“Efficiency is doing better than what is already being done. Laundry apps exemplify this idea in our modern world.” 

Peter Drucker   

The time we are in is a trending one. Every human being wants to minimize physical effort. A laundry app can also save a lot of time. It is therefore quite difficult to keep up with such tasks. 

Thus, laundry mobile applications are designed to help people save valuable time by reducing the amount of time they spend washing clothes. In the current trend, mobile laundry apps on demand are growing in popularity. 

It’s also a great idea from a business standpoint and offers many opportunities to businesses. But the question that every business has is: “How much does it cost to build a laundry app?” 

Well, it’s not easy to determine the cost of laundry app development UAE or any other solution in app development. There are many factors in the development that influence the cost of the app in different ways.

So, in this blog, we will discover the cost of building a laundry app along with its features and other aspects. 

Let’s begin. 


What is an On Demand Laundry App?

On Demand Laundry App

On-Demand Laundry is an application that allows users to schedule and arrange their laundry services conveniently at the time and place they prefer. Users may place orders for the collection, cleaning, and delivery of their clothes. 

Developing Laundry mobile app Sharjah is one of the best ideas for an on demand app. It simplifies the laundry process, connecting users to local laundry services, and providing transparency in pricing and tracking, as well as personalized preferences.    

For those with hectic schedules searching for a practical response to their laundry woes, there is this on-demand Laundry app. Through an intuitive digital platform, it provides convenience, time savings, and effective management. 


Online Laundry Service Market Statistics

The mobile laundry app in UAE market is growing. To illustrate this, consider the following numbers and facts. 

Online Laundry Service Market Statistics

Source: Statista

  • Between 2023 and 2028, the global revenue for home & laundry products was expected to increase by 44.7 billion U.S. Dollars (+22.9 percent).
  • Comparatively, the United States generates most of its revenue (15,350m US dollars in 2023).
  • According to the total population, revenues per person of US$13.54 will be generated by 2023.
  • Online Laundry app sales will generate 7.5% of the total revenue in the Home and laundry Care Market by 2023.
  • By 2025, the US market for laundry and dry-cleaning services will generate 5.2 billion dollars in revenue from retail and dry-cleaning operations.


How Does Laundry App Work?

How Does Laundry App Work?

Understanding how on-demand apps work is crucial after knowing the statistics. As per an ios app development services provider, on-demand laundry apps include three stakeholders: the launderer, the delivery person, and the customer. So, now let’s find out how users can operate the laundry app:  

  • Ordering laundry: The user places an order by specifying how many clothes they have, the type of washing required, as well as the pickup and delivery times.
  • Pickup of dirty laundry: The delivery person will collect the laundry from the designated location and time, pack it into a bag, and deliver it to the laundry.
  • Laundry cleaning: Launderers wash, clean, and iron clothes according to the user’s requirements. Use eco-friendly cleaners for silk fabrics, as an example.
  • Clean laundry delivery: The laundry is delivered clean by the delivery staff at a specified time and place, such as your home or office.
  • Payment in-app: Users can pay via the Laundry Dubai app after collecting their clean laundry. They choose the preferred payment method. They can also pay at the scheduled time.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Build a Laundry App 

Factors Affecting the Cost to Build a Laundry App

In order to estimate the cost of creating a laundry application, there are several factors that come into play. As per an android app development services provider, you can budget and make more informed conclusions if you are aware of these aspects. The following are the main elements that influence the cost to build a laundry app UAE:

1. App Design and Complexity

Costs of laundry app development are affected by the complexity of an app’s design. This comprises the number of displays, graphic components, and interactive aspects. An intricate design can require more time and resources.


2. Platform Compatibility

The price of creating a laundry application for several platforms, such as iOS and Android, is more than if you first concentrated on that platform.


3. Location and Development Team

The cost will be affected by the hourly rate of the team. This can vary depending on the experience and location. Cost advantages may be available by using offshore app development teams compared with local ones.


4. Features and Functionalities

You will want to incorporate more functionality in your laundry app as development costs rise. These may include scheduling, payment integrations, real-time tracking, and loyalty programs.


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5. Integration with Third-Party Services

You may need to pay more if you want to integrate the laundry app with other services such as SMS notifications, payment gateways, or mapping services. 


6. Backend Development

The cost of building a laundry app will depend on the complexity of the backend infrastructure and database management.


7. Testing and Maintenance

It is important to allocate resources for testing, bug fixes, and maintenance. Also, the cost to maintain an app will be the major factor. These activities are included in the cost of developing a laundry app. 

Consider these factors, and work closely with a reputable mobile app development company to get a better understanding of the cost of building a laundry app. This will ensure that your app is launched successfully. 


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Laundry App?

Before we discuss the cost to develop a mobile app, let’s begin with the most crucial question. Why is it so challenging to calculate the cost to build a laundry app? 

The reason is fairly straightforward. Numerous factors might have an impact on the overall cost. There are literally dozens of factors, including the platform, tech stack, and team size, location, duration of development, technologies, etc.

All the information is required if you want to calculate the cost of an app like laundry. Without having a complete understanding of the project requirements, it is hard to estimate the cost of an on-demand laundry app. You can still expect to pay between $10,000 and $25,000. This will depend on the specifics of the project.  

App Complexity  Estimated time  Estimated cost 
Basic App 2-3 months  $8000-$13000
Moderate App  5-8 months  $15000-$20000
Complex App  9-12 months  $22,000-$25,000

This is the average cost to build a Laundry app in Dubai, but the size and complexity of the app can cause the cost to be higher than the average. It is recommended that if you want a more accurate estimate, you contact an
on-demand app development company and provide them with the project details. They will then be able to give you an estimated cost.   


Top 5 Most Popular Laundry Apps

There are various laundry applications in the market that do their best. However, we have listed down the famous 5 apps that you must take into consideration: 

Top Laundry App  Available Platform  Download  Ratings 
Delivery.Com Android | iOS  100K+ 3.5 
TaskRabbit Android | iOS 1M+ 4.0
HamperApp Android | iOS 50K+ 3.1
Rinse Android | iOS 100K+ 4.4
Laundrapp  Android | iOS 100K+ 3.6


1. Delivery.Com


Delivery.com lets you choose the person who will work on your task. The app charges service providers. Customers are only supposed to pay for the cleaning service. 

This is a convenient platform that allows you to set the amount you wish to spend and when you would like your clothes delivered. The app can extend the delivery time to up to 48 hours.


2. TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit does not provide laundry services, but rather general home-based services. The app will direct any requests from customers to the appropriate service providers. The Laundry app development company Oman has conducted interviews and background checks on any “Tasker”, which is assigned to a customer. 

Anyone associated with or working for ‘TaskRabbit,’ therefore, has an excellent service record. Tasker offers a laundry service that includes dry cleaning, ironing, washing and ironing, and wash & ironing.


3. HamperApp


HamperApp offers a 24-hour service for its customers. The service will offer the best and freshest cloth cleaning services at an affordable rate. Customers are able to set up pick-up times that work with their schedules. 

Also, customers do not have to wait around for delivery people because the service is available seven days a week. The service providers are also committed to using eco-friendly products and avoiding animal testing in order to protect your clothes.


4. Rinse


Rinse, one of the most popular laundry apps on demand offers a wide range of features. Customers will receive neatly cleaned, fresh clothes in a short time. 

This famous Dubai Laundry app Abu Dhabi has a valet that will pick up your clothes at the end of the day if you have booked an on-demand laundromat.


5. My Lapels

My Lapels

Lapels are the best app for dry cleaning. It offers eco-friendly cleaning and washing services. The company wants the dry-cleaning industry to move towards an energy-efficient and greener approach. 

Later, the dry-cleaning service evolved into other services such as wash-and-fold, gown preservation, alterations, and rug cleaning.


Must-have Features of On-Demand Laundry App Development

Must-have Features of On Demand Laundry App Development

Costs in 2023 are influenced by laundry app development features and factors that contribute to their complexity, functionality, and user experience. The cost to build the laundry app will depend on these characteristics. 

1. Platform and Technology:

Both the platform chosen (iOS or Android) and the technology stack used can affect the Laundry app development cost UAE. Because different codebases are necessary, native app development is more costly. 


2. User Authentication and Profiles:

The average cost to build a Laundry app in Oman can be affected by user authentication and profiles. Advanced authentication methods such as biometrics may increase development time and costs.


3. Laundry Services Selection:

Integrating different laundry service providers and allowing the user to select from different options can increase development costs. Each integration requires API testing and development.


4. Order placement and tracking:

Enabling the user to schedule pickups and track their laundry status in real time involves complex features that could increase the development effort. So, if you want to incorporate these features in your own laundry app, then you should hire dedicated developers.


5. GPS and Location Services:

Integrating GPS to locate nearby laundry services, and tracking delivery personnel in real-time can have a negative impact on costs because of the need for precise geolocation functionality.


6. Payment Gateway Integration:

Integration with a reputable payment method is needed to enable safe and easy payments. Additional development expenditures and compliance may be necessary.


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7. Push Notifications:

Implementing push notifications for users to be informed about updates to orders, promotions, and other relevant information may add complexity to development.


8. Admin Dashboard:

It is important to create a Laundry app for Dubai’s robust admin panel for managing orders, payments, and services. However, its complexity can lead to higher development costs.


9. Reviews and Ratings:

Incorporating an evaluation and rating system that is accessible to both users and providers of laundry services can increase user engagement, but may require additional development efforts.


10. Chat and Support:

Chat or support features in apps require integration with messaging platforms or custom solutions. This adds to the development costs.


11. Test and Optimization:

Ensure smooth performance on various devices by testing rigorously and optimizing your app’s responsiveness and speed. This can prolong the timeline and increase costs.


How to Monetize the Laundry App? 

How to Monetize the Laundry App?

Here are the three most popular monetization strategies that most businesses use for laundry apps. So let’s check them out:  

1. Commission Based

This is a strategy for monetization that allows Laundry app developer Dubai to charge a commission on the orders placed. App owners prefer this revenue model.


2. Advertisement

Advertising models allow app owners to earn money by selling advertising space or products to third parties. These applications engage more users by showing advertisements. In return, they get a commission on each ad clicks.


3. Featured Listing

One of the finest methods to monetize an app and generate income is through this. This business model pays the app aggregator to highlight a select service provider in the app’s header. The service provider can make more sales and the app owner earns from the featured listing. Both parties benefit from the situation.


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Laundry App?



The cost of developing an on-demand laundry system depends on many factors. You must know that the features are a major part of this cost. It plays a major factor in the performance of an application.

Thus, if you are interested in developing a Laundry app that is market-leading or would like to know more about it, you should consult an established laundry app development company that can help you. 



1. Where to Find Laundry App Developers?

You should choose an app development company that has experience developing apps. Also, you can hire mobile app developers by using websites such as Upwork and Clutch. Examine certifications, testimonials, and ratings to see if a business is reputable. To get a better sense of their experience, look through their portfolio. 


2. How Can You Reduce the Cost of Developing a Laundry App?

To lower laundry app development costs, you should follow the below criteria:

  • Prioritize essential features, avoiding excessive complexity.
  • Choose cross-platform frameworks to streamline coding for multiple platforms.
  • Utilize open-source libraries and pre-built components.
  • Opt for agile development, iterating as you gather user feedback.
  • Minimize post-launch maintenance through robust testing and bug-fixing pre-launch.


3. How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer? 

The cost to hire an app developer depends on various factors like level of expertise, location, etc. Usually, the hiring cost of a developer will be around $15-$25 per hour or more. 


4. What Are the Benefits of Creating a Laundry App?

The benefits of creating a laundry app are:

  • Convenience
  • Time-saving and scheduling flexibility
  • Order tracking & seamless payments
  • Enhanced user experience for laundry management and services.


5. How to Make a Laundry App?

To make a laundry app for your business, you must follow the below steps:

  • Do market analysis  
  • Decide the key features
  • Create a UI/UX design 
  • Build the Laundry app
  • Test the app
  • Release the app 
  • Maintenance and updates