Do you want to develop video editing app? You must know you’re in the right place. Let’s start with the section where you must go through some important things before going straight to the video editing app development. More than half of the population is obsessed with smartphones due to making videos. As seen by the emergence of apps like tik tok and YouTube, making videos has recently emerged as a top content generation method. Internet users use social media platforms to share the vast volumes of video-based material they produce instantly.

The demand for such video creation resulted in the rise in demand for react native development companies. Today every business is using video content to promote their business. In this immense popularity of video creation, having a tool that offers you the best techniques and ease of editing is too much to ask for.

There is a demand for video editing programs that are simple, fun, and easy to use. There are already apps for personal and professional use that enable users to produce high-quality video material and offer editing options. Several businesses started investing in creating entertainment apps by reviewing the demand for video editing applications. That is not to claim that there are already too many video editing apps on the market. There is still a tonne of room for editing apps to succeed; you all need to focus on the basics to develop video editing apps. For that, you must hire dedicated developers and know the strategy.

Relax, we have got you covered!

This blog has noted an informative guide to develop video editing app. So you must go through this entire blog to learn all about how to build video editing apps including its features, cost, and some of the top video editing apps.

What is a Video Editing App?

Any software program that can edit, modify, produce, or otherwise manipulate a video or movie file is a video editing application. Users can download such an app and access amazing video editing features by registering from verified emails. The app can help in several things, including trimming the video, adding effects to make it more visually appealing, and many other advanced functions. If you also want to add your masterpiece to the rivalry of video editing apps in that case you need to hire an android or iPhone app development company in Dubai.

Current Market Stats of Global Video Editing Software

  • More Than 86% of business industries are using video creation to market their product or services.

video editing app development stats

At a predicted CAGR of 8.7% from 2021 to 2027, the global market for video editing software is expected to grow from US$ 510 million in 2020 to US$ 906 million by 2027.

  • The analysis looks at the production, consumption, revenue, market share, growth rate, and forecast for the following regions from 2017 to 2029 The United States, China, Japan, India, Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia)
  • The size of the global market for video editing software was 779.8 million dollars in 2018.
  • It helps professionals develop post-production and edit videos digitally from film images.
  • Also, you can deliver high-quality audio and video projects to your target audience with audio and video processing tools.

Which Are the Top Video Editing Apps Available in the Market?

top video editing apps

As we all know, our market has amazingly hi-tech video editing apps. Below we have covered some top video editing apps that have become the app of the week on several platforms. You must know about these applications before developing another masterpiece.

Top Video Editing Apps Ratings & Downloads Devices
Magisto 4.3




iOS, Android
InShot 4.6





iOS, Android
Wondershare Filmora 4.6





iOS, Android
WeVideo 3.4






iOS, Android
Adobe Premiere Rush 3.9





iOS, Android

How To Build a Video Editing App?

We have a step-by-step guide to develop video editing apps as promised. So after reading the stats and knowing why video editing apps are popular, your moral of developing it has become much wider right?

But you must know that to develop video editing app is impossible without hiring a react native development company in dubai, so hire the best company first.

1.    Market Research

It is the initial step to develop video editing app. You must go through some important market research and stats to develop video editing app. In this step, you must analyze video editing software development’s market stats and competitors. Knowing everything about the industry you’re going to invest in is vital. The step will include competitor and market research of your video editing app development. Doing market and competitor study is important as it will help you in several aspects to develop video editing app.

2.    Establish Your Idea

Your idea needs to be challenging yet achievable. In this step to develop video editing app you must idealize your idea of building the video app by validating with the prototype. It would be best to make your app more challenging to fight the completion because analyzing your product’s unique selling point is essential. It would be best if you went through market and competitor research and analyzed the target and strategy to launch your product in the market.

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3.    Decide Target Audience

The time has come when you must target your audience. Every app development takes place before analyzing the target audience. When it comes to develop video editing app you can assure your targeted audience and make a list of criteria that will define your target audience. The market and competitor research will help you analyze the people who indulge in video editing apps. Based on the study. Below are some factors that will help you precisely set your target audience criteria.

  • Location
  • Age
  • Interested

Hire dedicated developers to have a great data analysis on targeting the audience as they will help you in guidance according to the market stats.

4.    Add Unique Features

features of video editing app

In this step, you must list unique features you want to add to your video editing app. You must know that your app feature will be the application’s most attractive point for users. It is vital to know that you must add some unique and advanced feature in your app that increases user engagement and brand visibility.

Suppose you are confused about what features you should add. In that case, you must go through the below section, which includes all the basic advanced features of the video editing apps. So please read the section carefully before going further in steps to develop video editing app & understand it more thoroughly. You can also get help choosing the MVP of your app by hiring an iPhone app development company in Dubai.

5.    Choose Monetization Model

Choosing monetization earlier in the development stage helps prevent overwork in the later phases of development and during alpha-beta testing for various use cases. Here are four ways your video editing app can help you make money.

●     In-app Advertising

In-app advertising is often beneficial, even if the program is offered for free. It is useful for iOS apps as opposed to Android apps.

●     Freemium

Although some aspects of the app require in-app purchases, the software is still generally free to download. For example, you might have to pay something to remove the watermark.

●     Subscription

Under this approach, the entire software function is free for users. But there is also the option to pay for a subscription to unlock some premium app features.

If just in case, you’re unable to choose your app’s monetization model, then you must look to android or iPhone app developers for hire.

Key Features of Video Editing App

Now that you have the guide to build video editing apps, you must go through the key features of the video editing apps. The below section has mentioned the features for both the admin and user panel, which you must read through.

Admin Panel User Panel
Admin Login/ Signup Log in or Sign up
Management User Activity User Dashboard
Discounts and Subscriptions Schemes Push Notifications
User Friendly Dashboard Subscription
Control of Editing Features and Functions Edit a Movie or Video
Push Notification About Subriciptions Discounts & Reward
Ads Management User Album & Movies
Monitor Reviews Upload Music
Different Editing Features and Themes
Upload Videos

Unique Features to Add to The Video Editing App

The features mentioned above are key features of a video editing app, but you must read these features to make your app unique and great out of many.

Below in this section, we have covered the most advanced features of the video editing apps that you should consider while develop a video editing app. Make sure to hire a software development company to offer application maintenance and support for these features.

1.    Real-Time Analytics

It is another exciting feature of a video editing app that will showcase users’ real-time data to the admin. It will show data servers using some APIs, and reports can be generated to reveal information such as the number of users who have paid or free subscriptions, the number of users creating their films, the number of users who have shared those movies, the number of downloads there have been, etc.

2.    Sync All the Videos Into One File

You must add this feature when considering you’re looking to develop video editing app. The process of creating videos is made simple by this function. Users can create videos from their travels or vacations, or they can create videos for business purposes. You must look for android or iPhone app developers for hire if you want such features to add to your video editing apps.

3.    Insert Sound Effects

The video editing app must use this feature as several users only use the video editing app to insert custom music in their videos. Users must be able to upload music or sound effects, including their voices or soundtracks, and the app must offer audio filters. Check if your development company offers you mobile app prototyping to explain every feature and function in detail, as it will help you understand it more thoroughly.

cta of video editing app

4.    Edit Videos

Editing of video is an essential feature that increases user engagement. It is essential to add this feature in the process to develop video editing app. Make sure your develop video editing app can load the currently playing videos for editing since users may not always need to edit brand-new films.

5.    Integrating Payment Gateway

It is the best feature of the video editing apps. The payment gateway integration has made it simple to make payments for users. Both in-app purchases and subscriptions can be made securely by users. It is vital to add one or more than one or two payment gateways into your app to simplify the transaction process for users.

6.    Stickers & Filters

In addition to improving the overall user experience, stickers and filters make it more engaging and fascinating. If you browse any of your rivals’ channels, you’ll see how crucial it is to have these great stickers and filters in your application.

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7.    Artificial Intelligence

Great work can be done by a video editing tool with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. An app with exceptional AI can select videos and images from your gallery for editing. It has capabilities like automatic image and video selection for creating movies. It’s a straightforward strategy to draw consumers to the app and keep them interested.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Video Editing App?

video editing app development cost

Now that you have come this far, you should know the cost develop video editing app. Every mobile application development cost is different from one another. It would be best to decide on your budget, considering the development of a video editing app.

It is vital to know that the cost to develop video editing app ranges from $22000 to $33,500. As we mentioned earlier, the cost to develop video editing app varies on several factors. Below we have mentioned some factors that affect the cost to develop video editing app, so read carefully to understand it more thoroughly.

1.    App Platform (Android/ios or Both)

Building the video editing apps on an android platform will not cost you expensive, whereas developing a video editing app on ios will cost you a little higher than on android. It is vital to know that you can witness an increase in cost to develop video editing app if you want both platform development. Hire the best mobile app development in Middle East to offer you both app development at affordable rates.

2.    Developer Team

Several people cannot understand this, but it is crucial to know that developer team location and skill may affect your overall development cost. It is important to review some tips for hiring dedicated developers for startups to ensure that you’re hiring the best developer or team.

Every mobile application development company doesn’t have the skill and expertise to make video editing apps. So you must understand that hiring a cheap software development company will not make your app successful. You must hire a company that offers you intelligence with years of experience.

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3.    Time and Size of App

The size of the app influences the cost extensively. If your app size is big, it must require a huge team of mobile app developers, which increases the cost to develop video editing app. In the same way, as we all know, mobile app development in Middle East works hourly. So when you look for android app developers for hire, it’s the time when you go through their per-hour charges. You must discuss the estimated hours of mobile app development with your developer team, which will help you analyze the hourly cost to develop video editing app.


4.    App Complexity

Yet last but not least, app complexity is another thing that increases the cost of the video editing app development. The complexity of an app means several features and functions and complexity. If you are focusing on making the app more unique from the others, it must require more complex functions and features that increase the cost.

Review the table below to thoroughly understand the cost of building video editing apps.

Feature Approximate Cost (in $) Approximate Hours
Sign Up Screen 350 7
Correcting colors 18000 330
Adding photos/videos 150 5
Transition settings 6800 111
Adding music and audio effects 1600 33
Upload Video 750 18
Merging separate file function 1600 32
Video Screen 3000 55
Trim Videos 2500 45
Save Video 150 3
Social media integration 950 20
Adding Frames to Videos 900 16
Sign In Screen 1000 21

So till now, you must have listed the factors above. When you decide on developing a video editing app, you must go through these factors and then analyze the cost accordingly. Now move ahead with your plan accordingly with quiet estimation.

The Way Forward!

We hope you all enjoyed this blog, and now you know why you must invest in building the top video editing apps. The scope in determinant industries has opened business ideas for many. Hopefully, the blog has offered you great information about building a video editing app and knowing about the top video editing application worldwide. Now the time has come when you must also know the development of these applications isn’t that easy, to be precise. You must be in a custom web development company in UAE.

Hiring the best software development company is necessary as it will enhance your application’s quality. We are the best custom android app development company in UAE! Get in touch with us now to witness your ideas coming into reality with perfection.