It’s no wonder the music industry is revolutionizing rapidly. Not only developing music streaming apps has emerged as a profitable business idea, but the market competition in this field is also getting stricter every year. For an estimation, as of first quarter of 2022, Spotify has more than 418 million monthly users. While the global music streaming revenue is predicted to reach $76,9 billion by 2027. It encourages music brands or companies to build an app like Bose Music in this, resulting in profitable revenue.

If you also want to develop an on-demand music streaming app like Bose Music, you must pay close attention to user experience, connectivity, and audio quality features that make your application stand out. Take a look at this blog. It explains everything you must learn and understand to develop a music app. Without a second thought, let’s begin.


What Is Bose Music?

It’s a music app that lets people easily browse and control their favorite music from one or many Bose smart products. The app and its compatible speakers, amplifiers, headphones, soundbars, audio sunglasses, earbuds, and portable PA systems are designed to work together, providing a better listening experience.


Bose music app


The Bose music app is top-rated, as it provides an intuitive and comprehensive way for users to listen to their favorite songs. Bose Music is known for high-quality streaming audio, curated playlists, access to millions of songs, artist recommendations, and personalized radio stations.

It links multiple speakers into one system, allowing users to enjoy multi-room listening. The application is also praised for its reliable performance, clean design, and helpful customer service team.


Music Streaming Apps Market Overview

  • In terms of global comparison, the music streaming market in the US is predicted to provide the highest revenue, with a projected value of US$12,110.00 million by 2024.
  • It is projected that there will be 1.1 billion subscribers in the music streaming business by 2027.
  • The user penetration rate is estimated to increase to 14.1% by 2027 from 12.7% in 2024.

Source: Statista

  • The United States continues to be the top participant in the worldwide music streaming market, with its domestic platforms setting the standard for user base and income.
  • Globally, the music streaming market is expected to generate US$29.60 billion in sales by 2024.
  • By 2027, the market is projected to have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.70%, with a value of US$33.97 billion.


Top 3 Music Streaming Apps

Today’s music services offer a world of exploration, giving users access to their favorite artists quickly and easily. Also, Bose isn’t the only popular music streaming app, there are other applications that are gaining immense popularity. So, before you build an app like Bose Music, you must know about some popular music apps to come up with a successful music streaming app that can withstand competitors.


List of Popular Music Streaming Apps Like Bose


Music Streaming Apps

Available Platform Downloads



Android | iOS 500M+ 4.8
Spotify Android | iOS 100 cr+



Android | iOS 100M+



1. Shazam

It’s a free app that identifies movies, music, advertisements, and TV shows based on any short sample using the device’s microphones. So, you can also create music identification apps like Shazam that can help users find out what song is playing on the radio, TV, gym, and social media.


2. Pandora

It’s another music streaming app that gives users a personalized listening experience, evolving with their tastes. Its premium package lets users download music for offline listening, making it popular among users.


3. Spotify

It’s a digital music, video, and podcast service that gives access to songs and other content from artists worldwide. It is among the top music streaming apps in UAE, with a content library featuring over 100 million songs and millions of podcasts in every conceivable genre.


How to Build a Music Streaming App: 10 Steps to Follow

Now that you know about the top 3 music streaming apps like Bose, learn how to develop similar applications. Do you know ‘How to develop an app like Bose?’ If the answer is no, the succeeding section will help. Also, you can seek the best Android and iPhone app development services if you don’t have the desired development team.

Here are the crucial steps to build an engaging music-streamlining app. 



1. Research the Audience

Before creating a music app, conducting market research and validating your idea is crucial. It includes the identification of customer needs, competitor landscape, market gaps, and potential challenges. It will open up insight to help you avoid mistakes when developing a music streaming app.


2. Define the App’s Functionality and Features

Next, identify the core requirements that your music app aims to fulfill for users. What experience do you want to offer? It could focus on music discovery, listening, or playlist curation. Create a list of some technical specifications, determining the key app’s functionality, features, security requirements, back-end and front-end development, and scalability.

The process will enable you to set certain objectives and goals for the business projects. Additionally, it should also specify the application’s performance compatibility with other devices and operating systems.


3. Designing the UI/UX

A well-designed user interface and user experience can make or break an application. It’s a critical stage for app’s success. It includes, designing the app’s user interface, user experience, and visual design components such as typography, colors, and more. Ensure that your design is aligned with the preferences of users.

If you lack in the skill or do not have any development team, you need to hire dedicated developers from app development companies who can understand users, focus on tasks, remove friction, test thoroughly, provide personalization, and iterate continuously is essential.

Following the principles of a music streaming application development company, you can create an iOS or Android app like Bose Music.


4. Choose the Right Technology Stack

The technology used to build an app like Bose Music significantly impacts the app’s performance, cost, maintenance, and scalability requirements. So, it’s crucial to choose the right technology.

For the music application framework, you have some options like:

  • Cross-platform frameworks like React, Native, Flutter or Ionic
  • Native application development adopting Android SDK/Java or Xcode/Swift


For the backend, common choices are:

  • Cloud platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure
  • Open-source options like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Django.


For storing and streaming the music, you will need:

  • CDNs for media storage and distribution
  • Streaming servers like IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, or Microsoft Azure

Test potential technology stack prototypes before choosing to ensure they can deliver the performance and functionality you require in the music app.


5. Develop the App

This stage consists of mainly two parallel phases:

  • Fronted: Here, developers create code for the client-facing app interface, including the playlist, music search, media player, and other features.
  • Backend – in this, terabytes of music data are stored there, user authorization, direct streaming, and the way it connects to both platforms- android and iOS.


6. Testing and Tuning

It’s a crucial stage in the app’s development, including music streaming applications. It lets you detect and correct bugs and other issues before the launch. Before launching the music app, conduct testing and ensure that each and every feature is stable and secure. This process includes usability, performance, functional, and security testing.


7. Launch the App and Collect Feedback

The launch of the music app is inspiring. In the first week after launch, you should collect user feedback to make your app more exciting and convenient for your audience.

Furthermore, the process does not end here, and you have to bring new updates to your apps with time so that customers can stay engaged with your music streaming app.


Must Have Features to Focus On To Build an App like Bose Music?

The function or feature selected is the most critical job throughout the entire procedure of developing a music app. To develop a website like Bose Music, you must learn and comprehend the crucial features. Also, hiring a mobile app development company at this point will be helpful.



What makes a music app interactive? The features! So, here are some of the must-haves:


1. Registration

The registration process of your app should be simple and secure. Provide an option to sign up using social media and allow them to save their preferences and access to their playlist.


2. User Profile

Allow users to set up their personal profile, enabling them to create or manage their personalized playlist. By this, app owners can analyze users’ data and learn more about user’s preferences.


3. User interface

User interface significantly contributes to the app’s success. So, when designing the app’s user interface, always keep things easy to use, simple, straightforward, and aesthetically appealing.


4. Share Music

You should build an app like Bose Music that allows people to share their favorite music with others in just a few seconds. This function also benefits entrepreneurs as it helps to spread brand awareness.


5. Searching Music

The feature allows users to find specific songs. Your apps must provide different tags searching- by the artist’s name, song, label, album, and genre.


6. Playlists

This feature allows users to save whatever they like in a music app and create their playlist.


7. Push Notification

Thanks to this function, users can connect with the app to get recent updates from the community, friends, and artists on the application circle.


8. Radio

You can build an app like Bose music by implementing one more “radio streaming” feature in your audio app. It allows users to tune in to their favorite tracks without disturbing ads.


9. Offline Mode

The feature to download favorite tracks to music and listen to them where the internet connection is not stable is invaluable. Add the feature to enhance the user’s experience and make their moment enjoyable.


10. Artists and Album Profiles

Adding artists and albums is optional, but it lets users know more about what they are listening to. This page should be simple with information like a list of tracks, release date, and artist’s famous track.


How Much Does It Cost to Build an App like Bose Music?

The cost of developing a music app differs depending on the customization of potential features using audio streaming software. The average cost to create an app like Bose Music falls between $8000 and $25000. A breakdown of the cost of music app development will help you understand an accurate price based on its complexities.



Cost estimation

Simple app


Medium app


Complex app



However, the clear-cut figure of cost to build an app like Bose music varies on different factors. You must hire an experienced and skilled custom Android app development company if you want to build an app like Bose music.

Let’s assess the critical factors that impact the cost of music app development.


1. Feature’s Complexities

For an accurate estimation of app development cost, features and their complexity in the app are critical as they directly impact the development hours. Hence, it increases the overall development cost of a music app.


2. App’s Design

High-quality visual effects and a polished UI with a spoon animation require extensive design skills and time to create. Suppose your app needs to customize a familiar user interface instead of using control heavily. In that case, it will require more complex programming, which will automatically add to its development cost.


3. Number of Platforms and Development Approach

When calculating the budget for the app’s development, choosing the app’s type-whether a native Android, iOS app, web app, or hybrid app development is a crucial step. The total development cost will double if you want to build Android and iOS apps like Bose Music.


Build a Successful Music App with Dev Technosys 

Even though on-demand music streaming is becoming popular, you still have an opportunity to profit from the music streaming business if you have a million-dollar idea. For this, your idea must be executed perfectly into an application, allowing you to beat market competitors and capture a large audience.

If you want the same, connect with Dev Technosys. Our experts are happy to provide you with on-demand app development services. We have assisted clients with increasingly innovative and stunning apps in different niches. So, if you want to build an app like Bose Music, we are here to execute your idea in real life.


Frequently Asked Question

1. How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Bose Music?

On average, to build an app like Bose music, it costs from $8000- $25000 to develop a music streaming app. The average cost for a complete audio streaming app development cycle includes creating Android and iOS versions, UI/UX design, and QA testing.


2. How Is It Secure To Create The Audio Streaming App Solution?

Amid the theft environment and data security concerns, several OTT platform providers have established obfuscating encryption and provide password protection for unauthorized access, Geo-based restriction, piracy layers, and more.


3. What Are The Critical Features To Build An App Like Bose Music?

Significant things required before creating acoustic music streaming applications are end-to-end platform development with live streaming or on-demand capabilities: backend and frontend customized integration, robust content management system, monetization business model, and many more.


4. How Can I Make Money From Music Streaming Apps?

Music streaming apps like Bose Music earn most of their income from advertisements and increase their active users’ income through subscriptions.


5. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Music App?

It takes around 3-6 months to build an app like Bose Music. However, the exact timeline of the music app’s development depends on how complex your app’s features are.