Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing field in the industry. Over a decade, the mobile phone has become a major part of personal and professional. And hence, it has become an essential thing allowing companies to stay connected with the customer.

They can easily market their service or product. In addition to this, staying connected with the audience is no longer a daunting task. However, when one venture into the world of mobile technology then there are different options to watch out for. They include Hybrid Application development, React Native App Development and mobile web development.

With such a vast evolution of cutting-edge technology, it can be difficult to get the best out of all the on-demand mobile applications. Hence, it is essential to be abreast with the mobile application market in order to grow and thrive.

It is only possible if one is familiar with the dozens of smartphones and applications. On top of that, the mobile operating system and the optimum seamless and performance nature matters a lot. Hence, comes the React Native App Development.

What is React Native App Development?

It is a framework that is open source and works on the JavaScript for the development of mobile application. The best part is that it works on different operating systems such as Android and iOS. Hence, it helps in saving resources, money, time and effort to get an ideal solution to any business.

The mobile platform interfaces are built up with the help of React and it gives a chance to React Native Developer to work on the mobile application with a platform that can be shared and makes it easy to develop.


react native mobile app development

Powerful Reasons to opt for React Native Application Development

1. Performance

On comparing react native and native performance for the development of the mobile application, it is clearly seen that react native is highly better than native or swift. These two are identical user interface but the react native gives better performance in terms of memory, GPU and CPU.

However, in the CPU, native is better than the other whereas in the term of memory and GPU, react native won the game. This leverage makes it better for developers to make the right choice in terms of performance. However, native is used for the development of Swift but for better performance, react native is recommended.

2. Multi-platform support

Another reason that makes react native a talk of the town is its influence of multi-platform in the mobile This is making the iOS and Android being dominated in with the eliminating of any negative effect on companies. The react native application development has got more particular about the platform to work in the codebase work.

This is used efficiently in the field of java and Swift with the developers that makes it easy to share codes. Hence, this type of development model is used by the mobile app development company in Dubai to ensure that any sort of challenges in cross-compatibility and enhance user experience.

3. Code Reusability

This is one of the most essential parts that come in the category of react native application development. This helps in getting an accuracy for the code that can be reused as per the objects and attributes.

The sharing of codes for more than one application makes it an essential part that helps in sharing with Android and iOS. It is one of the most effective ways to work on the React Native Development and gain huge popularity with code one time. This helps in gaining the popularity with web applications and helps in easy conversion of a mobile application for front-end development.

4. Faster and cheaper

The main goal of any company is to gain more while investing less amount. It helps with easy workflow and also to budget properly due to its ability to share code.

There is no secret in that it is one of the most effective platforms that makes the work east while covering two major OS. This will easily shorten up the overall cycle of development and helps in scaling up the project with the involvement of teamwork. In addition to this, 50% of total development can be cut up without sacrificing productivity or quality.

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5. Integration

This is another reason that makes developers work on the react native mode for development. Especially when any sort of application is started from scratch then react native can be the most ideal platform to work on.

It helps in enabling a synchronized and seamless application that can be compatible with other platforms as well. The best thing is that the integration issues are resolved with this platform that become advantage for developers. Hence, the application can be integrated easily with GPS, messaging, camera, etc. that have given a smooth experience to users.

6. Third-parties and APIs libraries

The mobile app development company in Dubai works on the react native platform due to its multiple libraries. Also, the third-party APIs are always used by the platform due to its nature of reusability.

This makes it an essential part to opt for such a platform that gives so many opportunities to work on. The native modules are so easy to work with due to the nature of libraries that open-source and free to use. This makes it an essential part of the for platforms such as JavaScript module and Native module.


These are the main reasons that make the React Native Developer work on the platform that has added features such as speed, performance, hot reload, speed, libraries, back up and community.

These make it a topmost element to work on and the developers work with it efficiently to get the work done. Also, the UI development with this framework is more renowned that makes it easy to execute and work on UX. There are top companies that work on the platform due to its reliable nature.