The future aspect of the development of the modern app can be witnessed with the help of React Native. The developers are getting an interface of building more and more applications through this. About more than seventy-eight percent of the developers are eager to know about the introduction of the new member on the scenario. Along with this, React Native is having a higher rate of interest, that is, ninety-two percent and that to have sound reasoning.

There are also many other platforms that are available, those, render a multiple platform interface. Some of these are like, PhoneGap and Cordova, yet, they are available only when a price is paid. The amount that the party has to pay is that they have to rely upon the browser and the JavaScript that is already built inside the phone browser. These interfaces are very slow in processing the native code.

Some of the reasons are listed below that can prove that the app native reacts a better option for web development.

  1. One has the opportunity of constructing the native application

As the very name says, the React Native enables the user to build and develop their native and own application. The other kinds of frameworks that are available do not provide the users to get the real feel of what a native app is; this is because these interfaces are hybrid. React Native development Dubai is a better option for the user when concerned with web development.

  1. Easy learning procedure

One of the greatest strengths of React Native is that it is straightforward for people to learn and operate. Its simplicity can be compared to be as easy as a children’s book. Hence the user can quickly determine it at one instance. One of the prominent Mobile App development company Dubai is React Native.

  1. A familiar environment

As a web developer, you have the idea of using multiple tools that are already known to you as a web developer. React native allows the users for transpiling of the codes with Grunt, Gulp or Webpack. Some cooling specifications like that of ES7 are like Object Spread; you can get which are exclusive, as RN put Babel transpiler into its use.

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  1. The RN community is very active

The Android App Development company Dubai, have a high working potential. This newly introduced interface has resulted into many developers at doing their best at building something fruitful for others for competing with RN, yet RN has the most significant community that offers a combination of newly formed apps along with answers to the queries on the severe problems that are faced by the developers.

  1. The developers offer a framework which is cross-platformed

React Native has focused on the future aspect, and they are giving an opportunity to the developers for creating applications that shall be suitable for all platforms. There are some leading Android App development company Dubai, which are also facing the challenges posed by React.

  1. The platforms which can be reached through RN

Smartphones have now a day emerged as a compelling medium, and while talking about all platforms, all Windows devices, iOS, Android, VR headsets and smartwatches are also taken into consideration.

  1. Reload the App

Unlike, Swift code and the native java, in the React Native interface, you do not need to carry out a compilation of your app. All one need to do is to reload it, just like one does in a website for web browsers. You also do not have the compulsion to maintain separate code bases in your app. You can easily do it in one code base. It compiles two different codes into one functioning system. React Native development Dubai is its second home to evolve in a more better way.

  1. React Native functions better than the other Codes

The React Native functions mostly like the applications which are written in Java or Swift. In the surveys that are conducted to check onto the performance standard of the code, React Native has proved to be the best among them.

  1. One of the smartest ways to develop mobile apps is through React native

All that one has to maintain in the React native is a single code base interface, which shall produce iOS apps along with Android-based apps. The React Native environment is experiencing steady growth, and it is getting great love and acceptance by the leading mobile app development company Dubai.

  1. Using React library

The mobile interface of React native is employed to develop mobile applications with the help of JavaScript. The usage of React library is made for constructing the UI components along with logical reasoning for the request.


As is seen by the previous points that are explained, this framework of React native has excellent potential. It is not just an ordinary web developing system. They are using modern principles and logic for development. The work can quickly and efficiently be done, and it also has a quick learning procedure. It is very effective in resolving problems and bringing the new way of thinking and ideas at the forefront.