The middle east is filled with many countries, but Bahrain is the most popular. Bahrain is situated east of Saudi Arabia and in the north of Qatar. In 2021 the population of Bahrain was 158 million. The country is known for its subtropical climate, date palms, camels, and startups. Many beautiful towns in Bahrain showcase the broad scope of business establishment. The startup doesn’t always mean industry—we mean online business. Several entrepreneurs are looking forward to start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain.

As we all know, the demand for grocery delivery app development is increasing daily. Those days are gone when people visited stores to buy groceries and household stuff. Yes, the technology has become widespread because of modern application development. Several companies want to start their grocery delivery business in Bahrain.

If you want that too, you must know about the ten best cities in Bahrain to start a grocery delivery business. Suppose you want to learn about the cities to start a business. In that case, you must read the following blog until the very end.

Current Market Stats Of Grocery Delivery Business

grocery delivery app stats

  • The total grocery market had a value of 2317.73 billion AED in 2018.
  • Nearly 10% of all supermarket sales by 2022 will be generated online using smartphones.
  • More than 65 percent of respondents reported grocery shopping online, with popular e-commerce leader Amazon leading the pack. From Amazon the year before.
  • One or two times per month, 5% of consumers prefer to buy their groceries online.
  • Deliveries are now available from some third-party companies, like Instacart and Grofers, and their retailers’ commission feeds reduced in those years.
  • Free or inexpensive delivery service is vital to more than 66 percent of clients when they shop for food online.
  • Globally, the number of customers for online groceries has increased by 30% since the outbreak.
  • The number of smartphone apps for online grocery shopping has increased by almost 200 percent.

start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain

Top 10 Cities in Bahrain to Start a Grocery Delivery Business!

Start a Grocery Delivery Business

We have mentioned the ten best cities in Bahrain where you can start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain effectively.

1. Manama

Manama is the number one city in Bahrain out of many. It is the capital of the state of Bahrain. The population of Manama is 200000. From the studies, we have found that Manama is the financial hub of the Persian Gulf region. The city is brimming with expansive infrastructure. Manama is the largest retail industry in the shopping malls, filled with workshops and traders. Several sectors have invested in Manama for grocery delivery app development. The scope of business in Manama is broad. You can also start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain as it would be the number one choice.

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2. Muharraq

Muharraq is one of the most popular cities in Bahrain and was the capital of Bahrain in 1932. The population of Muharraq is approximately 176,583. It is the city of religion located on Muharraq island. The airport of Bahrain is also nearby. Several enterprises find this city interesting due to its location on the island—numerous businesses invested in this city, hotels and beaches, and many large buildings. The idea to start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain will work here extensively. Choosing this city for the food delivery app development company business will be the best idea.

3. Riffa

Riffa is the second-largest city in Bahrain. The population of Raffa is approximately 150000. This city is known for its landmark tourists. Raffa has massive shopping centres, commercial markets and many other entertainment facilities. Due to the extensive entertainment facilities, several entrepreneurs in the UAE invested in developing more shopping centres and cinemas. But it is essential to know that delivery of groceries is one of the most important things for everyone in this era.

The population of Raffa is looking for another excellent facility that will change their lives. As we mentioned, it is a tourist spot. Then, you want to start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain city Raffa. In that case, you should know it is a great idea. Hire dedicated developers or a mobile app development company to develop grocery delivery applications.

4. Isa Town

Isa Town is famous due to the Bahrain National Stadium, Traditional Market of Isa, Dilmun Burial Mounds, and Bahrain Science Centre. So, these places attract several tourists to visit a town. The popularity of this town is approximately 40000, but it doesn’t mean there is no scope there. Several entrepreneurs revealed that investing in a place with less population will increase that place’s infrastructure and boost your business’s brand visibility. It is essential to know that the demand for business app development is growing daily.

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5. Hamad Town

People say that Hamad town is in the hearts of Bahrain individuals. If you are looking forward to exploring an affordable community, in that case, Hamad city is the best option. The population of Hamad town is approximately 133,550. The city has diversified housing proportional to that mix of Shia Sunni epitomes. Hamad is an excellent choice of the city if you want to start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain. Business app development will offer you immense profit and revenue. So, suppose you are still unsure about this city. In that case, you should discuss with your developer team to decide which city is preferable.

6. A’ali

A’ali is a town situated in the north of Bahrain. The town satiated with famous traditional handcrafted pottery. The city offers its people fascinating facilities with a modern age lifestyle. Many industries are looking forward to embracing its value by opening businesses there. But the population of the city is not more than 100000. So the expansion of your mobile app development company and its brand visibility will be easier in this city. With the trendy lifestyle, residents of A’ali are looking forward to online grocery delivery services. To start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain, you must choose this city.

7. Budaiya

Budaiya is located in the northern area of Bahrain island. The population of this town is not more than 33,230, but it is famous for peace. The tourists of UAE visit this city to get peace. It is essential to know that Budaiya developed with stone houses and reet huts that make it different. The government of Bahrain wants to boost the infrastructure of this town. Suppose you want to become a revolutionary entrepreneur with a viral mobile grocery delivery application. In that case, you must opt for this town and start working in the grocery business to get exceptional results.

8. Jidhafs

Jidhafs is one of the most popular cities in Bahrain. Similarly, the city is famous for its lush parks and gardens. The city has attractive beautiful markets with several restaurants and clothes stores. Studies have shown that more than 5000 visitors visit these markets daily. This city is only 3km away from Manama. The population of Jidhafs is more than 45000. If you are thinking of starting grocery delivery startups in Bahrain, in this case, you can choose this country. But first, hiring an on-demand app development company with whom you should discuss your grocery startup plan and verify some pros and cons is essential. It will help you in implementing the startup with a strong strategy.


9. Sitra

The city of Sitra is famous as it’s only 5 kilometers away from the capital of Bahrain. Sitra city offers the fascinating Bahrain islands that tourists find attractive. Moreover, the population of Sitra is more than 80000, but it is essential to know that its intrastate is wide. Many museums, restaurants, resorts, entertainment facilities, and exhibition centres are situated there. The demand for custom web development company is increasing due to the number of people who want to start grocery delivery startups.

The town is filled with clear water, beautiful beaches and palm trees that attract tourists to stay longer. If you are considering starting a grocery delivery business in Bahrain, you should know Sitra can be the destination. The city has changed the lives of many entrepreneurs by providing brand awareness and visibility for internet restaurants. You can be one of the top 10 businesses in this city if you stop waiting and hire dedicated developers to develop a mobile app for your grocery delivery businesses.

10.  Al Malikiyah

Al Malikiyah

Al Malikiyah is a city situated in the west of Bahrain’s capital. The beautiful Amri Zaid bin Sohan mosque and Sohan’s grave are located in this city. The most crucial reason companies choose this city for startups is that it is near the sea. Sea attracts several tourists to visit. The population of Al Malikiyah is more than 26000. So, it is essential to know that Al Malikiyah is the administrative centre of nahiyah that consists of 108 locations with a population of more than 125000.

The city is overflowing with a new Syriac Orthodox Church on Main street, Chaldean Catholic Church, and New Church dome. Choosing this city to start grocery delivery startups in Bahrain is the best idea. But make sure to hire the best mobile ios app development company or android app development services.

Let’s Talk!

Hopefully, the blog mentioned above was quite helpful for you in knowing about the ten best cities in Bahrain to start grocery delivery startups. Furthermore, the foremost important thing you should remember while starting the business is choosing the best software development company. Hiring a software development company for your startup would be the best choice as it will help you from planning to development.


In conclusion of the course, the choice of the framework will be yours as it will be your business idea. But the company will guide you for the best. So, you can choose better react native app development or Laravel, which one you and your food delivery app development company prefer.