The business consulting industry is undoubtedly the fastest developing sector in the world.

The business consulting services are estimated to witness an annual growth of approximately 27,000 Crores by the end of 2020 in India.
Not only India, but consultancy firms are growing at a fast rate across different corners of the world.

According to the current reports, there are about 6,000 consultancy firms established in urban cities.

As the industrial sector in our country is developing at a fast pace, the demand for consultancy firms is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Individuals and entities need to strengthen the structure of the Indian consulting sector by introducing fresh talent, innovation, creativity, and consulting skills.

The improvement in the consultancy services can bring major growth to the Indian industrial sector.

The implementation of best practices, adoption of the latest technology, and optimal use of the internet can help industrial leaders to grow the business consulting industry.

The Role of Consulting Firms in the Business Growth

Consulting agencies play an integral part in the development of the firm. The talented consultants are known for providing valuable advice, suggestions, and tips to promote the company’s growth.

These trained professionals also implement the right practices during uncertain situations to protect the firm from a crisis.

Considering the current business requirements, the consulting firm needs to adopt the latest strategies to cater to varying business needs.

Let’s say you are driving a vehicle on an unfamiliar road. You have no clue about the directions. For proper navigation, you have hired an assistant who is supposed to guide you through the way.

The Role of Consulting Firm in the Business Growth

The same is the case with a company, Companies get stuck in uncertain situations. To deal with such difficult scenarios, companies hire a business consulting firm to ensure business growth even in the tough faces.

Consulting isn’t a new approach the early consultancy firm dates back to 1925. There’s no denying that the role of the consulting firm has revolutionized over the past few decades.

Gone are the days when consultants were hired based on their ability to churn a large amount of data and suggest the best solutions.

Nowadays, the role of the business or management consultants is more about working with the clients and implementing the perfect practices to deal with a particular situation.

What Does the Business Expect from Consultants?

As said above, the consultant’s job is much more than using their ability to churn data and suggest the most suitable ideas.

In 2020, firms will hire business consulting services based on their qualifications, potential, understanding of customers, creativity, and more.

Understanding customers’ behavior is quite imperative in today’s social media-driven world. Businesses need consulting firms to predict customers’ behavior.

What Does the Business Expect from Consultants

The consultants are responsible for accumulating all this information from different sources. The second important factor is innovation.

A company cannot go far if it doesn’t innovate on the brand and services. Innovation is necessary for products, advertising, marketing, and other processes.

The business consultants must embrace the latest technology and advanced strategies to cater to the business requirements.

Considerations for a Business Consulting Firm

The main principles of a consulting firm are trust and respect. Businesses hire a consulting firm to get solutions for their queries and the current challenges they are facing.

When they hire a consultancy firm, they expect the consultants to understand their business situations and help the business overcome complex challenges.

Your job involves investigation, development of the ideal solutions, and implementation of the perfect strategies.


There are times when consulting firms have to make tough choices. What seems extremely beneficial for a consulting firm may not suit the client’s business.

A reliable consulting company is the one that provides suggestions and advice that works in favor of their client’s business.

This is the best way to prove your reliability. Furthermore, the client will love to become your repeat customer if you manage to get them out of the tough phase effectively.

Challenges the Business Consultancy Firms Need to Overcome

Sure, the business consultancy firm is expected to grow at a fast pace in the coming years. The sector is evolving and catering to the unique requirements of businesses.

However, there are many challenges a business consulting firm has to overcome in order to thrive in the competitive market.
Some of the major challenges that make this sector prone to disruption are:

  • Limited major players
  • Slow adoption of the latest technology
  • Outdated strategies and business practices

If the consultancy industry has to survive and expand in the challenging industrial sector, it has to overcome the above-listed challenges.

The management consulting industry is not going to vanish anytime soon. In fact, these services are in high demand in healthcare, banking, financial industries, technology, retail, manufacturing, defense, and public sectors.


However, the consultants need to adapt to the trending business practices to survive this competitive market.

Consulting agencies also need to respond to emerging trends such as Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing, machine learning, cybersecurity, analytics, and so on.

Let’s have a look at the top digital consulting trends that every business consulting firm must embrace to stay ahead in the game.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Transformation and Innovation in Consultancy Firms

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT trend keeps on growing with time. In 2020, the Internet of Things is going to be the major trend for consulting industry.

Consulting firms need to use IoT to reap the maximum benefits of this trending technology.

To improve operations and evolve business models, embracing IoT is important for consulting firms.

Currently, around 8.4 billion things can be found on the internet. The internet is flooded with plenty of data.

Using IoT, consultants can draw as much data as they want from the internet. They can also use devices to run social media and PPC ad campaigns in order to bring operational efficiency to the business.

Digital Marketing

As the mobile trend is growing at a rapid rate, consulting firms need to adopt digital marketing consulting services to flourish in this challenging business environment.

Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of IoT devices offering a massive amount of information.

In fact, some consultancy firms have already embraced digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. Embracing digital trends is important for consultancy firms that plan to grow in 2020.


Nowadays, businesses are ready to go the extra mile to survive the challenging market. Not only do they create and design the eCommerce website, but they embrace social media, PPC, email marketing, and almost all digital marketing campaigns to build their brand in the online world.

Now that the demand for digital marketing is increasing rapidly, it only makes sense for the consulting industry to accept this challenge and include digital marketing consultancy services in their portfolio.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been the major trend in current times. It has been years since AI emerged, however, it is still considered the latest technology in the industrial sector.

To keep your consulting firm up-to-date, embracing Artificial Intelligence is a must.

It provides the consultants with an efficient way of communicating with clients, taking their feedback, implementing the best business plans according to the customer’s feedback, and providing the best tools and suggestions to help the company grow in ambiguous situations.


Whether it is a Software Development Company or a Business Consultancy Firm, Artificial Intelligence must be embraced by all industrial sectors.

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to transform a business. From increasing the conversion rates to providing the best customer experience, businesses can rely on AI to grow their company.

Companies can re-frame their business models using AI. With the increasing demand for AI-based tools, business consulting firms need to adopt this technology to stay in the game.

Transformation and Innovation in Consultancy Firms

Disruption has been one of the major hurdles for business consulting firms across the world. In fact, disruption is going to haunt the consultancy sector in the coming years as well. Only the consulting firms that adopt innovation and believe in transformation can survive this challenging market.


If you want more opportunities, you need to adapt to the latest technologies and trends. That is the only possible way of flourishing in 2020.
Some of the major digital transformations that a business consulting firm must embrace are as follows:

  • Performance Management
  • Customer understanding
  • Process digitalization
  • Top-line growth
  • Customer touchpoints
  • Digitally modified business

Many factors lead a digital consultancy firm to disruption. The only way to ensure that your company survives the competitive market is to embrace the digital transformation and grow your consulting firm accordingly.

Final Words

Whether you hire a software developer or a startup consulting firm, reliability and creativity are the main factors you consider before settling the deal.

A business consulting firm is expected to witness growth in 2020. However, this sector needs to embrace the latest technology and the best business practices to flourish in an uncertain business environment.