“Learning a language is an investment in your future.”

Bill Gates

Are you seeking to build a language-learning app like Memrise? If yes, then you must check out this blog. It is no longer a luxury to learn a foreign language. Instead, it has become a necessity. If you’re looking to expand your company, reach new horizons, and create relationships with people around the world, it’s important to learn ‘their languages’. 

The good news is the easy-to-use language learning apps that are now available make learning a breeze.

Chatbots and the latest technology are used by Memrise or Rosetta Stone in order to make language learning easier.

More people are now evaluating how to develop a language-learning app as they become aware of this opportunity. These apps’ incredible success only inspires them to create the perfect language-learning app. 

Hold your breath, because we’re about to tell you everything you need to know to build a language app like Memrise today.  

So let’s begin. 


What is a Language Learning App? 

Language Learning App

A language learning app is a software application designed to help individuals acquire and develop proficiency in a new language. These apps utilize technology to provide users with interactive and engaging tools for language acquisition, often through mobile devices or computers. However, these apps help you to expand your vocabulary, develop correct grammar and become fluent in a language. Also, these apps help you understand complex linguistic concepts.


Memrise: A Revolutionizing Language Learning App

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards, in combination with an AI Language Partner powered by GPT3, which allows learners to have human-like conversations, Memrise believes that this can help overcome the confidence gaps associated with language acquisition. This platform is located in London, UK.  

Memrise also offers content created by users on many other topics. Memrise offers courses in 16 different languages and combinations thereof. The website also has many other languages. As of 2018, the app had 35 million registered users. Memrise has been profitable since late 2016, having a turnover of $4 million monthly. 


Market Statistics of Language Learning Apps

Market Statistics of Language Learning App

  • Duolingo is the world’s most popular language-learning app based on the number of monthly downloads. During the month, almost 13,4 million people downloaded the app onto their mobile devices.
  • One of the earliest language learning apps that feature videos was Memrise. 
  • The global mobile e-learning market is expected to reach approximately 1,84 billion U.S. Dollars in 2020.
  • The top language learning apps brought in over 27 million dollars in in-app sales from users worldwide in February 2022. The market leader Duolingo accounted for half the total with 13,38 million U.S. Dollars in revenues generated in the month examined.
  • Duolingo became one of only a few digital language-learning companies to be publicly traded in July 2021. The company was valued at nearly five billion dollars.
  • Cake, is a South Korean language-first app that offers video clips from popular TV shows and films with English examples.


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How Language Learning Apps like Memrise Work?

Language learning apps like Memrise operate through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making language acquisition engaging and effective. In order to build a language learning app like Memrise Yemen, you must know how it operates. 

Users may customize their learning experience by choosing their target language and competence level when the program first launches. The app offers a variety of courses, each structured around thematic modules or vocabulary sets.

Users begin with interactive lessons in which words, phrases, and sentences are taught to them. These are accompanied by audio pronunciations and contextual images, enhancing comprehension. Gamified elements, such as quizzes, flashcards, and spaced repetition techniques, keep users motivated and aid in retention.

As users progress, the app adapts to their performance, adjusting the difficulty and content to ensure optimal learning. Additionally, speaking and listening exercises employ speech recognition technology to enhance pronunciation skills. Users can track their progress through Memrise app android, review learned material, and set daily goals, fostering consistent practice.

Memrise also incorporates a community aspect, allowing users to interact with fellow learners, share insights, and even compete in language challenges. This collaborative approach adds a social dimension to the language learning experience. 


Top 5 Alternatives of Memrise

Language Learning Apps Available Platform  Download  Ratings 
Mango Languages  Android | iOS  1M+ 4.1
Duolingo  Android | iOS  100M+ 4.4
Busuu  Android | iOS  10M+ 4.3
Babbel  Android | iOS  50M+ 4.4
Beelinguapp  Android | iOS  5M+ 4.1


1. Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Mango, a language-learning app based on intelligent technologies, is a multi-award-winning product. The software uses proven methods to ensure that learners are gaining knowledge in the right way. Mango provides 20 ESL classes in addition to more than 70 other languages. These apps are similar to Memrise. Expert linguists, native speakers, and other instructors create interactive courses that are accurate.


2. Duolingo


Duolingo is among the best language learning apps Dubai that are always mentioned in lists of the best apps. Luis von Ahn has successfully combined gamification with learning. He has created an app that is used by over 100,000,000 people. The language-learning app Duolingo is a great example of mobile language learning.

Duolingo’s courses are often created by native speakers, which is why you may not expect to find courses like Guarani and Klingon. Duolingo is also special because it’s not just for English speakers.


3. Busuu


Busuu provides full courses in twelve languages. To unlock the majority of features and materials, you will need to pay $17 per month. The app guides you from learning single words to simple dialogs and questions regarding the dialogues. You can also listen to the native pronunciation.

Lessons are grouped by topic, where we can learn expressions and skills related to a specific task. Each course includes a mini-course on travel for those who want to learn the basics quickly before going abroad. So if you want to build an app like Busuu, then you must hire dedicated developers


4. Babbel


Babbel offers language instruction courses similar to Duolingo. It can help correct basic grammar mistakes, improve sentence structure, and increase speaking fluency. The Babel language learning app UAE only offers one language course for a single subscription. The user must subscribe each time they change to a new language course.

Babbel is a superior version of Duolingo and is the best free learning language app. There are language courses that correct basic grammar mistakes and improve sentence structure.


5. Beelinguapp


Beelinguapp is different from other language-learning applications on the market. The app helps users not only read but also speak in other languages. This app has a library with texts and articles. After you create an account, you will be able to access all the texts. Once you’ve selected a text, select the languages you wish to learn, and then your native language. In the free version, you can only choose one language to study.


Must-Have Features to Build a Language Learning App

Must-Have Features to Build a Language Learning App  

Memrise makes learning languages fun and rewarding. You must include the following features in your language learning app given by a flutter app development company if you want to make it better than Memrise. 

1. Easy to Use

Choose the language that you wish to learn and then either take the level test or begin with the first exercises.


2. Speech to Text

You can record yourself speaking in any language, and then translate that voice into text in another. People learning a new language with a different writing system will find it extremely helpful. For example, an app like Dict Box is a very famous language translator app in Dubai that is available in Chinese and other languages. You can communicate with anyone as long as you understand how to express your message. 


3. Integrated Support for Corrections

The ability to make corrections is a key feature of all education apps. You can edit another person’s text. This will show the old and the new version side-by-side.


4. Multiple Tasks to Learn the Language   

Translation of a text into/from the target language. Written transcription of an audio generated by a computer. Identification of different possible translations for the same sentence. Reading aloud on your phone is then analyzed by voice recognition.


5. Chatbots

It is an important feature for the development of language learning apps. Chatbots ask questions and engage with users to make learning easier, as well as to answer real-time queries. Chatbot development enhances UI/UX and also supports speech-to-text conversion. It may affect the cost of developing a language-learning app, but it’s worth the investment.


6. Personalized Lessons

A personal algorithm tailors the lessons to your individual performance. This is why content is always evolving. You can test your knowledge and skills after you’ve completed a topic. It also reviews the content you have already learned to keep it fresh and consolidate your knowledge.


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7. Profile and Settings

The user’s profile contains all the data about him/her and allows them to track their progress. The user can edit the profile to modify their data or settings at any time. Additionally, if you are planning to integrate this feature into your app, then you must hire full-stack developers


8. Online Community

Language learning is a process that involves providing a platform for users to communicate openly. This can be done by creating a forum where users can exchange ideas and discuss lesson topics.


9. Live Streaming

You can boost their confidence by using the functionality that allows candidates to have video conferences with teachers in real-time. It will also make self-study more exciting and interesting.


10. Performance Tracking

A dashboard can be included in an application to track the performance of a client. It offers features to show the client’s progress in learning.


11. Language Learning Social Networks

This feature allows learners to interact with native speakers and other language learners, exchange resources, and participate in language-related conversations.


12. Gamifications

This is one of the most important elements in any LLA. Gamification is a great way to make learning fun and engaging. These may include games, in-app rewards for completing the lessons, or exercises that are based on competitions with other language-learning apps.


How To Build a Language Learning App Like Memrise? 

How To Build a Language Learning App Like Memrise?

You must be wondering: how to make a language-learning app”. Well, as per Drupal development services provider, below are the step-by-step procedure that will assist you in developing an amazing app like Memrise: 

1. Market Research and Planning

Do market research first and foremost to understand the current needs and requirements. After you have gathered all the market information, create a planning process. Plan the future language learning app development Dubai of the project.


2. Designing

We build a user-friendly UI/UX to ensure that the application is used seamlessly. Wireframes, mockups, and design will be created. A prototype demo will also be produced. The process will continue to develop language learning app UAE once the client approves the designs. The application must be seamless, with a convincing look, easy to use, and engaging elements.


3. Development

Both front-end and back-end development are incorporated during the development stage. The android app development company will create a secure server infrastructure, create a database and integrate APIs into the application. This includes creating an intuitive navigation experience using the required tech stacks. The back-end and the front-end are then integrated to create a platform.


4. Include the Features

The time has come to integrate the features that clients have selected to be included in your application. It is important to include common features. Include unique features and extras in your application, in addition to the standard ones. This will make it more appealing on the market.


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5. Q/As and Testing

The Q/As will now be used to test the app. This is an important aspect to which you must pay attention. QAs will find bugs, loopholes and other problems in the application during the quality test. This helps deliver a bug free and fully interactive application before deployment.


6. Deployment

Launch the application in the chosen platform such as the PlayStore or AppStore. Depending on the tech stack (iOS or Android), deploy the application.


7. Support & Maintenance

The most important part of the process is called “Support & maintenance.” This segment includes the review by developers, clients and technology algorithms. Developers are responsible for making changes based on the market response to the application.


Cost To Build a Language Learning App like Memrise

The cost of developing a language-learning app can be estimated based on the features, technologies and hours involved. This cost is dependent on different factors:

  • Key Features
  • Number of Apps and hours spent
  • Location of the App DevelopmentTeam  
  • Select a platform (Android iOS both)
  • App development team’s size

The cost to develop mobile apps to teach language can be high depending on the number and combination of technologies. Even so, an app with many convenient features will cost to build a language learning app between $10000 – $16000 for just one platform. If you decide to build for two platforms, the cost can go up to 24000.  


How Much Does it Cost To Build a Language Learning App?


How to Monetize a Language Learning App Like Memrise?

How to Monetize a Language Learning App Like

Now that you know the cost to build a language learning app, let’s find out how to make money with a language app. 

1. Freemium Model

You can download and use the language learning app without spending any money. If you want to use the advanced features and have no ads, you can pay for a subscription.


2. Advertisements 

This strategy of monetization can be extremely profitable for an app. By showing third-party ads, it earns significant revenue. This method is great for attracting new users, and both parties benefit from it. Users get premium services by simply watching some ads, and app owners make a lot of money by just showing a few.

3. Subscription Model

This model of monetization attracts users who are willing to pay a fee for an ad-free app. These users can also unlock other exclusive features.


4. One-time Purchase

Once you pay for the app, you can use all its features and functionality without restrictions. All models can be used to generate revenue and they each attract different types of users. As an app owner, you can choose the model that works best for your business.



The increasing number of language learning apps is a natural reaction to digitization in different areas of human activity. New technologies and rapidly changing learning approaches allow for newcomers to compete against established LLA creators. 

Therefore, if you want to make a contribution to the world of online learning, but you lack an app vendor to help you, you should consult an educational app development services provider that can answer all your queries and build a robust application for your business.  



1. How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Language Learning App Like Memrise Oman? 

Developing a language learning app like Memrise typically takes 4-5 months or more, depending on features, complexity, team size, and resources. 


2. How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer? 

The cost to hire app developer depends on various factors. For example, location of the app developer, experience, etc. on average, the cost to hire an app developer will be around $15-$25/hour.


3. What Tech Stack is Required to Build a Language Learning App? 

To build a language learning app, you’d typically need a tech stack comprising mobile development frameworks, backend technologies, a database, cloud services, and language processing APIs for speech recognition and translation.