Are you looking to develop a period tracker app? If yes, this blog is for you. In today’s market, mobile apps are ruling everywhere. Regarding healthcare, women have no time to take care of their health. Hence, health-related applications remind them and assist them in keeping their health on track. 

However, period tracking can be challenging, so the demand for period tracking app development is very high compared to before. It is estimated that 50 million women worldwide use apps to track their menstruation, and receive predictions for the start of their future cycles. Over the next few years, the market for period tracking apps is expected to register a CAGR of 17.9%. By looking at these stats, it is clear that the demand for period tracking apps will increase. 

Businesses are looking to invest in period-tracking app development. However, building a period-tracking application is challenging. So, this blog will cover every aspect of creating a period-tracking app and how the app benefits businesses and users.


What Is Period Tracker App

Period tracking app is a handy and easy-to-use resource, allowing women to track their menstruation dates. Such apps help users to chart their menstrual cycles and make women’s life easier than ever. Period tracking applications ask users to enter their details about their last month’s period, monthly flow, sensual activity, pattern of user’s period pain, and how long does their period last. Based on the user’s period, they predict their next menstrual cycle.

If you want to develop a successful app to track periods, you should hire a healthcare software development company having years of experience and knowledge in the app development.


Market Overview of the Period Calendar Tracker App


Develop a Period Tracker App

London-based Flo was the most downloaded mobile period monitoring app globally, with over 2.9 million downloads during the month under review in September 2023. Second place went to the Period Calendar app, downloaded roughly 1.66 million times throughout the monitored period. Leap Fitness Group is a leading producer of fitness apps. Meiyou, an app created in China, came in third place with over 823 thousand downloads from consumers worldwide.


How To Develop a Period Tracker App 

The above exemplary features can inspire you to develop an Android app like the period calendar tracker. Hire dedicated developers who can assist you in generating revenue and taking your business to the next level. 


Develop a Period Tracker App


The following are some critical steps that need to be taken to build a period tracker app.


1. Determine Your Idea 

You first need an idea when building an app like a period calendar tracker. It makes the development process easy to start. For instance, clarify what type of women’s application you want to create. Why do you want to develop such an app? What are your goals with this app? Who will be your narrow target audience? And many more. So, come up with a unique and exciting idea so that you can proceed to the next step.


2. Choosing the Technology 

At this phase, you must determine which tech stack is required to Develop a Period tracker app. To make the process smoother and more accessible, employ an on-demand app development company with dedicated developers who have an in-depth understanding of different technologies, programming languages, etc.


3. Design And Development 

When you Develop a Period tracker app, could you pay close attention to its design? A professional design ensures that people download the app. Hence, you have to take care of your app’s design. If you want a professional-looking design, you are advised to consult with a mobile app development company in Dubai. When hiring an app development company, ensure they have expertise in building such apps.


4. Testing and Launching 

Once your period tracker app is built, check it and ensure it is compatible with various devices. Here, quality assurance testers need to identify any issue or something fishy and fix them promptly. After confirming that your app is working effectively and there are no bugs, you can launch the app on the Apple Play Store or Google Play Store. 


Top 5 Successful Women’s Health Tracker Apps 

In the application market, you can find numerous period tracking apps. Most of them share standard and crucial features but differ in a few things, setting them apart from the other period tracker apps. Some apps are free, and users have to pay for some apps. 


Develop a Period Tracker App


Here is a list of the top 5-period tracking applications with the best user experience and download rate. 


1. Clue 

It’s a user-friendly menstrual period tracker application with a premium and free version. The application allows women to track every change in their menstrual cycle in a period calendar, including ovulation, fertility, moods, cravings, and more.


2. Flo

It’s a multifunctional app that tracks women’s ovulation and fertility. Again, there is a premium and a free version for Android and iOS users. The app also offers a more personalized approach to tracking. Flo is famous for being a precise period tracker, calculator, reliable pregnancy, ovulation calendar, and more.


3. Glow

The app provides various well-researched and valuable information to those trying to conceive. The “tracking the partner’s fertility” feature makes it the most useful and best period tracker app. However, hire iPhone app developers if you want to develop an iOS app like period calendar tracker. With in-depth knowledge and years of experience, they will help you in period tracker app development.


Develop a Period Tracker App


4. Eve

It’s’ another one of the best period tracking apps that enhances the tracking of sexual activity and period symptoms through a chart representation. This app helps users in the community to discuss and share their experiences about periods and overall health. In this way, it enables users to learn from each other better.


5. Ovia 

It’s not only a period tracking app; it also helps users to track their overall health. It collects data points from users, and each new bit of information strengthens its algorithm and makes users’ personalized predictions accurate. Due to this, people with irregular cycles can also use the app to predict their ovulation date precisely.


Must Have Features to Develop a Period Tracker App 

Do you want to make your app beneficial and exciting for users? An app’s features, design, and technologies decide the user’s experience. If you want to invest in an on-demand healthcare app like a period calendar tracker, consider integrating the following features carefully.


Develop a Period Tracker App


1. Easy Sign-Up 

Most significantly, it gets the users onboard and facilitates a hassle-free registration process. You can use the traditional password and email approach to enable users to sign up for the application quickly or opt for social media integration.


2. Profile Setup

When signing up, ask users for little information, as many questions and files may scare them off. Allow the users to fill in the field with details like height, weight, age, activity level, current cycle, and more.


3. Period Tracker 

Develop a period tracker app that enables users to monitor their period, any changes, and overall health during their menstrual cycle. Ensure your app includes exemplary features such as tracking cycles, periods, PMS, logging mensuration, and fertile days. 


4. Push Notification 

Develop an app like a period calendar tracker app, allowing females to know about their ovulation and period dates and update them on symptom tracking. 



5. AI-Infused feature 

AI in healthcare apps like Period Calendar Tracker has become critical—for instance, suggestions determined by the user’s entered symptoms. Allow AI to select the advised, but emphasize that consulting a specialist is always better. 


6. Integration With Wearables 

A symptom tracker app examines symptoms and patterns regularly, offering reliable readings. This allows users to be aware of their health and associated risks.


7. Referral System

To attract more users, invite a friend and get a bonus, such as some points they can collect to purchase some goods for your store or premium subscription. 


Cost To Develop A Period Tracker App

When investing to develop a period tracker application, you must be aware of the development cost. You can estimate the $8000 to $25000 as an average cost to develop a period tracker app. It is just a basic idea. No one can provide an exact healthcare software development cost as it varies based on the app’s complexity and other factors.


Breakdown of the cost estimation table 

Mobile App Development Elements  Estimated Cost 
Basic App $8000 – $15000
Medium App $15000 – $20000
Complex App $25000+ 
Cross-Platform Development $15000 – $25000


You may know about a general estimation to develop a Period tracker app cost. To learn more about the app’s development cost, consult a custom medical software development company. It will provide you with every information regarding the cost to create an app like a period calendar tracker app. 


Develop a Period Tracker App


Cost To Maintain A Period Tracker App. 

Mobile app maintenance is a continuous procedure of updating, improving, and adjusting the app. Once you have developed a period tracker calendar app, it requires regular maintenance, including updates, OS optimization, and bug fixes. The Cost to maintain an app can vary from 15% to 20% of its total development cost. Hence, you need to develop a target and budget plan to maintain the app in the long run.


Develop a Period Tracker App with Dev Technosys

Taking care of one’s health is difficult nowadays due to an unhealthy and busy lifestyle. As a result, menstruation can be skipped or delayed. In that case, investing in period tracking calendar development is a great choice.

Connect with a period tracker app development company to progress on the healthcare frontier and women’s health tracking app. Dev Technosysy is a desired company offering Android app development services to its clients. Our team of expert developers can help you develop an enhanced and optimal women’s health-tracking app. So, what are you waiting for? Share your app’s requirements; we will allow you to create your own personal and marketable to track period today.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What Is the Cost of A Period Tracker App Development?

The period tracker app development cost can be estimated to fall between $8000$25000. But, with the app’s complexity, the cost can be changed accordingly.


Q2. What Is AI in Healthcare Industry?

In healthcare, AI is the use of machines to examine and act on medical datta, with the purpose of predicting a specific outcome. The AI in healthcare industry helps people to make personalized treatment plans, allowing doctors to see their patients from far aways. It also enables them to find new medicines faster.


Q3. How Long Does It Take To Develop An App To Track Periods?

Time to develop a Period tracker app can vary based on their complexity. For instance a simple application of period tracking requires nearly 3 to 4 months. Whereas, a complex periodic tracking app may require around 8 to 10 months to develop.


Q4. How Can You Monetise Your Track Period App?

Your can monetise your period tracking app with five monetization models:

  • In-app purchase
  • In-app advertising
  • Paid applications
  • Subscriptions
  • Hybrid