If you are a business entrepreneur and you are looking for progress in your business you need certain steps that can help you find growth in your android app development company.

Now, the main objective of a company is to understand the aspects of the market. The android app development company always requires marketing which these days the most preferred way to reach the maximum number of people.


So, they mostly prefer the online marketing of their business and to introduce their product to the maximum users. The android app development services that they provide can be provided to the users from different areas and they can easily use the services from anywhere at any time.

For that purpose, you need to develop certain android apps that are more likely to be used by users. The android apps that the developers are developing requires certain tools and certain guidelines to follow before they are being launched into the market.

Let’s begin with the top 20 tools for android app development

  1. Experitest
  2. Headspin
  3. App Watch
  4. ADB (Android debug bridge)
  5. Eclipse
  6. Fabric
  7. Flowup
  8. GameMaker: Studio
  9. Genymotion
  10. Gradle
  11. Instabug
  12. LeakCanary
  13. NimbleDroid
  14. Unity 3D
  15. Unreal Engine
  16. Visual Studio with Xamarin
  17. Vysor
  18. Android Studio
  19. Firebase
  20. Appcelerator




This is basically a platform that is used for the testing of mobile apps. They are really a reliable and efficient platform to serve their features. The test can also be conducted in an automated process with the iOS and Android devices where the testing can be done in the cloud as well.

The Integrated development environment here which is known as the IDE, helps in the development of the Appium tests. Also, they have their amazing features where you can have a real-time interaction with the process of debugging.

The android app development company helps in developing such a tool for the development of such apps.

The duration of the time which is being required in the process of this particular testing is accelerated. Which also enhances the ability of the release. In the end, you can just achieve the test reports with every detail.


This is a very efficient app where it can just improve the quality and the performance of the app. This mostly looks after the user’s smooth and flawless work on the app.

They just try to provide them with an environment where the user can achieve a great server quality based performance by the app developers while using their app.

They also have the facility with the AI inbuilt in them that organizes any improper functions or issues in the app performance.

The mobile app development company helps the developers to prepare such apps with such features with these amazing tools and with complete security provided that prevents any interception.

App Watch

The function or the main objective that this tool provides mobile app security. The apps that you are using consist of certain data which is really important for you. Now that data can be accessed by the app that you are using.

But there are also issues when you need to go through issues like the hacking of your apps. Which takes away data which is really an asset for you. So these mobile app development services secure your data and also prevent your app from getting hacked.

They also allow a complete scan of your device which helps them to keep a check if there is anything that can be a vulnerable issue later. So they confirm if there is any detection of security errors.

After the issue is confirmed they just give reports about the issue and certain descriptions that are often helpful for you and work as an alert.

ADB (Android debug bridge)

This is actually a bridge that helps in connecting android devices with computers. The developers can use this for the development of their apps. Also, they provide the debugging process also with the quality analysis of the app. The developers with this bridge they can make changes or modify certain things in the required device.


This was initially the only platform that was to be used for the integrated development environment, IDE. But later when the Android studio was introduced which is basically a type of new demand in the market by the developers.

At the present time, Google is not supporting anymore the Eclipse which is still not an issue. As there are many developers who are still using this platform to develop their apps. This is one of the best cross-platform apps where you are allowed to use different kinds of programming languages.


This is an amazing kind of tool that is used by the app developers just to create their apps. This is basically a tool that allows you to launch your app risk-free by their features.

They have certain features that just not allow you to first develop a beta version of the app that can give you an idea about the issues still you need to modify.

This can be done with user feedback. The mobile app development services provide you with these amazing services and features.
Also, they have other features that can help you with the marketing of your new app with an additional feature of advertisement.


This tool helps in creating a report of every aspect that is going in after the app is developed. This tool actually helps in monitoring the performance of the app.

With proper stats and other important metrics which basically include the usage of the disk usage and also the CPU. Which can just eventually calculate the frames per second, also the bandwidth that is been used.

GameMaker: Studio

This tool is a very efficient type of tool to develop gaming apps. This tool is really easy to use a very user-friendly kind of tool. This helps the developer in developing apps with really simple and less amount of codes.

This is basically used in developing 2D games. The android app development company helps in developing such amazing games with such exclusive features.

This has a very simple feature and the beginners can easily use this tool to develop amazing gaming apps. Here you can use it as the drag and drop type of interface.


This tool helps the developer to test the applications in different kinds of scenarios with different devices. Here this tool is really great for the use of the developers with already installed images and graphics that are very efficient processes that will eventually for testing the apps.

It is a cross-platform type of development tool. This tool is really beneficial and a great platform that allows the use of different kinds of programming languages for the developers.


This is basically a platform where developers can easily build their apps. The Apache Maven and the Apache Ant based on these two the Gradle is one of the most popular developing based tools which is actually used for developing large scale applications which is done by Java. Here the developers can build an app with the help of the Gradle and also the additional service of the Android studio.


In this technology-based world, this tool is used by many renowned techs that is widely used in the world. This includes Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, Buzzfeed and Mashable.

This is actually used for the beta testing and also if there are any bugs it also helps in reporting the developer.

This helps with the beta testing and also the user’s reports while they are using the app and also during the debugging process. This report is being sent to the developer then for certain modifications.


This is a great efficient tool that helps in preventing the memory leak that happens in your application. This tool is basically an open-source java-based library.

With this, you just help and prevent any leak in your application. Like whenever there is a leak in the memory from your app then this tool just sends you an alert.

Now with that alert, you can prevent any leak that is occurring. Then with the help of the built-in stack trace helps in resolving the issues and fix that problem. The mobile app development company always tries to developing the apps to prevent these errors that may occur in this process.


This is a useful tool that is used by many developers before releasing their app in the Play store. It prevents your app from any kinds of memory leaks, or any kind of bugs that may occur.

It is a great help for the developers because with the service of this tool a lot of time of the developers is being saved. As with the service of this tool they save their time with the quality analysis of the app. Also in the marketing process of the app.

Unity 3D

This is an integrated development environment that helps in the development of exclusive games. The games with great features with amazing and complicated graphics.

With this tool, the app developer can just create games with complicated graphics with 2D based experience. This is basically a cross-platform based game development app with efficient and more reliable features.

Unreal Engine

This is another platform that just allows the app developer to develop certain apps that are efficient in creating gaming apps with interactive features. This is an open-source game development app that is amazing and really appreciable by the developers.

This tool is really so popular and in-demand with the developers. These developers help in the development of their advanced gaming app with just minimum use of coding.

Visual Studio with Xamarin

Here the visual studio provides the developers with the integrated development environment which just allows the developers in developing advanced apps. The platform that it provides, there we can use different kinds of programming languages.

This tool is just a free tool and the developers can easily use it with its user-friendly based experience. This app when it combines with the Xamarin then gets more advanced and it helps in the development of the native Windows, Android, and iOS applications. The android app development company Dubai use such platform while developing their apps.


This tool helps you with the mirror of your app into your computer device. With this, you can just control your Android operations with the help of your keyboard.

It just helps you recreate the same screen of your android app on your computer screen and thus that allows you to control the app functions by just using the keyboard.

Android Studio

This is one of the most demanding and preferred tools that are used by app developers. The integrated development environment that this tool provides is one of the best platforms where the app can be developed.


This studio and its function provide the app developer with different kinds of functions where you can just help in the quality testing of the app. Also, the debugging process can also be handled with this tool.

Also here you can just work with the code editing process. Here it is an easy to use interface where you just need to drag and drop type interface.


This tool helps the developers to develop apps that have great performance. They help in developing high-end apps. These apps eventually help you with improvements in the business and also with the brand value.

This is an open-source app development platform that provides a smooth and user-friendly environment for the developers. The android app development company Dubai provides such extended services and to the developers while developing such apps.


Here the app developers are provided with a platform where they can develop apps with amazing features and with that the users can use these apps in multiple numbers of platforms.

This comes with a unique ability that allows the users to develop apps you can say multiple numbers of apps using the single code.


The above listed were the top 20 tools that are highly recommended for Android app development. If you want to develop an android app, then hire android app developers that may help you in the growth of your revenue.

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