Developing a marketable app has become a necessity for businesses. Online marketplace apps have the power to change businesses from attracting in more customers to keeping them coming back and offering customized services.  As a result, most businesses have started to invest in online marketplace apps like Alibaba. However, the most important question is how to develop an app like Alibaba. Some entrepreneurs have their own development teams, but some do not.

If you are also looking for Alibaba clone app development and are unfamiliar with the development process, read this blog. It will help you understand how to build an online marketplace like Alibaba that succeeds. It will also explore the must-have features and app development costs. 


Quick Summary: If you are wondering how to develop an app like Alibaba, you have reached the right place. This blog will cover the steps, significant features, and costs of Alibaba marketplace app development


What is Alibaba App- A Marketplace Platform?

Alibaba is a leading wholesale marketplace app that allows users to source products from a massive range of international suppliers, from clothing to electronics. With this app, users can browse millions of products, get quotes directly from suppliers, and connect with them in real-time for product demos or factory tours.

Hence, this convenience-increasing demand for the apps like Alibaba depicts a business growth trend. Hence, if you want to develop an app like Alibaba, you are advised to consult with an ecommerce development company for a better outcome.  


5 Key Steps to Develop An App Like Alibaba

Developing a successful marketplace app like Alibaba requires careful planning and execution. Do you know how to develop an app like Haraj or Alibaba? Well, if you are not a pro at this, consider the following critical steps for a successful Alibaba accessories app development:

  • Extensive Market Research 
  • Make UI/UX Design
  • Application Development 
  • Testing and Quality Assurance 
  • Deployment and Maintenance 


Develop an app like Alibaba


1. Extensive Market Research

Before diving into Alibaba marketplace development, you must understand your target audience, the sellers and buyers, and the industries you will cater to. Hence, to create a delivery app like Alibaba, you have to conduct market research to identify market trends and potential pain points and solve genuine issues for targeted users. 


2. Make UI/UX Design

Focus on user experience and interface design, as Alibaba’s success hinges on its intuitive interface. With the help of an online marketplace development company, ensure that your marketplace app is easy to navigate, with clear product categorization, search function, and smooth communication tools for sellers and buyers. 


3. Application Development 

Here, your marketplace app comes to life. Here, developers craft the backend infrastructure that can handle complicated functionality like order management systems, secure payment gateways, and robot communication channels. To build an ecommerce app like Alibaba, are advised to consider your app’s capability to accommodate future growth. 


Develop an App Like Alibaba


4. Testing and Quality Assurance 

To make your app successful, it’s critical to guarantee it is error-free. With the help of an online marketplace development services provider, you can conduct various tests on your app to identify and resolve bugs instantly. This includes security testing, performance checks on different devices, and user testing to collect feedback on usability. 


5. Deployment and Maintenance 

Now, you can live your app. However, your work is not over here. You have to continuously monitor your app and analyze user’s feedback so that required improvements or changes can be adjusted. Remember that a successful marketplace app requires ongoing support, maintenance, and adaptation to stand out in the market.


Must-have Features of Apps Like Alibaba

If you are developing a marketplace app, strive to make sure that your app has all the makings that a successful application does. As per the ecommerce web development services provider, you must consider the following features for your app to be a hit amongst users:



User-friendly Interface  Develop an app like Alibaba that helps users to navigate the application effortlessly. 
Product Listing  High-quality images, videos, and detailed product descriptions enable users to make decisions. 
Advanced Search and Filters  Lets’s users can easily find their favorite product through a powerful search engine and extensive filters. 
Order Tracking  Real-time order tracking keeps users informed about their shipment status. 
Secure Payment Gateway  Develop an App like ToYou that provides multiple secure payment options, building trust and convenient for users
Customer Support  Facilitate 24\7 customer service through chatbots to ensure user satisfaction. 
Secure Login and Registration  Enhance security with different options for social media log in, two-factor authentication, and email verification. 
Push Notification  Develop an app like Alibaba that informs users about order updates and personalized recommendations. 
Multilingual Support 

With the help of an Android or iOS app development services

 provider, ensure your app offers multiple languages, catering to a global audience.

Wishlist and Favorites  Develop an app like Alibaba that allows users to save products for future reference and buy when they want. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

The cost to develop a mobile app like Alibaba can range from $8000 to $30000, depending on your application’s features, functionalities, and design. These factors can increase the project’s complexity, due to which the Alibaba marketplace development cost can be low or high, as per the table below:


Cost to Develop An App Like Alibaba


MarketPlace App Development Estimated Cost  Time Frame 
Simple MarketPlace   App Development $8000 – $13000 3 to 6 Months 

Medium-Complex MarketPlace   App Development

$13000 – $21000 6 to 9 Months 
High-Complex MarketPlace App Development $30000+ 10+ Months 


If you are curious to know more about the cost to build an online store app like Alibaba, get assistance from a mobile app development services provider. Experts will help you to know an exact cost to build an app like Alibaba with appropriate budget planning. 



How Much Does It Cost to Maintain An App Like Alibaba?

The app maintenance cost also contributes to overall app development cost. On average, you can estimate 16% to 20% of overall app development cost as the cost to maintain an app. This expense includes fixing bugs, adding new features, and updates. If you are spending more than 20%, ensure you accomplish the business goals related to this.


Why Must Entrepreneurs Invest in  Marketplace Development?

The benefits of developing an app like Alibaba are not limited to one business. As per the iOS and Android app development company, it benefits every type of business, from small businesses to startups and even existing local businesses. If you want to know more about how online marketable app development can benefit the business, look at the following completing reasons;

  • Enhance Visibility and Brand Exposure.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams 
  • Valuable Data Insights 
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Future-proof Your Business



1. Enhance Visibility and Brand Exposure

How many individuals can see your brand when they run it offline? A few! However, an online application quickly provides access to a range of users to view your services or products and enhances your store’s visibility.


2. Multiple Revenue Streams 

Apps like Alibaba offer a range of revenue streams. Options include in-app advertising, transaction charges, and premium features for sellers or customers. Hence, if you develop a marketplace app like OpenSooq, you can earn extra income.


3. Valuable Data Insights 

Marketplace apps produce critical user data on purchase patterns and market trends. This data enables businesses to enhance product recommendations, customize user experience, and make data-driven choices for future expansion.


4. Competitive Advantages

As you know, convenience rules the e-commerce world. Hence, according to the shopping app development services provider, a marketplace app can give you a competitive advantage with fewer product options by offering customers a one-stop shop. 


5. Future-proof Your Business

The market for mobile applications is ever-changing. Hence, developing a marketplace app can help entrepreneurs prepare their businesses for the future by remaining flexible and current in the changing technology environment.


Tech Stack for Marketplace App Development

Component Technologies
Frontend React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin
Backend Node.js, Python (Django/Flask), Java (Spring Boot)
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase
API Integration RESTful APIs, GraphQL, SOAP
Authentication OAuth, JWT
Push Notifications Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification Service
Analytics Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics
Version Control Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Deployment Google Play Store, Apple App Store, TestFlight, Firebase App Distribution


Develop an App Like Alibaba

Wrapping Up!

We hope, with this blog, you may understand how online marketplace app development is significant for your business. However, Alibaba order tracking app development is a lengthy and complex process, which is why many business owners hold onto their ideas for Alibaba mobile app development. If you are feeling the same, there is no need to worry. You can bring your app development ideation into reality with the assistance of an on demand app development company. For instance, Dev Technosys is one of the leading app development companies, having more than 13 years of experience. We have a team of dedicated developers who have delivered a range of quality projects promptly and within the budget.

So what are you delaying? Share your project requirements and attain your business related goals with a quality app in the most cost-effective manner.


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

On average, the cost to develop an online store app like Alibaba could range from $8000 to $30000, depending on different factors and the complexity of the project.


2. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like Alibaba?

The time to create a custom app like Alibaba can be 4 to 11 months, depending on the app’s requirements. 


3. What Are Some Alternatives To Alibaba?

Here is a list of Alibaba’s Alternatives:

  • EC21
  • Alixpress
  • DHgate
  • Global Sources


4. How Can We Make Money By Developing Apps Like Alibaba?

With retail app development, you can make money through the following app monetization strategies:

  • Freemium
  • Affiliate marketing
  • In-app purchase
  • In-app advertising
  • Banner ads