VPNs are now necessary tools for protecting our digital footprints in a world where online privacy is crucial. With apps like Surfshark leading the charge, the demand for secure, user-friendly VPN apps is at an all-time high.

With the advent of technology, various industry leaders are now investing to develop an app like Surfshark. So, you can also lead the market next. Are you curious about how? VPN app development is the solution to this!

The market for VPNs was estimated to be worth $45 billion in 2022 and $350 billion by 2032. It is pretty clear from these figures that developing VPN apps will grow in popularity in the coming years. So, if you are someone looking to develop an app like Surfshark, then read this blog till the end.

We’ll explore the steps to create an app like Surfshark from scratch, delving into the essential features, costs required to make your app stand out in a crowded market.

So, let’s begin.


What Is A Surfshark App? 

Surfshark is a VPN app that was made to protect the privacy of online users. While protecting users’ data from hackers, trackers, and other online risks, it encrypts internet traffic.



Users are able to access information from all over the world by getting around geo-restrictions. Whitelister for split tunneling, MultiHop for further protection, and CleanWeb for blocking viruses and adverts are some of the services that Surfshark offers.

Surfshark is one of the best VPN apps in UAE that is available on several platforms. Thus, if you have a Surfshark app-like idea and want to turn it into reality, you should consult with an iOS or Android app development company in UAE.


Market Statistics & Scenarios of VPN!!

  • The market for VPNs was estimated to be worth 45 billion USD in 2022 and 350 billion USD by 2032.
  • With a score of 9.7 out of 10, NordVPN was determined to be the greatest and safest VPN available in 2024. Private Internet Access and Surfshark came next, scoring 9.4 and 9.5 points, respectively.
  • In 2023, secure communication, anonymous surfing, and privacy were the top three reasons people used VPNs globally.


Develop an App Like Surfshark
Source: Statista


  • Data is leaked by 84% of the free VPN apps available on the Google Play Store.
  • Free VPN services are used by 51.4% of VPN users.
  • A Surfshark vpn android is used by 41% of respondents from the United States and the United Kingdom at least once a week, and by 36% on a daily basis.
  • Surfshark reports that 46% of VPN users are women and 54% of users are men.


Develop an App Like Surfshark


Step-by-Step Process To Develop an App Like Surfshark

When you develop an app like Surfshark, it involves several key steps to ensure its functionality, security, and user-friendliness. Here’s a simplified step-by-step process crucial to develop a successful VPN application:  



1. Market Research and Planning 

Before you create an app like Surfshark, do extensive market research to start understanding consumer wants, industry trends, and the competition that is currently in the market. Decide which USPs you would like to see included in your VPN app. For better results, you can consult with a full stack app development services provider.

You must think about the target market, the features, the cost structure, and the platform compatibility. Your VPN app will fulfill market demands because this step establishes the base for the entire VPN Surfshark app development process.


2. Design and Prototyping

After that, you should make a VPN app like Surfshark wireframes and mockups based on the features and user flow that you want to include. Making an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface should be your main priority. This facilitates the VPN connection process. Before committing to Surfshark clone app development, prototyping enables you to get early feedback, refine your design, and guarantee a smooth user experience.


3. Development and Testing

Now hire an Android or iOS app development services provider to create a VPN app like Surfshark that works on several platforms by utilizing appropriate technologies. Put features like split tunneling, multi-hop capability, kill switch, encryption, and server selection into practice.

However, developers will add analytics tools to track app performance and user behavior. Thoroughly test your VPN app on various devices, networks, and scenarios to find and address issues.


4. Launch and Promote    

To improve visibility of the app, create attractive app store listings with interesting app descriptions, detailed screenshots, and pertinent keywords before the app is released. Plan promotional events, create buzz, and draw in new users by collaborating with the marketing and PR teams.

Verify that you have fulfilled all legal and regulatory obligations. You can now launch a Surfshark-like platform and roll out the app progressively to other locations.


Build an App Like Surfshark


5. Maintenance and Updates

After launch, keep an eye on the app’s functionality, server setup, and user reviews. If your app is working slowly or has bugs, it is time for the maintenance. But before availing app maintenance services, you should determine the cost to maintain an app.     

However, to ensure compliance and uphold user trust, stay up to date on evolving security risks and regulatory changes. Assist customers with their questions and problems promptly to build long-term loyalty and user happiness.


Unique Features To Develop an App Like Surfshark

What makes an app successful? Obviously it features! So, when you develop an app like Surfshark, it is crucial to add features that best fit in your budget. Below are some features that you must have a look at:  


Develop an App Like Surfshark


1. MultiHop (Double VPN) 

Provide functionality that allows users to connect to different VPN servers across different regions for increased security and privacy. This increases anonymity and encryption even further.


2. Ad Blocking

Provide ad-blocking features in the VPN program to stop tracking scripts and intrusive advertisements from loading, improving user privacy and browsing pleasure.


3. CleanWeb

When you develop an app like Surfshark, you should provide a CleanWeb feature that inhibits malware, phishing scams, and other harmful content while users browse the internet.


4. Whitelister/Split Tunneling  

With the help of mobile app developers, you should enable users to choose which websites or apps to use without a VPN connection. It provides them more freedom in how data is routed and will help some apps run better.


5. Stealth Mode

Use a stealth mode function to cloak VPN traffic with VPN extension development to get around censorship and DPI in areas with restrictions.


6. Secure Password Manager

To assist users in creating and maintaining strong, one-of-a-kind passwords for their online accounts, incorporate a secure password manager inside the app.


7. Custom DNS Settings

Allow users to set up their own DNS settings in the Surfshark app for VPN so they have more control over their internet connection and DNS resolution.


8. Kill Switch With Customization

With the help of a hybrid app development services provider, you can offer a kill switch function that automatically disconnects the internet. Users can adjust the feature’s behavior to suit their preferences.


9. Performance Optimization

Invest in lowering latency and increasing connection speeds by streamlining server infrastructure and putting protocols like WireGuard into place.


10. Multi-Platform Support

To accommodate a variety of user preferences, make sure that the device and operating system work together on a broad range of devices and platforms when you build an ip changer app like Surfshark.


Build an App Like Surfshark


11. Audited Security

To find and fix potential vulnerabilities and give consumers faith in the app’s security, provide a Surfshark app for windows to conduct frequent security audits and penetration tests.


Cost To Develop a VPN App Like Surfshark

Knowing the router VPN app development cost is essential before you develop a VPN app like Surfshark. On average, the cost to develop a mobile app like Surfshark depends on a number of variables. It can be difficult to estimate the exact cost, but you can generally anticipate it to be around the range from $10,000 to $30,000.  

For instance, basic VPN apps with essential features might cost you less. However, if you’re looking to incorporate advanced functionalities, support multiple platforms. It enhances security features, the Surfshark app cost could rise accordingly. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the estimated development cost based on project complexities:


App Complexity

Cost Estimation

Simple VPN app $10000-$14000
Medium VPN App $15000-$24000
Complex VPN App $30000+


Remember, these are rough estimates, and the actual cost to develop Surfshark clone may vary based on specific project requirements and market conditions. To get an idea of the actual cost to develop an app like Surfshark, you should take consultation from a mobile app development company.  


Develop an App Like Surfshark


Final Thoughts!

Now is the perfect time to develop an app like Surfshark and give users secure access. Developing a cutting-edge VPN app might help your business advance in the cutthroat digital market.

So, if you have a VPN app idea and want to turn it into reality, then you should connect with a well-known mobile app development company that specializes in building user-friendly VPN apps. You can make your concept a reality and differentiate yourself in the crowded online security and privacy industry with our specialized mobile app development solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions!

1. What Is a VPN App?

A VPN app encrypts the internet connection and builds a safe tunnel between your device and the internet. It improves security and privacy by hiding the IP address and disguising the online activity.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build A VPN App Like Surfshark?

The time to develop an app like Surfshark may be influenced by the factors and your project specifications. A basic VPN app can take 2-3 months while a complex VPN may increase the development time up to 8 months or more.


3. What Are the Benefits of VPN App Development?

The online VPN app development has various advantages like improved online security, privacy protection, avoiding geo-restrictions, and anonymous browsing. Businesses can also use it to design unique remote access solutions. This guarantees safe connections for workers who work from home.


4. How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Surfshark?

The cost to develop an app like Surfshark may be between $10000-$30000. It is not the same but keeps on fluctuating depending on your app complexity.