In today’s generation, everything in this world is digital. With the advanced technologies and software’s, the internet banking and mobile wallets are the new trend. It is safe to keep the money online than to carry cash. It also makes it easy to transfer money to friends, families and relatives from across countries. There are a number of mobile wallet apps present today.

In order to stand out, a great team of knowledgeable application developers is required.  The mobile wallet app developers are using advanced features that are best for the customers. It is important to keep it simple so that it’s easy to handle.

Since there is no work to be done on papers, the offers and discounts are received digitally, thus saving time. In a bank, it takes hours to days to transact money to others, while digitally it’s a matter of seconds. The security of the mobile wallets is high and the money is secured through different codes.

Best Features For a Successful Mobile Wallet Application Development

Whether the virtual money app is for a company or for any retail shop features that the application provides is the only thing that can make it stand out. Mobile wallet application development is one of the many startups that have a high success rate. Some of the best features that can stand out a mobile wallet app are-

1. Multiple Facilities

With an amazing mobile wallet there is no need of carrying the physical wallet. This clearly means that a virtual wallet must carry all the documents that one carry in their physical wallet. Credentials, identity cards, credit cards and every other card that are necessary is must be provided in the e-wallet.

2. Seamless Transaction 

Before the digitalization, it would take a lot of hassle to transact money across the globe. But with the virtual wallet, it takes seconds to transfer money anywhere in the world.

3. Management 

The mobile app development Dubai is famous for its management feature. It is a huge responsibility when an app provides a lot of qualities and sensitive information’s like bank account details, identity information etc. With the better management of all the features, it is easier for the customer to handle the app and keep it safe.

4. Backup Facilities

Another important feature for a mobile wallet app is the backup system. It is necessary to keep a track of the transactions that are made through the app. This feature automatically backs up the files for any future cases.

5. Budgeting help

One of the advanced features to these apps is that it helps to keep the finance expenditure on track. This feature helps to balance the income and the expenditure and alerts the user of its account balance. This helps to keep the savings intact and spend the amount that is affordable.

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6. User Interface

In a mobile wallet application development, the first thing that catches the eye of the user is the design of the app. Therefore, the user interface and the user experience play a vital role when it comes to the feature of the mobile wallet app. everything in the application starting from colors, fonts, texts, symbols etc depends on the user interface.

It is important to make the user interface attractive and creative and definitely easy to use. The app should engage the users with different icons. The easy use of the app and the comfort of the customer all depend on the user interface. High skilled professionals are required to design the app.

7. NFCs and QR codes

To perform a secure transaction, near field communication protocol is used by the mobile wallet app developers. For android cell phones, Host-based Card Emulation (HCE) is best to store credentials and information’s. For i-phones, they have an inbuilt HCE. When a transaction takes place, the credentials of the customers are automatically shared through NFCs.

Often in any shopping mall or food places like starbucks user QR codes to scan and transact money through mobile wallets. This feature helps in a quick transfer of money without sharing the original details of the accounts.

8. Security

In the world of digital money, the cyber crime has gradually increased. It is often hard to have faith on keeping the record of the accounts in e-wallets. Therefore, it is important to build a trust among the users about the security of their valuable information and the money. A proper security system is required in order to make the app trustworthy and a complete success.

There are many people that hesitate to use e-wallets and the only reason stopping them is the security issue. Introduction of various security systems such as fingerprint recognition, QR Codes, passwords, OTPs during each transaction is introduced by the application developers.


With the advancement of the technologies and the use of digital money, the companies have started to make their own mobile wallet app for a faster and secured transaction. The mobile wallet apps of the mobile app development Dubai not only save time but also help to process their actions and ideas quicker.

It is also easier to shop anything through smart phones without making time from the busy schedule. It helps to pay the bills on time and even order anything from food to clothes to furniture with just one click. The mobile wallets have saved us from the long cue for the ATM or the bank to collect cash or deposit money.