Lost on a hike, wishing you had a better way to navigate? As an explorer, I’ve found route-planning apps like Komoot to be lifesavers. Do you know that entrepreneurs now want to build an app like Komoot? What makes them so popular? Wait, I’ll tell you!

As an author at Dev Technosys, I’ve recently been digging into the world of route-planning apps. After chatting with developers and designers, I was surprised to learn that the demand keeps climbing even after building over 45 similar apps!

This blog will explore the reasons for this demand and, more importantly, the steps to build a route-planning app. So, if you’re an entrepreneur with a vision for a game-changing route planner or simply curious about the inner workings of these apps, dive in – we’ve got you covered!

Let’s dive straight!


Introduction of the Komoot App

A GPS Navigation app development called Komoot is designed for outdoor lovers, including runners, cyclists, and hikers. It aids in direction discovery and day trip-making plans. When you specify the hobby (trekking, biking, etc.) and the level of issue you need, the Komoot app for traveling will provide direction tips for elevation, length, and floor kind.

If you wonder how the Komoot app works, this transportation management software solution can store offline routes. It additionally functions as a social component wherein you can view other explorers’ itineraries and share your adventures with friends. There’s an unfastened fundamental model and paid options with greater functionality.


Build An App Like Komoot


9 Popular Route Planning App Like Komoot


9 Popular Route planning app


App Name Launch Date Downloads (Est.) Platforms
Google Maps 2005 5+ Billion Android, iOS
Citymapper 2011 500 Million+ Android, iOS
Waze 2008 500 Million+ Android, iOS
Strava 2009 100 Million+ Android, iOS
Komoot 2010 50 Million+ Android, iOS
Gaia GPS 2009 10 Million+ Android, iOS
Maps.me 2010 10 Million+ Android, iOS
ViewRanger 2008 5 Million+ Android, iOS
Wikiloc 2007 5 Million+ Android, iOS


6 Steps to Build An App Like Komoot: A Route Planning App

Before we dive further into this blog, it is important we look at the incredible stages of building an app like Komoot. In this section, we have a process to create an app like Komoot with the help of our expert team of transportation software development services.



1. Ideation and Research: 

It is the first stage to build an app like Komoot wh, which picks out the goal market and distinct traits for your transportation management software solutions. Examine contemporary apps and Navigation app development to determine their blessings and disadvantages, and examine user reviews to understand standard troubles. The essential functions of your software, consisting of interest categories (bikes, trekking), difficulty settings, and map integration, are also described here.


2. Planning and Strategy:

The travel app development company in UAE will convert your distinct imagination and prescient into an in-depth plan as quickly as possible. This is the second stage to create an app like Komoot. It involves deciding on the suitable tech stack (frameworks, programming languages) to ensure seamless operation on numerous structures (iOS, Android). They will choose even the resources required, challenge route app development cost, and schedule. It is where you’ll select your monetization processes, including in-app purchases for top-rate functions in freemium fashions.


3. UI/UX Design: 

It is the third stage to build an app like Komoot, in which you must create an interface that is easy to use and intuitive, which is the primary goal of this degree. For your transportation management software solutions, the development business will produce mockups and prototypes that ensure an easy navigation, route planning, and social feature (if applicable) experience. Your hired travel app development company in UAE will input and enhance the layout for maximum usability, which may entail the user trying it out.


4. Development:

After the plan and layout are complete, the travel agency app development company will go to work. The fundamental features, pastime- and trouble-based routing algorithms, mapping provider integration, and U-turn navigation competencies (such as voice help) are built in this phase. We’ll also discuss offline capability—downloading maps of the internet—and safety features here.

Build An App Like Komoot


5. Testing and Quality Assurance (QA):

This is the most crucial stage to building an app like Komoot, which, before launching, thorough checking out is vital. The trip planning app development company will extensively test several devices and scenarios to locate and deal with faults. Incorporating real-world usability also ensures a continuing user experience throughout all functions.


6. Deployment and Launch:

Last but not least, the stage to build an app like Komoot, where your app has been thoroughly tested and launched; it is equipped to set up! The Komoot Clone app development company will contend with submitting your navigation app development to the Apple application store and Google Play store to ensure it complies with all necessities. Post-launch assistance connect with best iOS app development service providers to get error after launch .


5 Reasons Why Route Planning Apps Are a Goldmine for Entrepreneurs

The popularity of route planning apps like Komoot has skyrocketed, and for good reason. But what makes them such an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs? Look at these 5 reasons why you must build an app like Komoot.



1. A Growing Market:

Outdoor sports and exploration are in excessive demand. More and more human beings are searching out novel studies, such as breathtaking hikes or bicycle expeditions. This increasing business is served by well-designed transportation management software solutions, which are beneficial for navigating uncharted territory and streamlining travel plans.


2. Various Revenue Streams:

Monetization flexibility is available with Navigation app development. A not-unusual tactic is to offer freemium models with confined abilities and in-app expenses for premium functions. Other options to remember are participating with nearby groups on sponsored routes or imparting place-based advertising and marketing. Hire a Komoot app developer to build an app like Komoot with incredible features.


3. Scalability and Recurring Revenue:

Apps for path planning are scalable via nature. The route mapping app development, as is your user base, is worth raising. Recurring sales are produced through subscription models that grant entry to top-class functions, making a consistent supply of coins.


4. High User Engagement:

Route finder apps like Komoot for direction-making plans are more than just downloads. When making tour plans, users actively engage with them, use GPS navigation app development, and increase the opportunity for in-app sales or advert interactions. Connect with leading full-stack app development services providers to build an app like Komoot.


5. Potential Niche industry:

There is a range inside the route mapping app development industry. You can target precise markets, which include those who experience mountain cycling, cycling, or even wheelchair-reachable routes. You may create a devoted and active user base by customizing the functionality and UI of the trip management app development for a positive institution of humans.


10+ Key Features of Komoot: A Route Planning App

Now that you know the step by step guide to build an app like Komoot it essential to look at some incredible features. Here, we have covered 10+ features of the Komoot app, which you must know about to start the process to develop an app like Komoot.



1. Route Planning & Discovery:

Permit customers to create routes that keep with their options (distance, difficulty, surface type) for several sports (cycling, trekking, jogging, etc). Provide advised routes or allow users to pick their very own.


2. Map Integration:

Integrate top-notch maps with features like landscape perspectives and elevation profiles and turn with the aid of turn navigation.


3. Offline Functionality:

Allow customers to download routes and maps to use offline (without net access), particularly in distant places. Ensure to add this feature to build a route-planning app like Komoot.


4. Search and Filters:

Users can search for routes based on region, hobby type, problem, and pertinent parameters using the quest and clear-out functions.


5. Navigation:

To help clients live on the path, provide u-turn audio assistance and navigation in GPS Navigation app development.


6. Routing for Various Activities:

Consider features like trails, motorcycle lanes, or pedestrian paths while developing routes most appropriate for hikers, bikers, runners, and outdoor lovers.


7. Difficulty Levels:

Establish a route difficulty score system to help customers choose adventures that suit user experience and health capacity.


8. Social Features:

Combining social factors, following explorers, witnesses, witnesses, and sharing and sharing can inspire network building and encourage users.


9. Track Recording:

Let customers preserve track of their travels, mark their waypoints, and shop data for sharing or destiny use. It is another feature that effectively increases the cost of the Komoot app.


10. Management of User Profiles:

Establish a machine for handling user preferences, tracking development, and storing favored routes.


11. Safety elements:

Consider integrating protection elements like vicinity sharing or emergency touch records when accomplishing outside sports.


Build An App Like Komoot


How Much Does a Komoot-like App Cost to Build?

The cost to develop a mobile app for route planning varies from $8,000 to $25000. However, if you consider Komoot clone app development,t, then you must know that the cost to develop an app like Komoot varies depending on the factors that we have covered below.

The critical component influencing cost to build an app like Komoot is complexity. While a feature-rich apps like Komoot requires more route mapping app development hours, more accessible apps with simple functionalities are much less costly. The cost to build an app like Komoot is likewise impacted with the aid of the Android app development company place; expenses can fluctuate significantly between areas.



Cost Range (USD)


$8,000 – $15,000

Average (Komoot-like)

$15,000 – $25,000+

Complex (highly customized)



It’s essential to connect with travel app development company in uae who realize the nuances of navigation, mapping, and consumer experience. It is crucial to remember that the the ongoing cost to maintain an app is covered in the overall cost of developing an app like Komoot.


How Experts Can Help In Route Planning App Development?

I hope you liked this blog and now know how to develop a travel app like Komoot. At Dev Technosys, a leading route-mapping app development company, our route mapping app development specialists convey a quality route planning app. We navigate complex mapping APIs, craft intuitive user interfaces for seamless route creation, and optimize for green battery usage. Partner with us and let our experts guide your path-planning app to success.


FAQ On Route Planning App Development

1. How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Komoot?

The cost of building an app like Komoot may also alternate primarily based on the travel app development company’s costs, capabilities, and complexity. A Komoot maps route planner app must cost between $8,000 and $ 25,000.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like Komoot?

Complexity affects the duration of route finder apps like Komoot development. A feature-rich app like Komoot might also take over 12 months to broaden, while a primary Komoot maps route planner can be completed in six months.


3. What Advantages Come With Developing An App Similar To Komoot?

There are many benefits to creating a route planning app like Komoot, such as Large target market size, recurring revenue opportunities, possibility in the area of interest markets, and high user engagement are among the benefits.


4. Why Should You Choose Us To Build An App Like Komoot?

Hire dedicated app developers from us who are obsessed with generating user-friendly navigation tools. We have years of experience developing popular route-making plans apps.


5. How Can You Monetize An App Like Komoot?

After creating an app like koKomoot, it is essential to know monetization. A freemium model with in-app purchases, area-primarily based advertising, and partnerships are all possible alternatives for monetization.