With Apple’s iOS 13 being officially updated, there are a number of businesses and individuals around the world are very excited to know about it. You can always do this by getting yourself connected to a reliable iPhone development Dubai service provider as professionals will help you understand the different aspects related to iOS 13 Update. To make it, even more, easier for you, here we will discuss about iOS 13 update in detail to help you understand it precisely.

Well, Apple is still putting in a lot of effort to make iOS 12 better. In fact, the company has also released the newer version of it in the form of iOS 12.3.1 and iOS 12.3.2.

These updates were defined to fix the bugs and moreover, the company is thinking about the release of another update in the form of iOS 12.4 which will certainly be a big milestone for a number of application development service providers in the business.

Yes, iOS 12.4 is on the verge of its release but there are many who are keeping an eye on the successor of iOS 12 which iOS 13 updates. In fact, the company also confirmed the iOS 13 update and also exclusively revealed some important details related to it.

It will be big news for App developer Dubai experts because there will be so much to adore and work upon. Yes, nothing has been presented fully but whatever information has been provided, we will help you understand about it, take a look:

iOS 13 Beta

There are many Mobile App Development Company in Dubai and around the world who are making the most of Apple’s beta programs as it helps them test the new attributes which come up with the iOS 13 update. This gives the company a great opportunity to check whether there are bugs or not and how the performance is before it gets in front of millions of users.

The ones enrolled with the developer program and Beta Software Program can make the most of iOS 13 beta.  The app developers have exclusively stated that iOS 13 is completely compatible with most of the iPhone devices.

If you are thinking to get it downloaded on your device, then do remember that it might have bugs or issues which can downgrade the performance of your device big time. You might not be able to get issues fixed and then you will need to assistance of mobile app development company in Dubai to get it fixed.

Currently, Apple is on iOS 13 beta 3 and there will be more releases coming up. In fact, they will bring in new iOS 13 betas for the ones who are connected with the Beta Software Program.

More About The iOS 13 Release Date

The iOS 13 beta will be stretched for its release and is expected to be launched after the 2019 iPhone launch event. There is no specific date given to be when it can be released but according to the odds iOS 13 will come into existence around the month of September for the devices it is compatible with. When it comes to Apple’s annual release, September month has been a very important part of it.

Around this month only the company mostly brings in new iOS software for millions of devices around the world. According to the study, there is nothing stopping them from doing this again in the month of September. iOS 13 will surely make its appearance in the mega event of iPhone launch and that too in its official way and then the company will decide on its release date.

Devices Which Will Get iOS 13

When iOS 12 was released, almost all iOS 11 compatible devices were bumped to it. This exclusively was a big deal for all application developers as it meant a more extension of Mini 2 and iPhone 5s. The release of iOS 12 and its impeccable performance completely changed the overview of it magnificently.

In fact, the devices which were running quite poorly iOS 11 started running exceptionally well on the iOS 12 platform. In fact, the performance of iOS 12 is still getting better in the older devices and it is pushing for even more.

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When it comes to iOS 13,  literally all the devices are getting pushed to its official version in the coming time during its launch. These phones are exclusively those devices which have the compatibility of iOS 13 beta also. Take a look at the list of the devices:

  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6s

With this, Apple has completely stopped offering any kind of support to iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6 Plus. This exclusively means that these devices will be kept on hold until iOS 12.4.


With iOS 13, you will be benefited with a number of new features which can certainly make the user experience even more fascinating. iOS developers are loving the new attributes like a swipe keyboard- Quick Path, Dark Mode,  performance upgrades, Low Data Mode, faster Face ID, and more. These features will certainly make the experience more user-friendly and it will certainly a pleasant experience for all the iOS users.

Wrapping Up:

With this hopefully you have got an idea about the rise of iOS 13 Update and how can it make a significant impact. You can always connect with iOS app development company in Dubai and understand it in a much more precise and clear way which can help you design your application accordingly. iOS 13 is certainly moving towards another successful year of Apple and its development.