Salesforce which is a platform for consumer relationship management (CRM), has partnered with Apple. Apple has made this deal in an endeavor to appear as a giant in the enterprise world. Salesforce’s rolling out services via iOS will experience a change.

This deal seems to be almost too good to be true because it is beneficial for everyone. iOS app development company in Dubai and all over the world will benefit from this move. App developers will be able to access various tools freely. Users will get better user experience.  This new tie-up is likely to have a large impact in the UAE and across the world.

Salesforce will restructure its app using the iOS features that they now have access to. This will result in better CRM. From the Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, Business Chat and many more, Salesforce will have access to all of these. In celebration of this, Salesforce is going to roll out its new learning platform.

This will be in the form of a mobile application called Trailhead. Such an app has never been developed before and will be released after the Salesforce mobile app.

Salesforce will also be developing its first mobile software development kit (SDK) by year-end. They will use Apple programming in order to develop better CRM. This app will further the creation of various specialized apps to address specific customer needs.

However, as a developer, you may be wondering how this partnership will impact iOS app development. In general, this partnership appears to be a promising one for developers.

Let us take a look at the impact

1. iOS CRM Developments

This partnership will undoubtedly result in better CRM for iOS. Keeping in mind the latest Human Interface Guidelines at Apple, the new application has been designed. The industry of mobile app development, in general, will be positively impacted by the raising of standards.

iOS user experiences will be enhanced by the re-imagined iOS Salesforce app. The best iOS features such as Siri Short Cuts, Face ID, and Business Chat will be integrated into the app.

2. New tool kit

As a developer, this will be the one big perk for you to look forward to. Developers love having more tools in the box to play with and this is exactly what this is. The apps rolled out by this partnership are set to address the industry problem.

The CRM is being developed on the iOS platform along with a new SDK. This makes it easy for mobile app development companies to join hands with Salesforce to release niche apps.

The new SDK made keeping in mind the Swift language used on apple will be released by year-end. Its algorithm is extremely efficient. It provides an app development company with access to various tools. These tools can be used to release apps on the Salesforce Lightning platform by any iPhone developer.

3. Easy learning

One of the other great aspects of this partnership is that it allows developers to develop their potential for development. They have launched the new “Get Started with iOS App Development Trail” which will hone the skills of developers.

This is an attempt at the democratization of technology and making this industry more open and accessible. The guide has tools that don’t just train you for the short run but equip you for the bigger picture. This course has several modules. These are:

  • Swift Essentials
  • Xcode Essentials
  • Salesforce Mobile SDK Basics
  • Native iOS

These modules focus on all the basics that any app developer needs to know in these fields. They help train and acclimatize everyone to the world of iPhone app development.


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4. iOS to take the cake in the Enterprise ecosystem

This partnership is likely to spark new mobile apps that cater to specific industry issues. They will tackle the weird customer issues faced by people in various industries. This is an attempt to cater to the ever-changing and ever-growing consumer expectations.

Mobile experiences need to be top notch and this CRM development will allow for that. Apple now has an unprecedented advantage in the enterprise market. Their insistence on quality and raising the standards bodes well for iPhone developers.

This will also create better parity in for apple applications and Android apps. This will create more work opportunities for a mobile app development company engaged in iPhone apps.


Until now, Apple has never been one of the giants in the enterprise world. Despite being among the biggest computer hardware manufacturers in the industry, they haven’t been significant in the enterprise ecosystem. However, with this partnership, that seems to be changing.

Apple has also partnered with industry giants such as HP Inc, Cisco, and HP Inc in the past few years. All of this together gives Apple more than a fighting chance in the industry.

This partnership with Salesforce is likely to catapult the industry forward in terms of CRM development and improved user experiences.