need to go to some location and find the developer. In the world of professionalism internet is such a great tool to find the official details, so used to it find the developer. You can explore the websites like LinkedIn, Toptal, Glassdoor, Fiverr, and Topappfirms to find the right PHP developer for your work.

2Do not believe what others say but focus on what they are saying.

The online rating and review are not enough to analyze an expert but have importance. You can take it as an initial reference and then find the rest of the things while interviewing and discussing.

3. Ask The Past

It would be better if you ask about the past projects to the developers; it will provide insight that whether they have done similar projects like yours or are they capable of transforming your idea into a great web app.

4. The Cost           

The cost is also a big factor that you need to enquire about before hiring a developer for web app development. Usually, the cost depends upon the hiring model, i.e., project basis and hourly basis. If you want to hire dedicated developers for a project basis, then the cost to a website ranges from $10,000-$15,000 with basic features, and if you are going on an hourly basis, it will cost you min. $25/hour.

5. Test the Knowledge

If you have basic programming knowledge, you can also have some technical questions related to your project, and if not, you should take the help of some of your colleagues to interview the developers. Here you can also ask what kind of tools and technology they use to develop the site. The basic skills of PHP developers are JavaScript, CSS, HTML, AJAX, and MySQL.

The Final Words

For web development, PHP offers many things that can’t be offered by another one. It has great potential and provides possibilities to developers worldwide to make fine web applications that work best in a real-time environment. So, if you have the requirement of web development for your business, it is such a great option to consider, and you can also take the help of an experienced web development company.